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Mettalica Concert Called off due to chaos in Gurgaon So Bangluru Metal Heads Vokkaligas get together with #Beatless 4 Naga

Nothing else matters by Metallica with Lyrics


Beatless 4 Naga 

Written by VenuG

On Twitter,  on 28th October 2011 
using hashtag #Beatless

When #Beatless became top twitter trend world wide #TT

Tuned on the melody of
Famous song
Hey Hey I wanna be a Rockstar :-)

Keep Laughing  

*I'm Vokkaligga in a Band named Mettaligga*
*I have Bass guitar that is Gaga*
*Have no Bass drum Playa Nigga*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*You gonna hear no words*
*just the chirps of birds*
*The Lead Guitarist is Fatty Surd*
 We are from Mawana Khurd*
* called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*We gaat a Manager*
*whose name is Tony*
*We do our shows sitting on a Pony*
*There's no melody just cacophony*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*We give our fans Hash to Snog*
*They wag their butt like Dog*
*Once they howl bow wow*
*music is like shit of cow*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*They keep fighting like thugs*
*And there is Kick Ass Slugfest*
*Dressed in Sindhi boxers*
*Plus Lux Cozy Vest*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga* 

@JoyDas 's Band called * #Beatless 4 Naga * 
VenuG wrote a song 
@srvasn gonna sing search  #Beatless on Twitter
Laugh :-) 
Tune I wanna be a Rockstar by Nickelback !

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MTV Hero Roadies 9 Everything Or Nothing by VenuG Kolkata Audition ¥enjoy Blogathon


What does Roadie Mean to You ? 

This Blog post is Dedicated to 65% of Indian Population , who are under 35, The term used for them is " Youngistan " or " Gen-X " 
They are the future ,  it is They who shall strive, work hard , enterprise and excel , which will build the future India that is ' Bharat ' . It is they who will remake ' Bharat Varsha ' into a ' Sone Ki Chidiya ' which lays the Golden Eggs !!! So with Gratitude and Humble Respect 
I Thank ,  

The Sponsors, who are , 

Hero Moto Corp, 
and is powered by Idea. Associate Sponsors are Mountain dew, Lava mobiles, Spraymint, Ceat, Steelbird, Denver. 
Cafe partner is CCD , 
Radio Partners are Radio Mirchi in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad 
Big FM in Chandigarh, 
Multiplex Partners are Inox in Pune and Kolkata 
PVR Cinemas in Delhi, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. 
for their massive support towards the Youth of this country , 
in helping them aspire for the Pinnacle of Glory .. 
Jai Hind !!! Jai Bharat !!! Jai Youngistan !!!


Well another question What does MTV mean to you ?
The Best way to keep in touch with MTV HERO Roadies 9 is via Facebook Fan Page , which you can join be clicking HERE
Well ask me a Music Nut-case, a guy who gives his 247365 for music, for who life is music & music is Life MTV is Music Television ! 

                     I had watched MTV on video tapes brought by Americans and Japanese long before MTV came to India via Singapore or was it Hong Kong ? In the late 80s early 90s then it wound up Remember ? 

                                         Do these names ring a bell !!! ? Nonie, Danny, Nadia, Angela, Sally, Mike, Kamal, Rahul, Donita, Jamie, Ganesh, Sonia and Shannen !!! ??? Well they were V J's I was in late 20s early 30s.  Music was my passion , my daughter was very small and we had time. Cable television had just arrived in Jaipur, and Me & My wife Shree were music Fanatics & we still are.. & not only me, There are millions of our generation . don't believe me ? 

                   There is another reason why I love MTV  the crazy ads and the way they designed MTv the Logo with animation. Rajesh Devraj a Jaipur Dude was one of the designer of early ads like the Dosai Ad or was it {V}  

You must be 
thinking !
 This man is 
I'm not THIS :-) 
Don't you want to do this to me?
 Is it ??? You Know what the specialty of MTV was apart from Music ?

    1. THIS  

We need to Understand that  anywhere in the world, the MTv Creative s would be the best in the industry !!! They created the most artistic Logos .


                  Around 8 years Back MTV In India started dropping M from MTv They brought about many shows in 2003 they started a show Called Hero Honda Roadies !!! And do you know who won It ? This young Man ( picture by k Venugopal Menon)

His Name is Rannvijay Singh Singha ! The 1st MTv Roadie auditioned from where La ? Guess ? He is from Delhi But but but ... 

