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VenuG Presents: Importance Of Dr B R Ambedkar on #NetNeutrality TRAI to Save The Internet email of TRAI

Dear Shri Rahul Khullar, Chairman,
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
CC: Savetheinternet.in 
CC: Shri Ashok Luthra, Chairperson,
Competition Commission of India. 
Dear Sirs,
I an Indian citizen, request you to save the internet, by keeping Net Neutrality, in order to uphold the fundamental rights, provided by The Constitution of India, which Airtel Zero & Vodafone's YouTube & Facebook packs violate. As per your service guidelines, you have taken an oath to uphold The Constitution of India.
Here are my logical reasons to state that my fundamental rights are violated. 

The Fundamental Rights as per The Constitution of India.

1. Right to equality : Which includes equality
before law, prohibition of discrimination on
grounds of religion, race, caste, gender or
place of birth, and equality of opportunity in
matters of employment, abolition of
untouchability and abolition of titles.
2. Right to freedom: Which includes speech
and expression, assembly, association or
union or cooperatives, movement, residence,
and right to practice any profession or
occupation (some of these rights are subject
to security of the State, friendly relations with
foreign countries, public order, decency or
morality), right to life and liberty, right to
education , protection in respect to conviction
in offences and protection against arrest and
detention in certain cases.
3. Right against exploitation : Which prohibits
all forms of forced labour, child labour and
traffic of human beings;
4. Right to freedom of religion : Which
includes freedom of conscience and free
profession, practice, and propagation of
religion, freedom to manage religious affairs,
freedom from certain taxes and freedom from
religious instructions in certain educational
5. Cultural and Educational rights : Preserve
the right of any section of citizens to
conserve their culture, language or script, and
right of minorities to establish and administer
educational institutions of their choice.
6. Right to constitutional remedies : Which is
present for enforcement of Fundamental
7. Right to life : Which gives the right to live
with human dignity. This includes rights such
as right to education, health, shelter and basic
amnesties that the state shall provide.
Right to equality explained in detail.

Right to equality
Right to equality is an important right
provided for in Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18
of the constitution. It is the principal
foundation of all other rights and liberties, and
guarantees the following:
Equality before law: Article 14 of the
constitution guarantees that all people shall
be equally protected by the laws of the
country. It means that the State[6] will treat
people in the same circumstances alike. This
article also means that individuals, whether
citizens of India or otherwise shall be treated
differently if the circumstances are different.
Social equality and equal access to public
areas: Article 15 of the constitution states
that no person shall be discriminated on the
basis of religion, race, caste, sex or place of
birth. Every person shall have equal access to
public places like public parks, museums,
wells, bathing ghats and temples etc.
However, the State may make any special
provision for women and children. Special
provisions may be made for the
advancements of any socially or educationally
backward class or scheduled castes or
scheduled tribes . [15]
Equality in matters of public employment:
Article 16 of the constitution lays down that
the State cannot discriminate against anyone
in the matters of employment. All citizens can
apply for government jobs. There are some
exceptions. The Parliament may enact a law
stating that certain jobs can only be filled by
applicants who are domiciled in the area. This
may be meant for posts that require
knowledge of the locality and language of the
area. The State may also reserve posts for
members of backward classes, scheduled
castes or scheduled tribes which are not
adequately represented in the services under
the State to bring up the weaker sections of
the society. Also, there a law may be passed
which requires that the holder of an office of
any religious institution shall also be a person
professing that particular religion. [16]
According to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill ,
2003, this right shall not be conferred to
Overseas citizens of India . [10]
Abolition of untouchability: Article 17 of the
constitution abolishes the practice of
untouchability . Practice of untouchability is an
offence and anyone doing so is punishable by
law. [17] The Untouchability Offences Act of
1955 (renamed to Protection of Civil Rights Act
in 1976) provided penalties for preventing a
person from entering a place of worship or
from taking water from a tank or well.
Abolition of Titles: Article 18 of the
constitution prohibits the State from
conferring any titles. Citizens of India cannot
accept titles from a foreign State. [18] The
British government had created an aristocratic
class known as Rai Bahadurs and Khan
Bahadurs in India – these titles were also
abolished. However, Military and academic
distinctions can be conferred on the citizens
of India. The awards of Bharat Ratna and
Padma Vibhushan cannot be used by the
recipient as a title and do not, accordingly,
come within the constitutional prohibition".
[19] The Supreme Court, on 15 December
1995, upheld the validity of such awards.

