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Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing Rome Chomp Champ : PM Yum Yum, Open your Mouth Ha Ha Ha

Says Bhappi Lahiri Da 

Dr Manmohan Singh A.K.A. 
Manmohana Jhootey A.K.A. 
YumYum YummyMummyTummy A.K.A. 
Man Mo Han Sing  A.K.A.
The Silent Worker 
Says he'd talk via press weekly !!! press conferences soon !!! 

What Does VenuG Say ?
So here is my first reaction 
Instant Poetry from your Sonya Munda ( Punjabbi Not Jharkhandi ) 

Main Part  

 Hey Mannu Bhai ...


Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 

Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 

Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
 Press Club mein jayengey 
Ney Conference Bulayengey ..

Press Club mein jayengey 
Ney Conference Bulayengey ..

Choti Moti Journalists ko 
Samosa Khilayengey

Galla Bharwayenge 
Gulla Serveayengey 
Prashna Kaal Hoga Kam Kam Kam 

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
  Press Club mein jayengey 
Ney Conference Bulayengey ..
 Choti Moti Journalists ko 
Samosa Khilayengey

Galla Bharwayenge 
Gulla Serveayengey 
Prashna Kaal Hoga Kam Kam Kam 

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 


Stanza 1 

Hey Jab sey Arnab ney 
La la la la la la
Hey Poongi meri band ki
La la la la la la

 Jab sey Arnab ney 

Poongi meri band ki

Scam pe Scam ki
Parat Khol di
Scam They ? Arre kaun se woh Scam They ?

Sonia Ji ney poocha 
La la la la la la 
Kaun Hai wo ladki 
La la la la la la la 
Mannu Bhai Bola 
Navika Kumar Hai
Ayi famous banney
Ayi famous banney
Foda Bum Bum Bum

Main Part 

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
  Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 

Stanza 2

O o o o o o o
Saaamney to Dekh Bey
O o o o o o o    

IAC Aa raha

Arrey Jhoot Mat bol
Aa Ria hai ? Ke Ja Ria hai ?
Baba Stunt Karey
Anna Karey Anshan

Baba ko Fod do
Pulis bhejo simple
Dekho Kiran Bedi
Agnivesh Bhushans
Kejriwal ke Kaam Ney
Ney UPA ko diya Tension

Mannu bhai Yaara
Bada Achcha Bhaiiya
Sonia ji ke ishaaron pey
Karrey Taa Tha Thaiyya

PC Pawar Pronob Sibal Dwivedi Manish Tiwary Reddy 
Iyer Tharoor Ramesh  Diggy
Ney Toda Dum Dum Dum 

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
  Press Club mein jayengey 
Ney Conference Bulayengey ..
 Choti Moti Journalists ko 
Samosa Khilayengey

Galla Bharwayenge 
Gulla Serveayengey 
Prashna Kaal Hoga Kam Kam Kam 

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 

My Song has a Stanza 3 & More to include the contents of the Presser  

Hey I'm not a lameduck
La la la la la
What Rot WTF*$& 
La la la la la la 
 Congress ney jo bola
Wahi mera kaam hai
Sangi saathi khush hai
 Sangi saathi khush hai  
Khush Muydum Tham Hum

  Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
  Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Stanza 4

O o o o o o o
Lokpal Na Panacea
O o o o o o o    
one-shot operation.
   Nna hai yo corrupyun

Arrey Jhoot Mat bol
One-Shot hai ya ? Pot Shot hai hai ? 
Na hai hesitation
Chahu under purview

Cabinet boley chod do
muamla bada simple
instable karoge
Mannu mano counsel 

Rahul Baba Pyara
PM ka material
work in progress
hai cabinet ka reshuffle 
 Bug ki baat ko
Jaaney do ji yaaro
Chalo karo kissa
Chalo karo kissa 
ye khatham tham tham

thadik tham thak tadkat bhadkat
Chairperson ka gussa
Nna kara to
Mare Sonia Tan Muydum

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
  Press Club mein jayengey 
Ney Conference Bulayengey ..
 Choti Moti Journalists ko 
Samosa Khilayengey

Galla Bharwayenge 
Gulla Serveayengey 
Prashna Kaal Hoga Kam Kam Kam 

Hey Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 
Mannu Bhai Motor Mouthing 
Rome Chomp Champ 

June 29th 2011  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A stitch in time saves nine...A real story how I got the point across this is ha ha ha like my buddy Pramod Gupta would end ...

