Monday, July 3, 2017

VenuG Presents : My Late Dad's 40 Day Menu Part 1. #AchchansAdukala

40 Day Menu, Prepared by Late K Balakrishna Menon, My Late Achchan(Dad) Only 40/90 Survived rest are lost to me 

                       On 27th June, I shifted from my Banks Quarters, to a rented leased accomodation. I am an extremely emotional & sensitive man, i hold on to my memories like leeches hold on to the skin. Being a Taurean, I hold on to things, and find it difficult to throw away things. So, when my Wife Shree, found this letter pad, containing the 40 day menu, which he had prepared in Mumbai, when he used to live with my Late sister Kamala in Andheri(West) Mumbai, the first thing she did was, ask me "Tumko chahiye yeh?(Do you want this?) She knew, what my answer would have been. I grabbed it, & kept it in my laptop bag. I tweeted to Krish Ashok,( @krishashok ) Surekha Pillai ( @surekhapillai ) & Nandita Iyer ( @saffrontrail ) 
Got following responses 

Nandita Iyer

this is so lovely! Would love to see more of this.
S G AKA @silverlightgal 

Absolutely! You must ☺. Tag me when u do. Would love to read/share.

To fulfil the request by Nandita & Silverlightgal

So here is part 1 This has been tweeted already here

(will give every one of the 40 menus that I have. Digitise ho jayenge, aur khone ka dar nahi


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Oh Lovely!

Something about my Late Dad

We, I and my late sister Kamala, were used to 180 day no repeat menus, all our childhood.
PS: My Late Dad, did not relish cooking Fish, as we mostly lived in Brahman/Jain Jaipur between 1969 & 1984(My memorable childhood (at 24 J ) ended when I left Jaipur to Join Customs/Syndicate Bank) My late Dad, continued his cooking(including 38 item Ona Sadhya / Onam Lunch Feast) till his Last Onam(2007) which I missed, as it was reporting Friday & I was posted in Mathura, Dad was in Jaipur(Wife tells me, he waited for me & cried L Mind you, I was 47, Dad 78!!! ) He kept cooking, till his last day at Home, 31th March 2008 (from where, he went to ICU on 1st April 2008 & passed away on 17th April 2008. By the way, he prepared bed tea on 1st April, 2008!!! He loved 4 things, Reading Voraciously, Cricket, Lata Mangeshkar & Food.

                  This is part one. Will continue till Day #40 I will link all items with videos by Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana, Wah Re Wah & Manjula’s Kitchen. (These three YouTube Channels that I refer to, to double check my cooking confusions) 
Veg Chow Mien
Batter fried Mackerel
Roti (Falka)
 Moong Dal(With Masala,
Tomato & Asafoetida(Hing),
Plain Courgette(Lauki) Curry,
 Gawar Phali Sodeka(With Coconut) &
Roast Bikaneri Papad)
Toast with Fried Eggs.
Tandoori Rot,
Punjabi Chana Masala, Palak Paneer, Dry Cauliflower(Phool Gobhi), Roasted Bikaneri Papad
(Lijjat Sabut Moong)
Plain Rice,
Suran (Zameen Kand/Gourd) Kaalan, Beans Thoran,
Rasam, Oil Deep Fried Pappadoms.
Khaman Dhokla with Pudina(Mint) Chutney
Tomato Soup Clear, Mughlai Mutton Biryani, Dhansak, Raita(Curd Sambol)
Rice, Courgette (Lauki) Sāmbhar (Tamil Nadu style)?
Suran Sodeka
(mezhak varattiyadu/dry curry) Dahi(Curds)Deep fried Pappadoms)

Puttu(Powdered Rice & Grated Coconut layered & steamed dumplings) with Black Gram (Kadala) curry
Naan, Chicken Korma, Tandoori Prawns, Salad
Sweet Corn Veg Soup, Tandoori Pomfret, Chinese Veg Fried Rice.

To be continued & continuously edited & refined. Any queries/doubts/suggestions can be raised  either through comments or by tweeting to me @Venuspeak on Twitter