Friday, October 28, 2011

Mettalica Concert Called off due to chaos in Gurgaon So Bangluru Metal Heads Vokkaligas get together with #Beatless 4 Naga

Nothing else matters by Metallica with Lyrics


Beatless 4 Naga 

Written by VenuG

On Twitter,  on 28th October 2011 
using hashtag #Beatless

When #Beatless became top twitter trend world wide #TT

Tuned on the melody of
Famous song
Hey Hey I wanna be a Rockstar :-)

Keep Laughing  

*I'm Vokkaligga in a Band named Mettaligga*
*I have Bass guitar that is Gaga*
*Have no Bass drum Playa Nigga*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*You gonna hear no words*
*just the chirps of birds*
*The Lead Guitarist is Fatty Surd*
 We are from Mawana Khurd*
* called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*We gaat a Manager*
*whose name is Tony*
*We do our shows sitting on a Pony*
*There's no melody just cacophony*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*We give our fans Hash to Snog*
*They wag their butt like Dog*
*Once they howl bow wow*
*music is like shit of cow*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga*
*They keep fighting like thugs*
*And there is Kick Ass Slugfest*
*Dressed in Sindhi boxers*
*Plus Lux Cozy Vest*
*called #Beatless 4 Naga* 

@JoyDas 's Band called * #Beatless 4 Naga * 
VenuG wrote a song 
@srvasn gonna sing search  #Beatless on Twitter
Laugh :-) 
Tune I wanna be a Rockstar by Nickelback !

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