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Will Anna Hazare Dharna at Jantar Mantar And Arvind Kejriwal's movement to expose Alleged Corruption charges against 13TH President Pranab Mukherjee Succeed ? Venuspeak POV

Will Anna Hazare Dharna on 25TH July 2012 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi Succeed ?
Will Arvind Kejriwal Movement against alleged corruption charges,
Against 13TH President of India Pranab Kumar Mukherjee Succeed ?

IMHO, the answer to both the questions is a big NO. Why so? Let us analyse.

            I assume that the reader of this post, knows the background of Team Anna, Sh Anna Hazare, of Ralegan Siddhi, Maharashtra,  India Against Corruption (Hereinafter mentioned as IAC), Janlokpal Bill Movement (Hereinafter mentioned as JLP) and important constituents of the movement, namely Sh Arvind Kejriwal, Ms Kiran BediShanti BhushanPrashant BhushanKumar VishwasManish SisodiaSantosh HegdeMedha PatkarAkhil Gogoi, Baba Ramdev , of Patanjali Yogpeeth fame (Hereinafter mentioned as BRD), Swami Agnivesh, Shivendra Singh ( 1 2 3 4  ), Shazia Ilmi( 1 2 3 ), & Aruna Roy, But still the links of particular people, organisations & movements are linked here, via Wikipedia on the respective names here, for all to read. Thank you. JLP 2011 .. Please read carefully about controversies, which every one of them have. (except Shivendra & Shazia) 

Let us put some pictures as proof & then old links in retrospect and see how the popularity of JLP & IAC has waned, as Newtons Law of Gravity says " What goes up, comes down " Since the proof of puuding is in eating it, let me serve you my pudding as a proof and cook Anna ji's Goose

14:36 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012
Twitter Trends.

Here you find Christian Bale, Kapil Dev, NSUI, ICL, Pranab Mukherjee


STOP PRESS " TEAM ANNA "  Just entered trends

17:19 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012
Twitter Trends.

Team Anna APPEARS at No 9 Now , ahead of Pranab Mukherjee!!!

17:25 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012
Google News
site news.

Still No Team Anna

 10:00 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012
Google News
site news.
No Team Anna


10:00 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012
Twitter Trends.

No Team Anna Here

Google Search Anna Hazare on
19:13 hrs IST
19900 items 516 stories from today
Trust me I had much more on 21st August 2011


   Google Search Anna Hazare on
19:13 hrs IST
16200 items archive of links from year 2011.

Trust me I had much more on 21st August 2011

STOP PRESS " TEAM ANNA "  Just exits trends
19:25 hrs IST Today 25TH July, 2012

No Team Anna Here
Ots Gone!!!
Chole Geye Chen Didi?
Kothai Choley Geye Chen Dada?
Ami Ki Korbo
Jaa Ssaalla


     So that was the present, and look what the past was,


Blast from the Past August 2011

The Team Anna JLP movement tops Social Media Trends @economictimes report dated 22nd August 2011. Exhibit 

Google Search on " Janlokpal among top trends in social media"  Exhibit

Use of Social media in civil society political movements by Karthik Subramanian, in Hindu dated 21ST August 2011. Exhibit 3

Muntazir Abbas on . The trends suggest that Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP and Delhi are the top-five states searching for Anna Hazare. The searches related to Ann... ( EXACTLY WHAT I HAD TOLD @sidin on the day preceding Anna Ji breaking fast)

Anna on my Wall " on The Times Of India 

I have explained why Team Anna Lost , 
Lucidly in my post titled 
" Annus horribilis , 
Queen Elizabeth II , 
Victorian manners or The Lack of it"
Effect of Team Anna on Sensex.
Annus horribilis
29-10-2010 to 29-5-2012
India That is Bharat


My YouTube playlist 
"Anno Domino Horriblis"

Horrible behavior by the entore Team Anna & Friends. Except Shazia, Vishwas & Shivendra, all have committed communication gaffe's and shown signs of a dysfunctional behavior 7 corrupt practices, like " Haath Kaat Daalo, Phansi, Maaro, sirf Ek Thappad By Anna ji, Himself." " Dakait by Om Puri ji " " Naqaab by Kiran Bedi " " Kashmir by Prashant Bhushan " " Sab Chor by Kejriwal "

Please note that the best videos of the worst display of uncouth behaviour by Team Anna HAVE BEEN REMOVED , stating that they are  " Private Videos " :-)))) I JUST LOVE THIS FEAR IN TEAM ANNA/IAC!!!


