Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fiction: Andher nagri chaupat raja : A Tale of a benevolent King Dayavan

Once upon a time , there lived a king , he was named Dayavan , by his father Dushtakarma.
The king , due to his strong army captured a large tract of irrigated land.

The land was populated by very prosperous and hard working farmers , and there was very peaceful atmosphere in the area . After the new area was captured , the king visited his new subjects , and was very happy with his conquest.

On his return to his palace, he issued a farman..With effect from this sowing season ..
The farmers will have to purchase high yielding seeds @100 Taka .
The seeds will yield additional crops worth 1000 Taka ..
The farmer will have to pay a tax @10 Taka per bag,
for a minimum 200 bags or actual bags which ever is more ..
What is the profit to the farmers on account of the benevolent king ?? 
May the tribe of such benevolent kings increase ..
Though they do exist in a small proportion to the whole 
This note is a piece of fictional writings of the author and any resemblance to any person living or dead is a mere coincidence

Originally written as a facebook note on May 10th 2010
28th June 2011 

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