Friday, November 21, 2014

VenuG Presents: I am sticking my neck out for SBI Loan to Adani Mine in Australia. It is a great business deal. Win-Win for both

In my last 5 Years
Media has favoured
Amazon, KFC, HSBC
Uber Cabs, Pizza Hut, iPhone
iOS, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Hyundai, Chevorlet Buster, Ford Figo,
I've favoured
Flipkart, Snapdeal, SBI
Syndicate Bank(not because I work there) BoMaharashtra,
Meru Cabs, Haldiram's Udipi Home, Android, Micromax, Nokia, Maruti, Mahendra Xylo,
Honda Brio!!!
I do so, due to the conservative, less advertising, value for money & great customer care.
Media does it, looking at the advertising revenue, ownership editorial stance(owner & not the journalist are to blame)
Just check the market share,
Whether I'm right
Or the Media.
Remember buy a costly paper
Like The Hindu at Rs13 in Kolkata Rs8 in other cities.
You get news.
Or else
They write what the advertiser dictates.
I stick my neck out.
This time a
" Sickular Congi"
Is sticking his neck out
On #SBI & #Adani
Rs6500 Loan.
#kvgm #Venuspeak
Please Note:
My comment is on journalism related to products not politics & economy.
I know too many ethical journalists.
But, bhai maalik ki dal roti ka sawaal hai baba
If you do NOT pay the price
For your #newspaper
Don't blame the #media
Blame Yourself.

Do this.
Look at Balance Sheets of Large Mining Firms
Like BHP, Coal India, ONGC Videsh, Vedanta, LN Mittal .

Study & Compare:-

1 Fixed Asset depriciation
2 Gestation Period
3 Debt to Equity Ratio
4 Debt Service Coverage Ratio(DSCR)
5 Liquidity Ratio (Quick Current Assets/Current Liability)
6 Current Ratio
7 Fund Flow Statement (Working Capital)
8 Cash Flow Statement (To ascertain "CASH" revenue stream)
9 Cash Profits(Add Back Annual Depriciation, its a book entry I say, the cash remains, profit is reduced, which ALSO reduces cash outflow in the form of Direct Taxes like Income Tax & Surcharge, Reliance Industry is one example, how continuous investment into backward, forward integration, from oil exploration to textiles & detergents, patalganga, KG3, Hazira helped them to achieve ZERO Tax liability. While, I & you have always paid taxes every year,e at rhe rate of 14-30000 per annum. Reliance PAID NONE!!! Infosys Ditto.

10 Project stream inflow for 7 years.

Analysis of an online retail, fmcg, telecom, mining, engijeeringe, pharma, banking firms are different.
Do an industry peer group comparison.

Also read THIS incomplete analysis
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