Let me give you some insight to what the condition was, when I was tweeting to @shekharkapur @anupamnkher @RahulBose1 @nikhilchinappa @kabirbedi  #IOpposeAnnaHazare some of my good friends on social media like @si007 @maheshmurthy & @yearning4d_sky @calamur told me that I was terribly wrong. misinformed, that the IAC was working under right earnest.

My logic and argument against their views was

1) I am an Honest Man
2) I don't support corruption
3) I quit the job as Inspector, Customs & Central excise, to join my present job, which is PSU Banking.
4) Not that lure of money riches, never followed me, that I had several offers, paying me much higher, In private sector Banking, in India and abroad, in Software firms, as a banking expert, owing to my specialization, in Database Management, networking and settlement processing, which is MICR , RTGS, NEFT, EFT. I am a few hundred experts in the country, in electronic settlements & payments, though untrained individual, with a commerce background.
5) I simply refused to jump the gun, because more money meant, evil ways, unethical practices.
6) I continued to keep my needs o bare minimum, and continued in PSU environment. (Please confirm this with any ex-colleagues working in all major software/foreign banking firms, in India and abroad. They respect me for my integrity and hard labor.
7) Corruption exists, I oppose it, by refusing to pay, and get my things, through continuous effort. I have active liaison with politicians, of all political parties, AT LOCAL LEVEL, wherever I worked, and I frequently get work done, for others of course, who are needy and poor. NEVER FOR MYSELF!!!
9) As long as business exists, profit exists, corruption exists. To remove corruption, remove businessmen. Which in my opinion is impossible, as it is they, who creat enterprises, taking risks, giving people like you and me "AAM AADMI" our Bread & Butter.
10) My simple logic against Team Anna, c'mon, contest elections, get elected, and get done, what you strive for, else, JUST SHUT UP, and let others do something. STOP THIS MICROSCOPIC INQUIRY INTO EVERY DAMN DECISION OF THE GOVERNMENT. Decisions, need to be taken, those who take decisions, commit mistake. if malafide, they always get punished, even if bonafide, they do suffer punishments, however minor, and suffer ignominy and loss of face, no one understands them, that they acted in good faith, for the interest of the institution.
11) My second view AGAINST TEAM ANNA is Anna Ji himself saying " Hum Na rishwat lengey, na lene denge, ( We shall neither take bribes, not let anyone take bribes) Arrey Anna ji BOLO HUM GHOOS NAHI DENGEY ( Puhleez Mr Anna Hazare, say I will NOT GIVE BRIBE)

12) The entire Team Anna, IAC and Anna Hazare ji, have no action plan, against bribe giver, who is the root cause of all evil. Opposite of that, they want witness protection and a whistle-blower act.

My view, if Janlokpal Bill as envisaged by Team Anna comes through, this country will stop performing, already there is a policy paralysis, after this JLP comes through, there will be TOTAL DECISION PARALYSIS & THINGS WILL BECOME SNAIL PACED. IT WILL BE ANOTHER LICENCE RAJ, WITH EVERY PERSON HAVING 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS CHECKLIST, WITHOUT TICKING WHICH , THEY WON'T EVER ACT.

            It is this logic I oppose IAC & 

13) My biggest grouse against IAC is that they infiltrated IIT's and made students miss their studies, and write crap, filthy abuses and troll sane and commited Indians on Social networks No way or Highway is applicable in a Banana Republic, not a Free India.