We were three trainers @our Training Center in Delhi.
We were told, before our core banking platform roll out, 
Our attenders(office boys all aged 50+) be re-oriented. 
This was Delhi, the guys were originally from Delhi hinterland, up, Haryana, Punjab and Garhwal & Uttar Pradesh
All were just 8th class pass & mental level / IQ was rustic & low. 
Now on the third day, The Principal of the Training Center, who, a learned man, an MBA & Doctorate in English.
So it was naturally left to him, to take the English phrases and idioms class. 
He chose among many the phrases
 'A stitch in time saves nine'
He tried hard many a time , but failed to to enlighten.
A Hindi faculty member was sounded.
He started with ' kal kare so aaj kar ' but they kept asking 
'sir yo Tanka kade lagya ' ?? 
Now all the faculty used to sit in our bosses class, he enquiringly looked @me. 
I pondered for a minute on number 9, 
called our attender(peon) Basesar Singh and asked him in rustic Haryanvi
" Bhai ,  kitne balak Ssai thaare ? " 
He replied "Saab zee 8'' 
"to Bhai 9 wa kyun Nna Hoya ?"
 "Saab zee Phair Tanka lagwa liya " 
"to yo Tanka gar  is taime ka Tanka Nnaa hota ?
To nauwey bachchey Se Nnaa bachawe thaa Nnaa ?
Hambhey Saab Zee 
So taime ka laga Tanka 9 sey bachaawey
Aagi Baat Samajh Bhai ?

:)) ha ha
Real story of a Class room training
 My Facebook Note dated 20th May 2010

28th June 2011 

Fiction: Andher nagri chaupat raja : A Tale of a benevolent King Dayavan

Once upon a time , there lived a king , he was named Dayavan , by his father Dushtakarma.
The king , due to his strong army captured a large tract of irrigated land.

The land was populated by very prosperous and hard working farmers , and there was very peaceful atmosphere in the area . After the new area was captured , the king visited his new subjects , and was very happy with his conquest.

On his return to his palace, he issued a farman..With effect from this sowing season ..
The farmers will have to purchase high yielding seeds @100 Taka .
The seeds will yield additional crops worth 1000 Taka ..
The farmer will have to pay a tax @10 Taka per bag,
for a minimum 200 bags or actual bags which ever is more ..
What is the profit to the farmers on account of the benevolent king ?? 
May the tribe of such benevolent kings increase ..
Though they do exist in a small proportion to the whole 
This note is a piece of fictional writings of the author and any resemblance to any person living or dead is a mere coincidence

Originally written as a facebook note on May 10th 2010
28th June 2011 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Boss kaun tha Maaloom hai kya ? Kiska Rasta Dekhein, Ai Dil Ai Saudai, Meelon hai khamoshi, Barson Hai Tanhai, Bhuli Dunia Kabhiki,Tujhey bhi ,Mujhey bhi, Phir kyon aankh bhar aayi

(Left to Right) Kishore Kumar, Dev Anand, Sahir Ludhianvi, Yash Chopra & Pancham Da at the Recording of " Kiska Rasta Dekhein, Joshiley 1973, this team was like Shanker-Jaikishen, Hasrat Jaipuri, Mukesh & Raj Kapoor a winning combination,  though in my list of top duo-songs,  I rate Songs by Neeraj from The Great Gambler, Phoolon ke rang se & Shokhiyon mein ghola jaye as my best of Kishore & Pancham Da.

