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The Name is Bond, Shames Bond 354 IPC, With License to Molest. Justice for Women

If Men like Amar Jyoti Kalita exist
Why Blame Womem

How  section 354, ( bailable ) 509 ( bailable)
375 & 376  (Non Bailable)
376[A-D} Non-Bailable

What we want,
Make molestation and Rape , non bailable ctimes.
Sensitise Government to train Police Man on streets 
and It, Means they  And Make Rape & Molestation to 
Non-Cognizable offent

People like Amar Jyoti Kalita
A.K.A. Bond must never escape
and must be given most harsh punishment so that
others take a lession, no to repeat such molestation

Jai Hind

My last tweet of last night was
“   @Venuspeak Alt F4 > Deltree > Purge > ALT CTRL DEL > Power Off > UPS Down > Still why that LD TD RD RGY? EOD 2012/7/12 #RollingStones50 #Fb   “

My first tweet of the day was

“@Venuspeak: Feel a shuddering fear, in the morning! Heard Banks to take SPECTRUM (Akon) As Security (Mehdi Hassan) Headline: How India became Greece TRUE  “

And my 1st tweet was on #Guwahati was at 12 Noon.

“@Venuspeak The Guwahati Molestation made me ANGRY THIS MORNING CNNIBN went on & on & on & on 15mins. Reading @NilimDutta is better than watching it!  “

How, I could predict what lay in store for me this 13th July 2012, I had planned 2 blog posts, 1 on a Acceptance speech, which I had written for a dear friend, which I accidentally read in my mobile notes, which in spite of the hullabaloo of #Guwahati I could post late at night! Another was on, Rustome-e-Hind, Late Mr. Dara Singh
Who could have predicted that today was that day, when I would get, My 30 minutes of fame. My Andy Warhol moments, my creating a Facebook Page and helping #JusticeForWomen trend maybe it will become No1 Trend by tomorrow!

This I posted around 19:00 hours. I could get my line to the Number that @sardesairajdeep tweeted; I could talk to Rajiv, who took 10 seconds to realize what I meant. That was quick response, Thanks Rajiv Sir.

“Tune in To CNNIBN 20:00 Hours IST I MIGHT go live on phone with Rajdeep Sardesai

If possible give me a couple of points

My Points

1 Girls must learn Unarmed Combat and keep pepper spray.

2 Whenever Such Incidents Happen Do Intervene.

3 Any such Incident Must ne surely not go unreported.

4 Visuals or Videos have been very important in the Bangalore and Guwahati Cases.

But just to bring the matter to light, they should not be shown on and on.

5 One should be sensitive while passing statements like,

“Oh, her character is loose" What she was doing at such late hours in a Pub? “

“Oh, she is a hooker"

“Oh, they are husband and wife”

“Any Physical abuse, without consent, EVEN WITH ONES WIFE IS RAPE”.

6 Physical abuse against a Man (Yes, they do happen), Woman, Transgender, Child or Gay person, if seen by a witness, MUST BE NON-Bailable offence.



9 O have practical experience in close quarters, and I did support the CLOSE victim.

The above are the transcripts of exactly what I spoke , for paucity of time, Anubha Bhonsle, who I follow as a journalist from her Mumbai days, and now for her work for Citizen Journalist show on the CNNIBN cut me after point 8, but I have no issues at all, I have had my ample say. That I was able to speak the twitter handle and the Facebook page in itself was the cake, the 6 points are icing on the cake.

            I can have my say on the weblog, twitter and the Facebook Page.
    I must deeply thank the efforts of:

1 @SakshiKumar for the Hash tag #JusticeForWomen
    And for twitter handle @JusticeForWomen

2 Ankita Garg for the blog 

I created the Facebook page Justice for Women originally my advise to her, for her, when she asked me to and added around 200 of my friends of mine.

The idea and thrust was purely hers, I just this to motivate & mentor her.