@sidin even went to the extent (not in so many words, but his style :-)  " Really? Okay " ) , that by stating that there were no lower caste and muslim/sikh/christian community with Team Anna, I was being casteist/racist & pseudo secular. I was accused of being a Kangressi. . In spite of such conversations with Sam, Mahesh, Sidin & Serendipity remain normal. Differrence on POV exists, we are after all human, it is a point of political difference, not social. I have been trained since childhood,  by my late Dad, always to keep relations & communication channels with opposing views, as a mature individuals, to have a 360 degree view on all subjects. It so transpired that Team Anna picked A Muslim girl from Chitli Kabar area, chandni chowk and one schedule caste boy, from who, he took the items he broke fast with. Which proves me right. If there was an allegation, these were the logical reactions from Team Anna!!! I am making a STRONG INCITING STATEMENT, WHICH IS PROVED BY FACTS, An allegation , which opens bare, the exclusiveity of Team Anna, total lack of affirmative action, among Team Anna, its being HIGHLY UPPER CASTE HINDU MOVEMENT. There are mukhotas(masks) like Shazia Ilmi( who is a paid PR personell, a La Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi & Shahnawaz Hussain of the BJP. .

I allege that IAC is a BJP FRONT, HIGHLY UPPER CASTE, Many of its activists have been members of RSS /ABVP /Jan Sangh/ and BJP earlier, consists of people mostly from North India UP/Bihar/MP/Rajasthan/Delhi NOT Chattisgarh & Jharkhand, (because they have Tribals no ? ) 

I was the only Muslim Member of Team Anna & I am out of It 
Mufti Shameem Kazmi

This comes to me by experience, of over 30 years. In my post graduation, we had Professors , with Allegiance to Bhartiya Jan Sangh, RSS, Hindu Mahasabha, Vanwasi Kalyan Parishad & VHP, who were so Ethical, examples of virtue, highly brilliant , both mentally and education back ground wise, and we would hardly know at times, that an instruction was most of the times, one way of Helping ABVP fellows :-)

                                        So we had to keep track, to know when HOD( Late Mr Khandelwal via Govind  Goyal)  makes a move, which would jeopardize our education/future. So we used to test and expose such Teachers in Public Domain, I know also, because, during my PG, my very close friend, Dr. Ramesh Chandra Aggarwal then an Economics Post Graduate student in Economics Department, with who, we had discussions on economics and politics. I still have a standing promise to Ramesh, I will join RSS, the day you explain the meaning of the word " Hindu " Even Dattopant Tengdi, Sundar Singh Bhandari, Balasaheb Devras, Bhairon Singh ji Shekhawat and The Sati activist Kalyan Singh ji Kalvi could not reply to my this questions. 

                        Now being a jailed leader during School days Ramesh was an underground RSS operative whose main role was indoctrination, PR, HONEY TRAP with sweet talk, get people to attend Shakha, Sah Bhoj or Sangh meetings,. I have attended scores of them with him, having Long Discussions with Late Mr Tengdi & Late Mr Bhandari, both very learned economists & trade union activists, plus wonderful human being.( Now an Economics Lecturer, at Government College, Alwar). A Sanghi RSS sleeper cell,his hostel room was a meeting point of emergency hailed Sanghi's. A Sanghi Shakhawala, who had gone to Jail during Emergency, they used to plan, PAN University activities, cutting across departments, organizing, get together, especially of mix crowd , of hostelers, in order to widen RSS/ABVP membership. My role was, to escape from his clutches, and to this day I have bee3n successful in escaping his overtures. But we respect each other very much, for the knowledge level. He because, I cleared IAS and he didn't and I because, he was a brilliant economist, and had direct communication with Dr K N Raj, Prof Lakdawala, Prof Nathuramka, etc. We used to talk for hours, sometimes whole night, on economics, both Micro & Macro. He was a master Macro-Statistician, and, the future projections and time-series analysis, being done by me to predict future interest rates, currency trends and Growth, on the basis of Monsoon, is a trick he taught me. He was always making strategies and plans, to create headache to the Congress Bandwagon 247365. So for me to  recognize a Sanghi/ Jan Sanghi is a child's play.By simply analysic an individuals talks and statements for 1 hour, I can tell with 95%+ surety as to whether, the person is Left/Right/Center in ideology.  