Today, Pancham Da or R D Burman or RDB or The Boss 
would have been 72 haad he been alive 

It is an Irony that he is not among the top 10 twitter trends :
( I'm very sad on this state of affairs)

I repeatedly say that Twitter represents not the Masses, but classes, Twitter never represents what the vast majority of Indians represent, want or like, so If you see something on twitter trending, don't ever base your marketing, product designing or market research. 
 Really it hurts, Twitter Trends Today, 27th June 2011, 18:30 hrs I.S.T. Are, as follows :- 

1 #GreenCity *promoted *

2 #waystoirritateme

3 #ineedtostop

4 #youcantdateme

5 River Plate (whats that ? !!! )

6 Ranjan Mathai ( New Foreign Secretary who cares maybe Hillary Clinton does or Ms Khar )

7 Mtv Grinds ( You know the boobs & buttocks show held at Dilli and broadcast yesterday)

8 Chota Rajan ( "Ab Bhai log bhi twitter pey trend kareingey "  Now Hoodlums twitter trend
          of course I know he ordered J Dey Killing. 
9 Anushka Sharma ( Caught @ the Green Channel while returning from IIFA Red Carpet Like     
   Minisha Lamba ) 

Didn't I tweet ? " Latest to join Raida #PR firms are Customs Officials at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. They catch a catch, and the Bollywood bimbettes rate shoots up by Ra 50 lakhs 

10 Saina Nehwal ( And she lost the finals mind you ! )

  OK , you all can get lot of stuff on The Boss over the Internet, on wikipedia / Blogs / websites / encyclopedia's , but can you get the same play list which a big fan of The boss can Naah .. Nevver

                                          This blog is written as a lesson to any musician who wants to do any genre of music. My message is 

A) Emulate Pancham Da  ( wikipedia link)
B) A R Rahman                 ( wikipedia link)

                    They both trained under gurus and father imbibing the folk , local and classical music, and then they collaborated with world musicians as George Harrisson , Osibisa, Clapton , Boy George   ( write up on )& poets like Neeraj & Gulzar ( blog by satyamshot  " Gulzar on Pancham "  & Rahman  ( video interview of Rahman with Dr Pronoy Roy of NDTV ) 
                  The Guy started of with a song composed at 9 Aye meri topi palat ke aa (VIDEO) via @youtube  ( used by his Father the illustrious Sachin Dev Burman in Hindi Movie Funtoosh in 1956 ) . Pancham also is responsible for the famous " Sir jo tera chakraye , Telmaalish " ( link) song made famous by Johnny Walker in the famous Guru Dutt Movie Pyaasa .Incidentally A R Rahman also composed his first song at the age of 9 "Vellithen Kinnam Pol",  (audio) & ( downloadable at ) for the Malayalam film Penpada later used by his father R.K. Shekhar in a Malayalam movie Penpada in 1975

                  So the Guy trained under Ustad Ali Akbar Khan learnt Sarod in Amar Kolkata and
then only tried his luck in Mumbai film industry. So lesson 1 , compose and let others use it, when you are famous it will be credited to you don't worry at all. Lesson 2 Learn your basics 1st be it Jazz, Guitar , Indian , Hindustani , Carnatic, Wester Classical , Trinity College ir wherever. Classical base , Sur Gyan , knowing the Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do / Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa
is essential before you start on your commercial journey into music. Lesson 3 start learning as many musical instruments, Guitar , Mouth organ/ Harmonica  ( cheapest & easiest to learn) Harmonium (for hinsdustani ) Violin / Veena (for Carnatic) , Piano / Organ  ( for western classical) Tabla / Mridangam / Pakhawaj / Bass Drums / Bongo Drum ( easiest & cheapest ) Conga / Tumba Kanjira and Dafli ( no picture you tube dafli wale ) . Chakolo ( shak shak with beads ) and Pandeiro  ( used in Samba )  
                          The evergreen RDB The Boss song list of my choice

This is from memory I may lose out on some the same are being added to a YouTube playlist called TheBossRDB on my youtube channel TheVenuRadioMusicJam easier to find by google
search : VenuG on Youtube " or " @kvenugopalmenon on youtube " Please feel free to comment if I have ommitted a great song will edit the blog & add the same. The idea is to have a vast store house of Pancham Da Songs at one place here & on my YouTube playlist "TheBossRDB" .