The following links are pertinent for me to mention

Fb Group on  JusticeForWomen :=>  

Twitter Handle @JusticeForWomen


My Thanks goes to

A)   @Nilim_Dutta for his 13 tweets in the Morning.
B)   @SakshiKumar for initiating hashtag #JusticeForWomen .
C)   @Lady_Gabbar for constant tweeting on the hashtag #JusticeForWomen .
D)   @sardesairajdeep for flashing the number for phone in, though everyone from Delhi tried and failed, I could call and connect to Rajiv, Thanks for such a wonderful and well mannered individual, who understood me in 10 seconds, called me back, told me I would be on air at 8 and called me at 8:15 and rolled my points. Thank you Sir, deeply gratified and I bow humbly for that.
E)   To @AnubhaBhonsle for letting me speak, 8 points, that’s a lot, 2 points would have been covered by many, but since my blog is well visited, and my tweets are well followed by the powers that be and intelligentsia I am Blogging them right away’. Thanks Madam Anubha , I’m deeply indebted, for letting me have my free say, with your limited time, especially after all the efforts that Sakshi Kumar & Ankita Garg did.
F)   Finally to my Late Dad, Shri K Balakrishna Menon, for spending his 1/3rd salary on Magazines and Books ( which at that time included Playboy & Debonair(Edited by Mr. Vinod Mehta) well known for their interviews &  Illustrated Weekly of India ( Then Edited by Khushwant Singh & later by @PritishNandy with great stories by Raju Bharatan on Film Music(remember the Asha Lata fight and O.P.Nayyar & Chitalkar stories like photographic memory still. I remember a Story by him
     “Piya Piya what an extra Piya can do a lot “(on Piya by 
     Lataji, and Piya Piya Piya by Ashaji and Late Mohd

     Another thing I remember is letter to editor by a reader of The Illustrated weekly of India, mentioning that the caption under a photograph of Sarong was captioned as a Sari J as it was Mr. Khushwant Singh, who captioned the photographs then, he replied to the letter with “ I am Sari I’m Sarong” This is quip that I frequently use, when someone points out my mistakes and gaffes, which of course I frequently commit

G The second special thanks goes to Dr Ashok Gupta, My mentor , Guru and the person who changed me, from a shy , silent sissy boy, to a Dapper, Outspoken and a confident orator. I am sure, I find rare people of my stature and status, who can dish off words at the drop of the hat, without batting an eyelid, or fearing, who I am addressing them to. ( Now Dr Gupta my mentor and Guru, is Director India International Institutions , which a Great co-educational CBSE school India International School(IIS), A Girls College, India International College for Girls (ICG) ( Graduate & Post Graduate & a Management & InfoTech College India International Infotech and Management(IIIM) . He is a well known Rotarian, his way of mentoring in school was through Interact club in my school, Maheshwari Higher Secondary School ( A Hindi Medium school) & we Myself and my partner Virendra Lodha, during that year 1977 , won many an English debates and quizzes, beating English Medium schools like StXaviers, MGD & Sophia Jaipur.

                       Dr Gupta has won many national awards as a Teacher & Educationist. And I steel sometimes go and visit him.
H My Sister Kamala , And our Late Rajput Maid Jana Bai, the two of them between them  reared me from the age of 7 with My Moms continuous illness ( She has Schizophrenia, she suffered the 1st shock during our 1st major holiday to Ahmedabad, still remember the date 1st May 1967 it was my 7th Birthday L ), she still has , but we have nearly cured her with love and grandchildren J
I am sorry that I went on and on about my past, but Today I am sure those  gratitude’s were highly overdue to  My Late Dad & Maid, my Teacher and my Sister.

  The final thanks, go to My Love of 43 years and now my wife Shree, my Daughter Divya and son Dhruv, who keep me free, for my eccentric behavior of mad activism. I know it is hard, but, I am like that only. They know that, and without their love and care and letting me be, I won’t be able to do 1/10th of what I do

I talked to Anubha Bhonsle Thanks and Thanks an atom  Rajiv , you made the cause of The Poor Innocent Girl in Guwahati, many such Women in past, and many more, I’m sure which will follow .

                I assure you, I Sakshi & Ankita will continue our efforts of bringing about a legislative change, especially
1. To make offences of “Crime affecting the human body “ (It is Gender neutral which is IMPORTANT to stress here) which are Bailable, quite a lot of them  Under the Indian Penal Code IPC, under Sections 354(Outraging Modesty of a Woman) 509( Insulting the modesty of a woman by any word or gesture or act)  Section 376A(Intercourse by a man with his wife during separation) 376B(Intercourse by a public servant with a woman in his custody) 376C(Intercourse by a superintendent of Jail, remand home etc. & 376D(Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital with any woman in hospital)  into Non-Bailable.   