He auditioned from Calcutta or Kolkata Poshchim Bongo !!!

                       In case you want to know details of past winners from Season 1 thru 8 its here  ,
and if in more detail then here .
  My Favorites of the 8 held till Date are @bani_j @RannvijaySingha Ashutosh ( he was a small town boy due to his Handicap !) thats y hes above Ayushman ( Ayushman is very pleasant and jovial & confident orator ! ) Aanchal Khurana ( for the devil may care confident Gaali-Galoch Dilli Gal approach  , C'mon guys it is Roadies not Swayamwar Ok The toughest one wins in dog eat dog situations )
                                 Why Bani Judge over Rannvijay (Cos She did not win !!!) ? Because she didn't win and because she is the real women, I must if I ever meet her Mom give her a big hug for bringing her up with ethical values, it is better to lose gracefully than to win cheating , in the end loser wins the game of life !!! 
Now I was asked by Gayathri of  Viacom had asked me for MTVCokeStudio Mini-cert at Tantra in the evening, and I was allowed to do this blog at my request by @blogadda Harish Krishnan asked me to Reach and my reliever wasn't available a Metro fracture Happened at Dum Dum,and I was Delayed by 2 Hours, in between Gayathri and Harish frantically called are you coming ? I was stuck in the traffic. I wasn't worried , as my Blog had another aspect of The Roadies , which i could do when I wanted , where as their was @Aagan86 A.K.A. Agnivo Niyogi a student from Kolkata who was there, so Blogadda had an awesome coverage, With Agnivo I was confident he'd do a great Job and he wrote

My only disappointment is I couldn't have THIS  I had told @bani_j that I'd be in touch with her but Alas Kolkata Metro & Traffic Jam I Missed Raghu, Rajiv , Bani & Rannvijay of Course Gayatri who I would meet in the Evening for Coke Studio at MTV mini-cert. But hey guys you needn't i get links to everything and anything for you :-) Here Check this Fundoo Stuff HERE , Raghu , Rannvijay , Rajiv , Bani and Prachi great Pictures @ the Kolkata Audition . 

Roadies, to me is Motorbikes , Indian Motorbikes, That too earlier Hero  Honda and now Hero. Means emotions, Drama , fun , adventure , travel , food , places , challenges, pressure , managing stress, leadership , keeping sanity under stressful conditions. In all a Roadie is in my Terms " A BORN LEADER " 

         MTV Hero Roadies ( Then MTV Hero Honda Roadies ) started in 2003 and this is the 9th Edition. People from Delhi , Chandigarh and Kolkata take great deal of interest in the show and trying to win it. 

Actual talk about the Roadies 
Kolkata Audition

  My treatment of the audition is purely of a Mentor, motivator and youth space specialist , I have a knack of identifying people who are confident and supporting them  and more so finding who are nervous and mentoring , supporting and motivating them , my video footage amply demonstrate that I enjoyed being as much as the contestants , Raghu , Rannvijay , Rajiv and Bani did, 
                                 Without boring You much I'd get down to Business .I reached at Swabhumi  Heritage Park ( Map) 2 hours late , by which time Bloggers had left , And I reached Swabhumi and was guided by this Young Man .. What a welcome !!!

 Mohit Arora Bike Modifier from Chandigarh who looked every Inch a MTV Roadie 9 :-) 

Now Mohit Arora is a Bike Modifier well built and looked every inch a Roadie !
On detailed questioning he told that he was from Chandigarh t& that in case he fails here ,m he will try again at Delhi and Chandigarh, so in a sense , he is a serious candidate , well mannered Punjabi Dude, well built , well mannered ( too much for Roadies , thats my view hes very respectful like a typical Jat Sikh boy) 
   Then I met Ajit Singh in front of Inox who guided me to the right place look at his Tattoo , I took care I captured every inch of it for you. He is a B.Tech from ICFAI .

As I entered the Scene ,  I was in front of a Huge Hall , full of young boys and Gals a Ferocious Photo of Raghu and Rajiv Wanted in America :-) They looked so ferocious that I kept refferring to Rajiv as Rahul Ram (Indian Ocean Singer) :p 

The Crowd looked a cross between Howrah Railway station and Bhawanipore College . There was fun and Cacophony , but Crowd was well dressed , and great looks , style and couture was on show  .