2 Teesri Manzil  O Mere Sona re Sona Re Sona  Asha Bhonsle

3 Bhoot Bangla  Aao Twist Kare  Manna Dey 

8 Padosan           Ek Chatur Naar Badi Hoshiyaar ( Best came for Mehmood & Dev Anand) 
                            By Kishore Kumar & Manna dey

9 Aradhana         Mere Sapnon Ki Rani ( Credited to S.D but really Pancham Da ) 

from here links will add links tommorow  28th June 2011

13 Yaadon Ki Baraat  Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

15 Caravan Piya Tu (Monica O my darling)

16 Hare Rama Hare Krishna  Dum Maro Dum 

17 Hare Rama Hare Krishna Phoolon ka taron ka

18 Budhdha Mil Gaya Ayo Kahan se ghanshyam

19 Budhdha Mil Gaya Oye Budho Lambo Lambo

20 Budhdha Mil Gaya Bhali Bhali si ek soorat   
21 Amar Prem  Yeh Kya Hua  

22 Amar Prem  Kuch to log kahengey

22 Amar Prem Chingari koi bhadkey

 To be continued pls suggest songs by commenting thanks 

Bada Nathkat , Raina Beeti jaye) Jawani Diwani ( Jaan-e-Jaan ) Mere Jeevan Saathi ( Chala Jaata Hoon ) Apna Desh ( Duniya Mein) Sholay (Mehbooba   ) Shaan ( Yamma Yamma ) Aandhi , Khubsoorat , ending with 1942 a Love story.

Pancham A.K.A The Boss A.K.A. RDB or simply R D Burman is immortalized in a movie much after his death in the movie Jhankar Beats in which @RahulBose1 plays drums

Boss Kaun Tha Maaloom Hai Kya is the question

Here is the video Boss Kaun Tha contains his story 

To be continued tomorrow

At the top just under the picture there is a link to my youtube channel TheVenuRadioMusicJam which has a playlist TheBossRDB where all the songs mentioned in this blog are listed chronologicall MTV Yenjoy

My thanks to my Dad Late K Balakrishna Menon , Akashwani Vividh Bharati, Radio Ceylon ( later Sri Lanka Broadcasting corporation ) & Doordarshan Chitrahaar ( where I saw most of the movies prior to my birth) and to a very Dear friend Arun Chaturvedi & My cousin Vijaymadhavan who initiated me into the Band   Consisting of Vijay Sharma, Manas Chakravarthy, Anuj Mathur, Anil Jain & my cousin Vijaymadhavan A.K.A. Viji 
 Many of the above have been done by me on stage & on television in some shows

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

World Music Day Tuesday 21st June 2011 My list of World Music. The Best with Links on wikipidea Yenjoy


Hope you like the use of Google Doodle
This is my choice.. I'm sorry if I failed to satisfy you
Sorry / Thank You / Yenjoy
Music is like Sex to me
It turns me on
I get immediate orgasmic spasms in my heart and soul whenever I hear ANY MUSIC

Will start with a Malayalam Devotional Song
Kani Kaanum Neram  Lyrics
The song is played at Dawn at 4:00 AM in my birthplace Cherpur, Thrissur Kerala, in 
our Family Temple Yes we are the trustees of The Village temple

P Leela

Sri Guruvayurappa
I will end with a Marwari Maand by Allah jilai Bai, Kesariya Balam , Ao ne , Padharo Mhare Des

Read and watch all the videos to enjoy real World music
Good Night

Mumbai Raat Ki Baahon Mein Kya Karein Ke Na Karein Yeh Kaisi Musihkil Hai

Please respect the privacy of indiividuals . In case I come to know any of the persons is stalked .. You know me .. paucity of time the whole thread goes on the blog.. dunno tommorrow Facebook may not archive it and down goes my research. Though this are articles, that I have read over & over & over again, Because, Amala Mumbai Tsangli Lagli .. Mumbai Amchi Pan Ahey

Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai
Jai Shivaji
Jai Maharshtra
Jai Ba beep beep
Please do not expect the last slogan thats beep beep

Udaya Bhetu Ya

Reason for this blog an awesome buddy of mine is visiting Mumbai on a business trip. I'm kind of person who tips people best about Jaipur, Mumbai & Kolkata . & I'm good at it. Anyone whos taken my tips refuse to forget that 1 night they followed my advise

So Mumbai by 3 days by night my tip To Tanu my bestest buddy.

What to do what not to Do in Mumbai have just been lazy by copying an entire thread. This is my analysis of Mumbai

Thanks to the Mumbai Green finger @bombaylives A.K.A. Satish Vijaykumar an awesome guys for 40 dumb things to do in Mumbai & Sita Wadhwani, Mumbai Editor of

Thanks to Kanika Parab and Mansi Poddar for writing 50 reasons Mumbai is No 1 city in the world

Thanks to Sanjiv Khamgaonkar for the best Mumbai Khao write up EVER

Thanks to @CNNGo for all the above awesome articles about Mumbai

Thanks to for that excellent travel tip about places to visit in Mumbai

K Venugopal Menon Why Bombay .. Bhai log Bhag Ja.. Behen Aa Rreyli Hai .. Apney Punter log ko bhi Tadi Paar Honey ko Bolney Ka .. Kya nahi to Cee Ai Aii .. Mirchi Lageygi .VBhai
4 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · Like

Roohani Nayyar Meko bhi =(
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K Venugopal Menon Check Message box ?
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Pradipta Saha ज़रा हटके ज़रा बचके...
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Vinit Kumar Hey do meet up when here. Do let Shal/ me know
4 hours ago · Like

Shifali Ummatt VenuG. Dcompany Once upon in Mumbai thee ab to Intelli Gentry ki Meet hai :P..Baby Roo you'll get bored its a conference ..Pradipta..Eng mein hindi type kariye coz bb mobile pe hindi nahin dikhti ..Vinit..thanks will call you n shalu:))
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Heta Mooni Bhandari I also want to be there. I miss Mumbai.
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Shifali Ummatt HetuG I wish u were with me..hum khoob golgappe aur vadapav khate hai na :))
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K Venugopal Menon Tikat bhej do HetuG nahi to VenuG aa jayenge oboshyo Maa :=)
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Neha Singh Batra brownie and play @ prithvi, vada pav outside mithibai, brunch @ olive, coffee on carter rd & shoppng @ atria and pali - all must do's tanu di yenjoy 4 me will u?
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Shifali Ummatt Done! Neha. That's a promise :)) mwahh
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K Venugopal Menon What Neha says is great my Tips Samovar at J J Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda ( Rolls & strawberry shakes)
33 minutes ago · Like

K Venugopal Menon Canteen at Aquarium Opp Marine drive Great view of Sea its monsoon and food is canteen stuff ( Sudak ke kanch ke glass mein garam chai and samosa / vada pav / ragda pattice( chole tikki)
32 minutes ago · Like

K Venugopal Menon ‎****Not Just Jazz by the Bay ****( you don't drink beer but great shakes pizza lasagna and Wonderful music after 8 Bang opposite Marine Drive with an awesome view take vantage seat, great food/ music . Styled like a French Riviera Road side Cafe with red checkered Binny Dining Cloth on circular Table #DONTMISSTHISPLACE Best Timing 20:30 to 22:30 ( Mumbai is safe)
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K Venugopal Menon Not Just Jazz by the Bay . Opposite Marine Drive Best timings 20:30 to 22:30 Great food Pizzeria and Lasagna Great live music Jazz if Friday Live, French Riviera Street Side Cafe Ambiance ( red & white checkered dining cloth on Round Tables ) perfect place to Unwind in Rainy Monsoon Aamchi Mumbai
19 minutes ago · Like