Why Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is relevant?
He drafted the above Ya?
On this the 124th Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, please do NOT allow Airtel Zero & Ilk. 
Here's the detail.
Task of developing a constitution for the
nation was undertaken by the Constituent
Assembly of India , composing of elected
representatives. Constituent Assembly first
met on December 9, 1946 under the
presidency of Dr. Sachidanand later Dr.
Rajendra Prasad was made its President.
While members of Congress composed of a
large majority, Congress leaders appointed
persons from diverse political backgrounds to
responsibilities of developing the constitution
and national laws. [5] Notably, Bhimrao Ramji
Ambedkar became the chairperson of the
drafting committee, while Jawaharlal Nehru
and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel became
chairpersons of committees and sub-
committees responsible for different subjects.
A notable development during that period
having significant effect on the Indian
constitution took place on 10 December 1948
when the United Nations General Assembly
adopted the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and called upon all member states to
adopt these rights in their respective
The fundamental rights were included in the
First Draft Constitution (February 1948), the
Second Draft Constitution (17 October 1948)
and final Third Draft Constitution (26
November 1949), prepared by the Drafting

Why must we resist Non Net Neutral ISP Plans like Airtel Zero.
A) It will make poorer Indians(Who will use Flipkart App free of Data charges, under Airtel Zero Plan, ) instead of mysmartprice App which requires data charges to be paid & end up paying ₹ 1260 for a Micromax Unite 2 A106 phone available on Paytm at ₹4830 & Flipkart at ₹6090!!!


B) The Airtel Zero Plan discriminates against Amazon &Snapdeal ecommerce sites who also sell Xiaomi Redmi 4G phone for the same price ₹8999 as Flipkart but Airtel Zero Plan would direct buyer to Flipkart as There is no data charges to me for using Flipkart App on Airtel Zero Data plans. This is discrimination under Competition Commission Of India Rules. Discriminatory Monopolistic and restrictive trade practice.

Further the employment of software developers & startups in India shall be hit by Airtel Zero & other discriminatory non net neutrality plans.

#VenuKiClass #NetNeutrality
#WakeUp #ActNow 11 days to go @VenuSpeak for vote at  #NetNeutrality #FreeTheNet #InternetBelongsToUs #SaveTheInternet

(email to advqos@trai.gov.in and a
copy to us)
US =


What is net neutrality ?
Net Neutrality is the situation where an internet user( #consumer
A) Engages an Internet Service Provider. #ISP
B) S/he pays Charges to use #Data on #ISP s #Network
C) After paying charges
I) accesses all websites (except banned ones by government
II) Accesses all permitted / Legal #OTT #Apps Over The Top (using data charges saving voice/SMS charges)
III) Use freely the websites/OTT Apps as per his/her choice.
IV) Pay for the same fee & get same fee for all the #websites & #OTT #APPs equally.
V) ISP or OTT App provider CANNOT & SHOULD NOT #Discriminate #Consumer /s or #ClassOfConsumers
#DelCredere Seller Be Aware!
#AirtelZero Allowing #Flipkart app for free.
#Vodafone allowing YouTube discriminatory packs at cheaper rates
This is discrimination against #Vimeo or any new App that someone makes for video sharing

#ConstitutionalRights violated
By Net Non Neutrality
A) Right to #Equality #Egalite
B) Freedom of Thought & Belief.
C) Freedom of Occupation (for new app developers) 20% of new Apps are made in India now. Allowing Flipkart App free on Airtel will discriminate against new development in E-Commerce aggregator Apps.
YouTube Facebook Packs against new apps on #SocialNetworks & #VideoSharing
D) We had #MRTPC now defunct which is #accronym for
#Monopolistic & #Restrictive #TradePractices
Believe in #NetNeutrality
A) Write/Email to
2 www.savetheinternet.in
3 mail copy to
Competition Commission of India #CCI the replacement of #MRTPC since 2002

    Ashok Chawla


    E-mail: cci-chairman@nic.in

    Tel No. 91-11-23704647
    Fax No.+91-11-23704649

Looking at the above facts,
I support net neutrality as it stands now & strongly oppose Plans like Airtel Zero which discriminate the fundamental rights of the poor & is not inclusive approach. Also the non net neutrality will stop growth of internet density &,application development in India affecting employment opportunity in software development under "Make in India" policy of the new government
K Venugopal Menon
Flat No B-1, Syndicate Bank Officers' Quarters, Plot No. 11, Ballygunge Circular Road, Opp Saptaparni Housing Society/CCD,
Ballygunge Kolkata 700019
West Bengal , India.
+91-9007910731 mobile number for contact
vengyspeak@gmail.com Email
Twitter handle @Venuspeak
Facebook https://facebook.com/kvenugopal.menon

Jai Hind
Jai Bharat
Vande Mataram.

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