IAC Support groups/ systems, CONSISTS OF Bania's Jains, Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishya communities, (Avoiding Shudra/Minority) Traders, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Pharma/BPO workers, UPPER CASTE STUDENTS FROM IIT's ( not NIT's mind it) Read surnames, analyse caste, you will RARELY FIND Shudras. Less in South, and in Maharashtra (more in Vidarbha, the predominantly RSS Belt) Mind you, the people who are part of this nexus are those of old economy, opposed to egalitarian society, and especially those, who are vary of the post liberalization post 1991 succesful entrepreneurs, The professions involved are day in and day out LOOTING the " AAM AADMI" , medical/pharma/lawyer/CA mostly are those who teach how to avoid taxes, break laws and keep Rich , richer and poor, poorer. The media agencies which support the cause, are those, who always only salute the successful and dump the failures. My study is astute, well researched and I am not naming them, individually, but all know, who I am referring to. The intelligentsia, which supported the phase 1 were " OUT OF WORK ACTORS MOVIE MAKERS  , Writers, musicians, painters, who were using this platform , to sound " POLITICALLY CORRECT " You can scour the tweets between 15TH August 2011 & 21ST August, 2011 to check who I am referring to. Now don't tell me who a lawyer defends or what a CA does, or how Branded drugs are used to make money, or how Doctors advise clinical tests of a Head CT Scan, when you have a stomach ache. The constituents, supporting IAC Movement, from the public civil society, HAS VESTED INTEREST. That is very clear, I keenly watch programmes, where Doctors say " I had plans to go Abroad, but now I am stuck here, !!! You fool, no one asked you to stay, PAY UP AND GET LOST. Go to Timbuktu, as long as you use your education , to cure sick people, I detest Software IIT B.Tech Graduates taking up Investment Banking. You Idiot, if you had to to Banking, you should have studied Commerce & let the other Tech Geek, who was passionate about engineering get into the IIT. Don't say, " I have 99% but cant get in to SRCC/ St Stephens, go study in Hindu, and Top The DU. Go to Mumbai, Go search For Naresh Salecha, Prateek Goswami, Ram Prakash Khandelwal, Girsih Sharma, In Indian Railways & Customes, ask the name and you will be pointed out who they are, ask them which school/college they went to, ask their educational qualification, get a heart attack. Asl about me in my Bank to anyone, get a Shock. We all went to ordinary vernacular schools, which A Delhi Aunty, would whisper in low voice while telling others, and look what we do. GET REAL DO SOMETHING STOP GRUMBLING..

1 This is 2012.
2 India is Free India, not British Raj..
3 Zamindari is dead., so are Princely States, I am sure UPA is not as bad as Greece, Spain, JP Morgan, 
4 There is no licence raj in India now.
5 You can;t prevent a poor, backward, lower caste, minority from progressing.
6 There is a " CONSTITUTION OF INDIA " which has a preamble and fundamental rights & duties prescribed there!!! You can't anymore discriminate on the basis of caste, colour,race,religion, economic strata. K R Naraynan, A P J Kalam, N R Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekeni, Azim Premji, Dhirubhai Ambani, are prime examples.
7 Stop behaving as though you own India. India belongs to all Indians, including poor, let an elected Government work. Don't play politics, by Ignoring the misdeeds of all Parties except Indian National Congress. 


Mr Arvind Kejriwal
DID YOU? !!!
Get that straight,
This is Not a Banana Republic.
Contest an election,
Then I shall support you like I support the UPA 

Mamata Didi.

You can't have just rights, and no responsibilities.
You don't lose your job, when something goes
terribly wrong in the country.
It is a bureaucrat, minister, policeman.

I will tell you something about my Family background My Past & My Roots.This will explain the reason, why I am so committed, so adamant, and so Strongly Sure, to proclaim, that my POV is correct & not Team Anna's POV!!!

Father Late K.Balakrishna Menon
A tax consultant, took part in freedom movement, was in Kolkata, during Noakhali riots, has visited and talked to Mahatma Gandhi.( Involved in RCA cricket, politics Congress through N K Sanghi, MP Jodhpur, his bosses Saala) actively worked in civil defence during both Indo-Pak wars. President of Kerala Samajam Jodhpur and Jaipur for nearly 20 years. Very learned and brilliant mind, all I have is through his contribution , knowledge and confidence, he went to my Bank HQ, and told my GM personell, showing him the means of transport chart, show my boy all this when you post him to an interior village. I was posted to Joya Mordabad ( Near Amroha/J.P Nagar depending on who you support) , with electricity just 6 hours aday, and I did see all the means of transport, including bullock cart. Stopped my Phera after 3rd , telling my Father in Law, not to interfere in my rural posting, and that his daughter will have to stay in a village for 12 motnhs after which, she will be in Jaipur( She did, and I did return to Jaipur) Joya was my best time in Career, it was the Time between 1985-1988 I watched WSC and Ravi Shatri winning that Audi at SCG , watchin on a black and white EC 14" tv with ocide battery, of course, whole of Joya watched due to my facility.Mine was the only TV in the village. Played Night Cricket, Floodlit with Halogen Lamps, between 8PM & 11PM in Amroha 1986-1987( wife is still cross with me for this absence after 25 years, it was our 1st year of marriage)