K Venugopal Menon print this ( laminate( because if not laminated will be humid and tear in 1 hour in MUMBAI MONSOON) this) carry this always IN YOUR HANDBAG wherever u are in Mumbai Best food write up ever for Mumbai best adresses lucky you Tanu
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Shifali Ummatt Hey thanks VenuG..wil call you on day out :)))
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K Venugopal Menon Final Malabar Hill Rooftop canteen Best view of Mumbai with chaat :)
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Shifali Ummatt Lol I thought u were done so thanked u before :P thanks again :)))
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K Venugopal Menon
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Shifali Ummatt Gee!! You're my bestest buddy VenuG :)))
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K Venugopal Menon THIS IS IMPORTANT READ IT HUNDRED TIMES MUMBAI IS ONE EGOLESS CITY ONE MISTAKE AND CHACKU CHURIYAN CHAPPAL THAPPAD :=) I'm serious This is by my buddy Satish Vijaykumar A.K.A. @bombaylives a Mumbai green evangelist
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K Venugopal Menon what to see where to go
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K Venugopal Menon ok dont worry this will go stale
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K Venugopal Menon will put it on my blog
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K Venugopal Menon title Mumbai Raat Ki Baahon Mein Kya Karein Ke Na Karein Yeh Kaisi Musihkil Hai
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K Venugopal Menon ‎#FYI 23rd June is my didi's B'day :) you could meet mid wek you have her number call her up Didi & Jiju are bestest people on earth mebbe youre lucky she's posted in Pune dunno if she could come on the 23rd

Yenjoy Panango Amma

Format Adress Proof For People constantly on the Move For Opening Bank Accounts Etc.

Which can be used to open a no frill account for
This is a public service attempt
To help those constantly on the Move
Who do not have a local address proof
at the place they move to
Created to help loads of Bihari/Jharkhandi hawkers / labour / coolies
Pan-wallah/ Taxi Drivers / Servants / drivers / ayahs / nannies / Au Pair
Cook / Dhobhi / Charwoman / Washerwomen / Domestic help

People without local address proof
to find the format on this Blog as whoever asks you
Google Search
< " AddressProof " > / < "No Frill account" > / < " Financial Inclusion " >

< + >

< on @ random poetry >


Please point your pointer browser to to download

the file size is just 20 kb and it is an MS Word .doc file .


THE FORMAT IS devised to create an alternative id / address verification proof in public interest to help people , who face difficulty on every change of residence in normal life

check me and give your suggestions to me
by mail at
tweet to @kvenugopalmenon

Important: This is a public service with good intentions in my personal capacity
does not in any way hold myself responsible for any punitive damage by illegal use by any individual by divulging incorrect details or by hiding any fact about him/herself

Jai Hind
Satyam eva Jayate

The Format

To Whom So Ever It May Concern

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please point your pointer browser to to

download the file.

This is to certify that the particulars of Shri / Smt. ……………………………………

S/o – W/o Shri ……………………………………………. R/o ………………………….


The above is true, to best of my knowledge.

1. Name :

2. Fathers / Husbands Name :

3. Addresses :


Telephones / Mobile Number :


6. Voter ID card No :

7. Unique ID (U ID) No. :

8. Signature :

9. Photograph :



I confirm the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge &

belief. The person has signed before me. Attested on this ….. Day of 20… Signed &

Signatures Confirmed that all the above is True

Signature of Village Sarpanch / Municipal counselor/ MLA /MP /

Class I Gazetted Officer / Sub Judicial Magistrate / Judge of any court /

BDO / District Collector.

Seal Print on Letter/ A 4 / 9*12 paper works perfectly

Monday, June 20, 2011

Whither Sensex VenuSpeak on My Views on Sensex . I'm truly bullish 18k is the bottom it is buying opportunity now.

Rider : These are personal views of K.Venugopal Menon .. Please consult your Financial Advisers before acquiring Stocks always .. Because market perception changes by the Minute ..

