Friday, July 13, 2012

Be a Mother Hen or Father Lion to your Clients :Be Generic Speech by Finance Guy : After Dinner Speech by VenuG

This Speech was written by me for a Dear Old friend of mine, who had hit a creative writers block!

                  The Speech was written by me in 10 minutes, since I knew the friend well enough , writing it was a child's play for me. Notice that I have inter-winded, my friends intricate family details and family life into this speech. Finance my dear reader, is an area, upon which, depends the future, security and faith, ethically, and most of the time, the FOCAL PARTof a financial decision of any person, is his or her FAMILY. If you look at any Visual TVC of a financial product or firm, i.e. Amway, LIC, SBI, American Express, HSBC, Chase Manhattan, Barclay's Bank, Axis Bank, Syndicate Bank and ICICI Bank, you will find them, either staid and boring or focusing on Family, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, children & grandparents.

                                So, if at anytime you , searching for a speech, acceptance speech, or a formal address to a trade meet in your area of Financial product, It could be Banking, Forex, Stock Trading, Insurance, Mutual Funds or Derivatives and Commodity Trading, please use this Framework, changing the examples. The formal address at a gathering of Financial Brethren, MUST BE as informal and emotional, to derive maximum applause. 

So, here is THE SPEECH.
Hope you like it.

XXX's speech !!!


                       Hi , (Address  the dignitaries as necessary)

                  I'm XXX .. I have given a great honour .. I Thank all you learned members .. Though I do not deserve this 'Putting me on a Pedestal' .. Just look @ me I'm so small :( smaller than the Podium/ Tall but not taller than your ideals. I'm asked to address you Giants .. But since you learned Wizards have bestowed me this Honour .. I have no other Option .. But to Rise to the occasion ,, hence my friends .. I've risen to speak .. And I know .. If I fail .. You fail :( For Which I have a ZERO Tolerance ! Never in my life I have let anyone down , when given any responsibility .. My Mom/Dad (Late if deceased) , my Teachers , my Ma & Dad-in-law & My Husband/Wife, Sister/'s/Brother/'s, My Teachers/Gurus/Mentors/Friends/Philosophers/Guides  &  The Firm's Product's of which I market & my friends above all you :) This is XXX


                          I'm XXX( designation ) I ADVISE the wonderful family of clients .. How I have seen to it,  that they can maximize returns on the sums of money .. 
                                       They entrusted in my Hands .. So that they could make their spouses children Happy safe secure & provided .. And I knew if the investment grew , my clients wil grow .. & so will my firm and eventually Me!!!

                      What you see me Now is XXX the Financial Advisor .. .. What you see me is not The XXX I was .. Though physically u may be the same ( height in cms FILL HERE) but as a person as an individual I HAVE GROWN, once I became a financial advisor

suddenly I turned from The Minnie Mouse I am physically to a Genie ' OUT OF THE BOTTLE ' by entrusting me the Responsibility of speaking on a subject '' Achieving and understanding the potentiAl of Ifas '' So close to my mind .. You my learned colleagues are the BOTTLE opening Swiss knives .. Who have uncorked my bottle to unleash my Genie like The Fizz for which I give you a BIG THUMBS UP ( DO A THUMBS UP )

The gist of what I didn't send you .. FA's (FINANCIAL ADVISERS) are like Mother/Father  .. 

              This is Mr/Mrs XXX a Mother of three great kids .. I bore the pain ( bear a clients pain ) .. I kept them inside me ( keep em in your mind & heart ) .. I fed them what I ate ( so only suggest what you use ) Reared them ( make your clients grow ) Educated & supported & will marry them off ( clients kids growth education marriage is in our my hands ) They are the only family I got ( so are my clients ) When they go away somewhere to study / after marriage my thoughts are with them waiting when I'd see them back ( even if your clients go remember them they'd come back ) I'm what I'm because of them & vice-versa ( so are clients ) SO MY FRIENDS BE A MOTHER HEN/ Father Lion TO YOUR CLIENTS & SUCCESS IS YOURS t

hanks XXX The Mom/Dad ( Man of the Match ) :=)

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