Mother Savitri Amma ,
A Housewife.. Worked in Khadi from 1950-55( upto marriage) Spin Charkha and made soot.Was a terrific singer , she used to sing till I was 4 or 5 then stopped. I wish sometimes I had her diary of Lata & Ash Songs. :((

Uncle (Maternal) Late C P Shankaran Nair,
( he later worked with N K Sanghi, MP of Jodhpur, actively involved in Rajasthan Cricket Association, In Jodhpur and later Delhi) an underground communist freedom fighter, with Mathai Manuran, EMS and lot of Left ciomrades, even took part in a bombing. Tamra Patra Holder.

Uncle(Materna)  Late K Sivaraman,
Congressman, worked in Congress with Rajagopalachari, worked in Hindi Bhasha Prachar Samiti Khadi & after Independence in Chakola Group, Thrissur Kerala. Tamra Patra holder.

WHAT IS TAMRA PATRA Exhibit Exhibit 

Uncle(Maternal Aunt's Husband) Late K Prabhakara Menon,
Freedom Fighter, Tamra Patra Holder
worked with Vinoba Bhave in Bhoodan Movement in Kerala and latewr Wardha.

Aunt K Narayani Amma ( Mausi) ,
worked in Khadi, spun khadi charkha, with Mahatma, made soot and wore Khadi till demise, at 92, and mind you, she travelled ALONE, AT 91, during December Chilly winter at -4 fdegrees in a Sleeper compartment, from Kochi, to Delhi, to meet her daughter and my cousin..

Aunt Kartikayani Amma ( Mausi)
Again worked in Khadi and for INC has a Tamra Patra.

Me &  My political beginnings and organisation capacity.

1971 at 11 protested in Bapu Nagar Jaipur, In front of University of Rajasthan, bunking Subhash Public School opposite Univ of Rajsathan. (the 1st political Murder in Jaipur after Independence)  of Pan Singh(Rajput)  as student Leader, Vijay Poonia (a Jat leader) from Congress was accused, he had a relative who was a Congress Minister then. 
6th Januaryt 1976 Jaipur, Shri maheshwari Higher Secondary School, Jaipur. Jumped from the School Terrace, 20 feet above the ground, into luckily sandy soil. To escape, waving flag and shouting " Sanjay Gandhi Ki Jai " ( Teachers had sterilization targets then in my school) If they did not take the students, school, would stop getting grant.

1978 Aggarwal College Supported & Campaigned for Maqbool Ahmed (NSUI) , now a councillor from INC in somewhere in Makrana, Rajasthan. Post President of College Body.( Muslim)

1979 Campaigned for Deepak Sharma, National & University Champion SWIMMER, NOW A BANKER 

        Post Secretary of College Union (NSUI) ( Brahmin)

I was a much sought after campaigner, because I used to sing Rock Ballads in The University, had an awesome lot of female following, In the University Maharni College, Jaipur, and was well behaved, (As I had a Sister, in that college and 6 Sister/Mothers(sisters buddies) wo doted on me like mother hens. unlike Jaipur Boys who were kind of unused to interacting with females, due to sexual segragation in Marwaris. True still holds good)
Maharani's College had 2400 votes 25% of Total votes.