Example:- If UPAII falls market will crash .. If , if petroleum gas prices go up .. Market crashes .. So take your personal investment decision on your personal financial advisors advice .. Not my utterances ..

Portfolio mix for a 30 yr old married person .

1 PF double the amount stipulated by employer if employer deducts 10% and contributes another 10% you should contribute another 10%

2 PPF IN SBI / BOB Ra 15000 per year Till Sec 88 exists after which pension fund



Left over cash savings

4 Bank deposits 20%

5 mutual fund 20% of which

5(i) Sensex linked 25% Switch to debt frequently 60:40 to 40:60
5(ii) SIP 50% Switch to debt frequently 60:40 to 40:60
5(iii) sector funds 25% Highly risky
Switch to debt frequently 60:40 to 40:60

6 10% NSC till section 88 exists rollover maturities back after 6 years

7 10% BOND KHOKHA's debentures from market BOUGHT AT DISCOUNT FROM MARKET when bank interest rates go up/ or Sensex crashes Bond prices go up.. hence always buy bonds when Sensex is heated up or RBI reduces interest rates.


9 20% Cash liquid in Casa Account

Want to be a Warren Buffett .. Build your perfect portfolio .. Say Economic Times .. &
my buddy Shifali Ummatt a MF dealer of good repute shares it on Fb ..

What Economic Times failed to mention ..

'' Never believe a word written in Economic Times .. '' #VenuSpeak

Why I say Sensex would rise ..

A) Consumer demand has not fallen for core areas like Steel , Cement , Iron Ore , Copper

B) Infrastructure jobs are on the Anvil in huge numbers ..
So engineering graduates to take civil & chemical engineering not ECE or IT or Computers .. Electronics is fine. Days of softwares are numbered.

C) Inspite of high interest rates Credit offtake is facing heavy pressure .. Being a banker I can say Bank Credit will see 20% rise in March 2012 balance sheet .

D) Jobs are on the rise so are pay packets .

E) Except for Cars & Motor Cycles or +40 lakhs houses .. Demand is constant

F) We are 1.3 billion people .. Check how much Atta you use for you family chappati's . Divide by number of family members .. Multiply by 3*30*12*1.3bn / 2 /2 as 50% rice eaters .. This is just for Atta .. Clothing shelter follow .. India China can never fail in future I stand by India #1 Economic power circa 2015

G) Sector .. Banking , Infrastructure , IT Hardware , Food , Agriculture based .. Fertilizers , Pesticides , Tractors . HCL , SBI , PNB , CORPORATION BANK , OBC , HDFC BANK , YES BANK , TATA STEEL , SAIL , REC , PFC , NTPC , HCL TECHNOLOGY , ROLTA INDIA , PATNI COMPUTERS , CMC , NIIT .

H) Sector to ignore Software ( $ is a highly overrated currency ) Housing finance related banks , Banks high on vehicle loans , Automobile ( except Maruti Suzuki/ Hero Honda / Bajaj Scooters ) Retail , Telecom , Firm investing abroad . Say Tata acquiring Land Rover @ $ = Ra 48 .. Sells $= Ra 40 they pay 48 get 40 20% loss in exchange risk .. So investing abroad with a falling $ is foolish ..

I) Imagine this If Berkshire Hathaway ( Warren Buffet's Firm) had invested Into India $ 1 , in October 2008 when $ 1 was Ra 48.48 and sold it today with $ at 44.78 it would have gained 7.46% just on the currency appreciation .. Ra appreciating by the day .. think what would he gain in 2015, when I perceive $ to be 35 per $ 27.80% .