 My experience was by far the best I suppose among all the Bloggers. I AM SURE ABOUT IT :-)
     Here I was 51 , married with a 22 year old Daughter , ( and her college mate was one of the participant ! ) talking to Youngistan , and Talked Hell I did , Interviewed Kick-ass as well as Rannvijay or Bani ( though not as Raghu & Rajiv I cant match them ) And Imagine I have no photograph or video of Mine , I was so engrossed in the Contestants that I forgot to get myself pictured with Ferocious Raghu Poster :-)


                                       MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants Majid & Rajandeep 
                       MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants Stacy & Her Companion Thumbs up Stacy

                            MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants Megha Bhattacharya All The best Gal

                              MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants Unnamed Gal who was late,
                a Great Pravasi Mumbai Bangali Surjo Mitra , From the MTV Production Team.
                                                       It was lovely to talk to you dude :) 

                                               Imran the Rj handling Fun & Games , 
                                    while Rannvijay , Raghu , Rajiv & Bani grilled aspirants 

          MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants Stacy &  Imran the Rj handling Fun & Games
A Hero & A Heroine Stacy was Magnifique , style personified :)

MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants, Amit , Mohit & Ric

MTv Hero Roadies 9 Aspirants, Conrad & Nelson two Biking Freaks  

 O O O .. Mysterious Girl I wanna get Close to You !!!
Oh Yo Oh Yo
Something you said that you will do to me
But I will wait till it is my Turn
I'm not the kind of Boy who gives up just like That
Oh No Oh No
What Hair you Gat Sigh !!!
I'm not young anymore
Tum Late Kyon Ji Aai
Batao mere ko
But you did the right thing Girl
You concentrated on your Job
Oh Go , Get set Go
The Girl, though very late
My Ode to this Beautiful Young lady, with such unblemished skin & wonderful Bangla Long Hair
My version of Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre & Blondie's The Tide is High
JoccuTailed into a Parody :-) 
Almost at the end  
18:00 hours But thanks to Surjo Mitra :) 

  I Met more than 100 youngies , boys and girl , also some of the event management team,  15 of them are now my Facebook fraands ( just kidding) , 1 on twitter ! 
I interviewed many on video and Talked to Nancy and Nimisha  ( off the record ) who seemed to be very mature and confident individuals All of them were !!! The names of the guys and gals i talked to are