1980 CAMPAIGNED FOR School mate Umakant Paliwal ( NSUI) VP Rajasthan University Students Union Now a businessman.( Brahmin)
1981 Supoorted  & Campaigned for Virendra Beniwal ( Currently MLA Lunkaransar Bikaner division) NSUI ( Jat)

1982 Supported & Campaigned for Rajendra Singh Shekhawat ABVP ( Now BJP leader an ex Minister )
1983 Supported and staunchly admired Rajpal Singh Shekhawat, ABVP, now a BJP MLA from Jaipur, A strangely "educated Rajput" I mean it, he was and is a well read, informed and a Well Mannerred Banna.
Radio Artist at AIR Jaipur (Yuva Vani & Sports Interviewer/Reporter) On Freelance Jobs. Paid everytime.

Please check list of MLA's HERE 
                               & MP's HERE

1983 Supported Man Singh Shekhawat, (Independent) my classmate, now a BJP Councillor, [for the post of  President, Dept of Accountancy and Business Statistics , Univ of Rajasthan , opposing an ABVP STRONG CANDIDATE Govind Goel, DARLING OF OUR HOD & Girls, there were just 12 out of 200 :D ( Late M C Khandelwal, also an RSS & ABVP ACTIVIST deeply involved in Univ amd student politics) Mind you the credit of his wing is solely due to me, else he would lose his deposit, as most students were Bania and he was a Rajput Banna, ]and a bulder, businessman, he always grumbles whenever he meets me " Banna Thari Naukri Badhiya Chai 10 syun 5 aur waah, athey to 5 bajya aadmi phone khadka de si, manah koni kar sakaan " ( Dude, you have a great job, 10 to 5, then chillax, I get phone calls at 5 AM and i can't refuse to take it)

1984 Supported and Campaigned for Pranavendra Sharma ( BJP) Son of Acharya Shri Dharmendra a spiritual guru, well known in BJP circles and a  close friend of my Father in Law.

1977-1984 Debater, Dramatist, Poet, Singer, Musician, creative performed all acrooss the country, practically in all hip and happening College Fests. Genre was Rock Ballads and Ghazhals. Dylan, Kishore Rafi Mukesh Clapton, Beatles, Elvis & Jagjit Singh were my favorites..
Includes Female hospitality in Univ Yout Fests, the Girls Hostel was my area, just because, the Neta ji's had the trust " Yo Bhai ji Kain Khoto koni karelo " ( This brother will not do anything wrong)
I also campaigned for Raghu Sharma, Dr Mahesh Joshi ( He is the current Jaipur MP) both NSUI and now well known Congress leaders in Rajasthan , No Idea, but both should be MLA's now, I was much junior just out of school when they contested, but they were my seniors AT MBA B-School. All the above except Mr Rajendra Singh Shekhawat are MBA's from My B-Scxhool R.A.Poddar Institute of Management Studies Jaipur, and Priyamvada Sharma, of BJP (She is Pranavendra's sister, but by this time I had passed out my and was in my Job,. in the Customs, but being actively involved in student politics, I was a regular at the Univ Canteen & Library between 1981 & 1985 studying for my IAS. Strangely i had the most rotten marks, but was the first among us to qualify for the IAS Mains, and also the only one among 100 of us all 90%ilers to get many Officers exams. It is with this reason I tell students, stop talking, slog slog slog, forget about markis, crack the bloody test.
1986-1994 Bank Slog General Banking and works.

1989-1994 Quiz Master, Economic commentator on Money, Banking & Indian Economics, Sportscaster AIR Jaipur (Yuva Vani) paid freelancer.

1994-2005 Infotech donkey slog (been there done practically everything a code writer can, including managing a core banking data centre, programming in about 250 programming languages, Networking, routers, shell, bridging, networks, LAN WAN, MAN, SWADHAN, RTGS TEAMS (1997) MICR ENCODING AND DATA READING, CHECQUE TRUNCATION 2000-02

1995-2000 The best times of life in Mumbai Ghatkopar, Sati Krupa, Garodia Nagar, organised around 50 cultural, sport, community functions, for around 100 kids between 1years to 21 years, nearly 60 of them are my facebook buddies, though there parents may not be in many cases, many parents (my colleagues at the Bank) became fb buddies later :-) Known as the Antakshar & Quiz waaley Menon Uncle, every day was gheraoed by nearly 20 kids every evening, for some or other work. Including counselling their parents. My son Dhruv was born there, he was most of the day time at some other flat, they all remember my son, as the chubby bubdle of joy( not knowing how naughty he heas grown now)

