Sunday, May 2, 2010

to be born again

to sumana, kaushik varun, sourav
the guys who were born on the same day

No pain
no stain
just born again
its a day
1st of may
but really
what a way

we are happy
very gay
hope our smiles
always stay
and @ times
when there's a tear
@ the earliest
may they clear

we have dreams
can write reams
but lets share an ice-cream
no more shouts
no more screams
no more wait
lets share a brownie
topped with chocholate

All i pray
you sashay
in the life
without "mayday"
and just when
you are down
whether am there
or out of town
just u stall
gimme a call
with just few words
will take up swords
to fight the grey
and those who prey

with surety
i can say
never feel down
if u hold
another hand
u can do
u can stay
just mind this
in this world
two is better
than one
when u reach out it is fun

happy birthday

guys this is from brain to keyboard

enjoy the difference
its different
neither hot nor chilly
its sweet :p

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