Thanks for your share Shifali .. .. This goes on my blog ..
You made me wrack my Bankers Brain @Shifali Ummatt ..
Using your name and not nickname as this thread goes verbatim on my Blog

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Poetry in one minute Rain(English) , Barkha (Hindi) , Paus(Marathi) , Baarish(Urdu) , Bristi(Bangla) , Mazha ( Malayalam )

Jal Saavan, Jal Sovan
( Sovan is TMC Leader of Kolkata Municipal Council),
Ghutno Tak pani
Yaad Aa Gayi Nani

Poetry in 1 Minute
click the 2007 hyperlink of ibnlive sstory on 2007 rain, it is similar today
Rain Lashes Kolkata
as per my prophecy best in 30 Years

these lines are written on specific request
of Rj Smriti of 107.8 Power FM All Hits no Bakwaas
on her request
on her Fb status which read thus
Friday 16th June 2011
Rj Smriti
Dekhooo Baarish Ho Rahii hai..... toh Ek romantic si SHAYARI ho jaaye...;).

When I was posted in Mathura in 2007,
and my family was here in Kolkata
I heard my wife Shree saying all the time
Bahut Thand hai !!!
Itni Baarish Hai !!!
Kapdey bhi nahi sookh rahe
Since 4th June 2009, I never experience it
Today I just did
I'm loving it !!!
Just love Rains

So guys get your Gamcha out
Keep Medicines stocked
Put your Doctors number on speed dial
Keep Raincoats, Umbrellas, Rain shoes, Sandaks , Plastic bags raedy
Till September 2011 this is gonna be the scene.

So Ladies & Gentlemen
Rj Smriti specially for you
My Poetry, shero shayari

Jal Saavan, Jal Sovan

( Sovan is TMC Leader of Kolkata Municipal Council),

Ghutno Tak pani

Yaad Aa Gayi Nani


Tujhe manane ke liye kya kya na kiya hain

Tera pyaar paane ke liye ghutno pe gira main

kalkattey ki baarish ne mujhko hai diya pain

ghutno tak paani tha ab doob gaye mere nain

#Venuspeak #RightHereRightNow #PoetryIn1Minute :=)) Happy Rain


Rain is falling jhama jham jham ..

Kolkatta Municipal Corporation ney kiya kaaam hai kam ..

sadko pey paani bharaa sovan Jaalim

Sara Shehar jaisey gaya ho tham

#RightHereRightNow #PoetryIn1Minute :=)) Happy Rain


Ai Bristi Tapur Tupur

Bhargayi Sagri Sadkey Pukur

Badhey Alu Pyaaaz key daam

Garibon ka Bigda Kaam

Ameer Keh rahey Hai Para bazar sey gayab hua Aam

#RightHereRightNow #PoetryIn1Minute :=)) Happy Rain


Kochi sey jab Mazha tudangi

Koramangala Bandidere

Kolhapur la Paus Ala

Jasta Gadbad Zhala

Jobey Kolkattayei Brishti Hochey

Aighate Jol Hobey

#RightHereRightNow #PoetryIn1Minute :=)) Happy Rain


Maamata Didi wants to turn

Kalighat into London

Kabir Suman Wants

Kaalchaar Vaalchar to be like just Paris

Sovan wants to solve water problems

VenuG & Rains in Tandem

Kolkata deluged with water problems

Get your boats that are oversized

City just turned into Venice

#RightHereRightNow #PoetryIn1Minute :=)) Happy Rain


What a city


Scenic beauty

Traditional reeti,

Municipal duty

is to check the nitty gritty

Clean up the mess

because for poor I pity

Guys tighten your seat belts


clean the gutters & sewage systems

suggestion not complaint

Thank You

#RightHereRightNow #PoetryIn1Minute :=)) Happy Rain

MTV ¥enjoy

Do watch CokeStudioAtMTV

Put your alarms, Come Friday 17th June 2011 , 7 PM every Friday .. Should be at home in front of The Telly, Channel should be MTVINDIA Programme CokestudioatMTV

Sunidhi Chauhan , Karsh Kale , Papon , Shafaqat Amanat Ali Khan , Shanker Mahadevan , Shaan , Harshdeep Kaur , KK , Sabri Brothers , Richa Sharma , Kailash Kher , Wadali Brothers & Raghu Dixit Project .. Indian Music at its best !!! If you do music