2000-2005 Back to social acticvism. Jaipur, Formed Hans Vihar Sector 122 RWA (Regd) , as a founder member, worked with a committed tam of 30, built a community centre, developed 7 parks, took over garbage collection, watchmen employment. Gating og the colony, route indicators, sewerage systems, street lamps, liasing with Electricity boards, PHED, PWD, MP (Late Shri Girdhari Lal Bhargava, may his SOUL REST IN PEACE THE BEST MP ANY CITY COULD HAVE. The City has a lot to owe to him for development, including speciality hospital wards, Mumbai Superfast, Roads, Bridges, Old age Homes. Ask any Jaipurite about him, he had NO ENEMIES EVEN CONGRESSMEN PRAISE HIM)  MLA, Councillor,( ALL BJP) Municipal and Rajasthan Housing Board authorities, using public uinds. Now we have an exclusive post office, primary health care centre, homeopathic dispensary, School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, ALL using public finds. The only cost to us was Rs 30 per household per month ( which we used to earlier used to pay Rs 10 to watchmam Ra 20 to garbage collector) SO WHEN SOMEONE SAYS POLITICIANS DON'T WORK, MY BLOOD BOILS, Whichever politician I have approached ever in life has NEVER LET ME DOWN, Whichever party s/he may be. Mathura has to thank me, once Panditji Sharma, the Kanth MLA who contested against Jitendra Singh(Ajit /Singh's Son) a customer once asked me(with an intention to wine/dine " Koi sewa batao saab " tell me what I can do for you, I told him, get the Market Whitewashed before Diwali. He was shocked, But whitewash he got done that. So dear reader, instead of grumbling, just articulate your wishes, and they will be fulfilled, instead of criticising or grumbling, or ranting.

   Since I have blogged this, it becomes a record, on public domain. . feel free to cross check, if anything I say is found wrong, kill me. 

And you have Read about Shivendra Singh or not, if not, go to the top and please read, I am a carbon copy, why else would I be sitting at 01:00 AM and blogging this, what do I gain, Hmm? I gain is a storng peaceful co-existant India, Sttrong and Vibrant.

Lets Build India, get back to work. Haven't organised a music show for a year now, all because, THE COUNTRY NEEDED ME, Not Joking, I had to oppose IAC, becasue, disintegrated and fractured India is the last thing I want.

     If you read above I have supported many BJP candidates, more than NSUI candidates, ( Though I never voted for Girdhari Lal ji Bhargava, he was my customer and HE KNEW IT) In 2005 Vidhan Sabha everyone in My Family, including wife voted for BJP candidate, a winner, , But I voted for Pratap Singh Khachariyawas (Son-in-Law of Late VP Bhairon Singh ji Shekhawat & INC MLA NOW), An independent candidate, who I was sure would lose, but I supported him, because I voted for the principle he stood for, that was against government acquiring Farmers Land. Thats me I have nothing against the BJP. Just this, let them winn in Kashmir to Kanyakumari ALL STATES, only then I can support them. if they manage 1 MP/MLA in each state, I shall vote for BJP in the next election, they are upper caste, Hindi speaking party, I speak hindi, But many don't, please don't impose, your culture, on anyone, who has his/her own culture, just because, you think your culture is best. Its something too deep to understand.

  Neither BJP, Nor IUML nor SS, VHP, KC(M) can understand this.  . Its something only a mature mind can understand. Sahishnuta / Vasudeva Kutumbakam ( Respect all and world is a family)

Jai Hind

Look closely at the pics, I am not lying

PS: In the evening at 9 when Internet Yndoos wake from slumber JANLOKPAL CAME INTO TREND FOR 30 MINUTES AT AROUND 22:00 hrs no proof though.

Good Night, or should I say Good Morning
Keep Smiling

Wednesday/Thursday, 25TH/26TH July, 2012

Ending with a video proof of how JLP failed in Kolkata
Park Street / Camac Street Janlokpal Candlelight Vigil
Reporter is yours truly
My Own Video


VenuG at Park Street Camac Street Kolkata
Janlokpal Candle Vogol, Sunday 21-8-2011, Exchanging Views
Live, unedited facts <-| VIDEO LINK
How this is not Kolkata
And why JLP IAC don't represent India

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