  • Mohit Arora From Chandigarh Ha ha hes a Motor bike modifier .. He has many !
  • Ajit Singh from Ranchi / Kolkata he doesn't have a bike.
  • Mitesh Ashar  ( @iMba my old buddy from Headstart 'Startup Saturday' , Kolkata, from Mumbai live tweeting @ the site ) 
  • Rajandeep Majid & Stacy from Kolkata Majid has a bike.
  •  Brian John Williams from Asansol / Kolkata Yamaha Bike
  • Divya Singh ,  21 , B.Com Graduate from Allahabad , Her Dad works for the Indian Army and she wants to Join The Indian Army !!! Why click on her name , and hear her own story, She was unsuccessful in Kolkata , I know she went to Delhi , I'm not worried about this dudette , She'd find her Glory , I am dead sure of that !!! She is now my Fb buddy :) and We both follow each other on twitter .  
  • Lawrence Gregory from Pune He has a Pulsar . ( In My opinion the Most Rocking and eligible ones from the ones I met and interviewed , He's a Merchant Navy specialist 22 , has done courses from Mumbai and Scotland & wants to see the world before he ventures into his Sailing Job, a very well toned body and WOW great TOPS on style fashion and attire. His Hair , His Jodhpurs , Boxers , Red Shoes , his attitude exuded TOTAL CONFIDENCE !!!
  • Megha Bhattacharya(17) does not have a bike , rides pillion But by far the most confident audition aspirant in my view, from Kolkata & Kuber . Kuber has a Pulsar 180
  • Surjo Mitra from the MTv Production Team
  • Loads of Registration Desk Guys
  • Awesome Security personal
  • A very terrifying Security Guy ( Guarding Rannvijay 's Security Oh ! he asked me so many questions before he let me snap Rannvijay my only celebrity pic :-)
  • So many people you can hear on the videos, so many times was I questioned , Who are you ? Why are you questioning ? Who asked you ? Are you from the Press/Media ? I totally agree with Agnivo that Police authorities must learn from these guys . They should be trained on Security. But I would like to inform, you readers and Agnivo, I was before joining my present Job Banking was a Customs & Central Excise Inspector , I have undergone Commando training . Under Delhi Police & ITBP .Those who take care of VVIP Security like SPG, NAC , ITBP , RAF commandos in Police army navy are much better. Check footage of Mumbai Blasts if you doubt me . Yes State Police needs improvement 
  • Naseem ( Bullet ) Atif ( Bajaj Pulsar 220 ) Rachpal ( Bajaj Boxer), all from Howrah and B.Com students. Neelam no Bike but knows how to ride , studies @ Bhawanipore College ,  Kolkata .
  • Girl Gang Oh how Many of Them Rekha , a Fashion Management Undergrad at NIFT, Kolkata , she happens to be my daughter Divya's college mate :-) very confident , Naaz a very Tall Young Lady from Kolkata , Nancy ( Wow Nancy is something different , an under-performer[ has more but only displays necessary very sophisticate, balanced , calm and mature for her age] works with an International Airline and my off the record conversation with her gave me  a picture of a very confident and Mature mind. Pallavi ( could not talk to her to know her) Shreya ( Aaaah this is my Shreya our Shreya Sen & she is an Fb buddy since 2010, She is in School ? Still manages a band , and well cool and smart operator with a tongue and expression of a 30 year old , I happen to know her , because , she manages the Kolkata Rap/ Metal Band Turnkey [ In my opinion due to Raz Best Rapper in Kolkata & Promit 's metal Growl are the best Upcoming Rap Metal Band in Kolkata (ONLY ON Music ) ] She is always civil and prim n prop ah with ME :-) ) Look I only talk positives as my name is +VenuG !!! Will Shreya Pass thru ??? Gurpreet a very confident BPO worker great Camouflage Commando Cap and an Awesome Shades .. style unlimited ! Aditi, Gunjan & Srijanya from Patna . A Bevy of confident , young & beautiful Gals , embarking on a journey towards future life, all so confident that I'm sure , with these Gals , the future sounds good !! In this video , i give my tip / advice ( which happens to be my forte/USP . I can inspire a dead  body to perform, I only pick up Raw kids, who generally says , ' Uncle, I'm just learning To !!! ' in 2 months S/he is on ' Venu or VenuG terms ' I can inspire/motivate the most shaky or low self-esteemed individual to Give her/his best , and rest is history. Because my #VenuQuote is " There are 50% chances of Success if you try , and suppose you dont it is ZERO% " So , Just Try maybe You Can.  
  • The Crowd , Imran the Rj handling Fun & Games , And bevy of boys & gals , they are my raw material , without who How can I say " LIFEBEGINS @ 50 "  
  • Amit , Mohit & Ric I've met Amit A chartered Accountant , before ( dude I dont hold grudge memories , make world a better place , our difference of opinion isn't worth the bad vibes , so be happy and keep smiling , opinions vary , but after all we are all Indians :( ) Mohit , a handsome entrepreneur , & Ric , a businessman.
  • Conrad & Nelson two Biking Freaks . Looks could tell me that !!! & the getup .   
  • The late comer in the Pict who was too nervous to talk may god bless her & also Surjo for being kind and considerate, she was trafficked in Kolkata Traffic combined with Metro Rail failure between Dum Dum & Girish Park.  