During my quick research of my writing this Blogpost I have read the following articles which are given in an order without any logic, but the is a well tabulated and logically written piece, where you find all sections at one place.

1 Offences Against women by  

The above link is the best tabulated list of IPC Sections on Crimes against women
It is important to note that In India, Sex with spouse, even without consent constitutes to rape which is evident by this link,   Though in Nepal , which is a predominantly Hindu country IT CONSTITUTES TO RAPE!!! after a Supreme Court of Nepal judgement in 2001. This needs a revisit the following 2 links are specially written, to explain legal position of Marital rape in different countries.

Link 1 Marital Rape v/s Conjugal rights by Jewel Chand
Link 2 Rape & Human Rights in India by Jishi Samuel

2 Criminal Law (Amendment Bill) 2010 draft dated 31/3/2010 in pdf format, since I am not a lawyer, I am not aware if the same is passed yet or, pending. is the site of

4 Sexual Harrasment and Rape Laws In India by

5 Minor Offence ? A Frontline magazine cover story on Ruchika / S.P.S.Rathore case )

6 Rape Laws In India at

7 Government Plans to make Rape Laws gender neutral by Times of India

8 Web Search are sections 375,376 and 354 Bailable under IPC

10    Guwahatineeds Dhoble: twiiter Reacts to Shameful Molestation on firstpostin

11    Guwahati Mob Molests woman, video goes viral online on Hindustan Times

13    Who is responsible for DelhiRape Crisis by @priyaramani on Mint


16    9of 13 held  

17    Guwahati Molestation 4 held, video is viral on youtube

18    Guwahati Girl molested by MobAssam CM calls for action

19    Night patrolling In Guwahati to Be intensified Assam DGP

21    Finally The editorial in The Hindu “ Depth of Depravity “

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  1. The above link is the best tabulated list of IPC Sections on Crimes against women
    It is important to note that In India, Sex with spouse, even without consent constitutes to rape which is evident by this link, Though in Nepal , which is a predominantly Hindu country IT CONSTITUTES TO RAPE!!! after a Supreme Court of Nepal judgement in 2001. This needs a revisit the following 2 links are specially written, to explain legal position of Marital rape in different countries.

    Link 1 Marital Rape v/s Conjugal rights by Jewel Chand
    Link 2 Rape & Human Rights in India by Jishi Samuel

  2. He should be killed

  3. Thanks for the comment Aditi
    Keep smiling

    @Aditi and eye for an eye is ancient, if we kill him, we would be as criminal minded as him, though I agree with you at the anger and angst, I feel we all must strive, for

    A) To Make Rape, Molestation and abuse, when backed by such fool proof evidence as non bailable offence.

    B) Bring about Public opinion, for courts to Act fast, after 19 years, S P S Rathore is still not pronounced guilty by Courts

    D) Make life imprisonment as a minimum punishment for section 354, 509, 375 & 376 of the IPC

  4. Hello sir,
    Thank you for doing such an extensive research on these topics. Have saved all the links to read up on tomorrow and also included your points in my letter to the chief Justice of India.
    Thanks again for everything! :)

    1. @SakshiKumar you , I know, I am an old man, I don't have the energy that you have as a young girl, I can do as much research as no journalist can on any subject, but I can't run around, and In Kolkata? Kichu Hobey Nna :-)
      I would give you another tip
      Go to the following adress
      All India Council for Women
      6 Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi 110 001
      They will find you legal, secretarial and moral support.

      How I know this place?
      Well Delhi Regional office is in the same building
      There is a working women s hostel, where a few cousins have lived in the 80's

      Go here, it is quite close to the SUPREME COURT, maybe you may find a SC Lawyer(women activist) who will even take you directly to concerned people

      remember " tabiyat se pattar to uchalo" shayad lag jaye
      All the best

      PS: Thoda waqt apne liye bhi nikalna hai sara isme na phoonkey
      Proper rest will give you energy of a long haul horse

      God bless n all the best