  • Last  but not the least  a sweet Nimisha Aggarwal she Came just to participate , Shes from Bhutan and studies in Kolkata , She and I had a pep talk and I liked her attitude towards life that what the hell , even If I know I am not eligible by not participating I wont be able to tell my grandkids , anything worth of my childhood so I do whatever comes my way, So that this is One Life !!! Live it King Size !!! Have a Ball of it and eat it like an ice cream cone, or a Black Forest .. a real yummy attitude. 
  •  I also had a nice lil chat with Nancy , Nancy had clear ideas of Life 
  •  If you ask me , I loved chatting with Lawrence , John , Divya , Megha , Kuber , Nancy and Nimisha , articulate people with clear headed ideas , No , You may ask why I do all this ? Look  boys and gals I have One life I'm 51 there is a term called " Self-Actualization " Vaanprastha Ashram as per Manu Smriti , After Grihastha & before Sanyas , Whatever skills That I learnt hard way , I pass it on to the next generation , But at the same time , get their ideas , to become a better individual & human being and I reverse age Innit ??? Though I'm 51 but I am 15 in my approach. Forever Young at heart and ideology . I can understand my kids better , by knowing you !!! I have made them totally independent , they never needed me after they were 12 ! AT teenage they were mature , and they were communicative .I am hiding a fact , which I wont share , but will jus tell , that due to this independence I gave them , I am alive today , else guys and gals I would have been as anothe old Foggy whom you call Uncle #Venuspeak  
    • Lessons learns by me via MTv Hero Roadies 9 audition at Kolkata
    1. Youngistan in India is very aware & enlightened about what is happening around them , Political , social , economical & cultural .
    2. The media by which majority learn the news via Facebook or Television !!!
    3.  95% of those who came had no fear whatsoever , were confident , the only problem in 50% being language, but since Hindi is also one of the language of the show, I don't feel , language is a barrier for MTv Roadies ! Only Biking knowledge ( or will to learn is a Must ) . A word of Caution since this version 9.0 is to be conducted extensively in America , In the US you cant drive without an International Driving License , anyone going to US must acquire an International driving license , so a message to Young Techies or whoever wants to shift to US of A for studies , higher studies or Work , Please acquire an International Driving License , before you apply for Visa ! 
    4. There were many who were under 17 , many without driving skills , in case you weren't selected for the next round, There are other formats which require , survival skills, human relations and culinary / dancing / singing / or for that matter any other soft skills / Talent , so don't lose heart !  As long as you live , there is always another chance ! Remember " Failures are a stepping stone to Success " Failure , dear dudes & dudettes , are like the landing of a staircase to Success , it gives you time to pause, get some breath , think how to climb rest of the stairs , so NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED , DISHEARTENED !!! Never lose heart , The Ce-o's of Major Corporations , Reliance , Birla , Apple Inc , Facebook , Dell are all school / college drop outs , they never lost hope and dreamt . Remember what Steve Jobs Said ! And i quote not one but 3 of the 1 “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” 2 “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 3 " It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”  BLOW YOUR TRUMPET , ONLY THEN PEOPLE( Read Raghu Ram :-) ) REALIZE YOU EXIST !!!
    5.  Under 18 & Not a Biker !!! Coming to a Roadies Audition ? Foolish/ Crazy ??? Needs SOME GUTS !!! Megha Bhattacharya I love you the most :-) you are my kind of a Gal .. Yeh ladki kuch karke dikhayegi #VenuSpeak ( this hash-tag is only used/tagged to a statement, by me on a point where I will die defending my THAT statement BUT NEVER BOW DOWN)
    6. 90% OF Youngistan is non-smoker , health conscious  , they gym , take care of looks , physique and are very ethical , and go-getters , they DO go to any length to achieve their goals, blood , sweat & tears , training, hard work & perseverance . Thank God for that, we had a honeymoon life , when life and competition was easy & options and resources were unlimited , today its tough so Thank you Youth for being what you are and believing in yourself . 
    7. There were many Bikers here many had motorbikes , many used parents bikes , there were 3  Brian John Williams, Kuber & Lawrence Gregory who biked for reasons other than Biking for commuting to College/work & One Bike Modifier Mohit Arora who was a biking freak & All have on record said, that they take calculated risks, without breaking laws of the land and also that whenever they do stunts , they do it in a field and not on road, which is very heartening to note. 
    8. This blog post can be used by Media & entertainment channels for identifying prospective reality show aspirants . Many would be willing , they are all serious hence a very good target market for , modeling agencies , film and television talent hunters and even employers , their courage , will power and drive if used positively can get recruiters Awesome Individuals   
    9.  WHEN YOU VIEW MY Video's please check my detailed comments, along with the video . 

    Thank You, Gayatri (Viacom) , Harish Krishnan(Blogadda) & Blogadda .. I'm deeply indebted and honored to do something I loved to do , It is indeed an Honor to do this Blog
    Shubh Ratri

    12th October 2011