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Boss kaun tha Maaloom hai kya ? Kiska Rasta Dekhein, Ai Dil Ai Saudai, Meelon hai khamoshi, Barson Hai Tanhai, Bhuli Dunia Kabhiki,Tujhey bhi ,Mujhey bhi, Phir kyon aankh bhar aayi

(Left to Right) Kishore Kumar, Dev Anand, Sahir Ludhianvi, Yash Chopra & Pancham Da at the Recording of " Kiska Rasta Dekhein, Joshiley 1973, this team was like Shanker-Jaikishen, Hasrat Jaipuri, Mukesh & Raj Kapoor a winning combination,  though in my list of top duo-songs,  I rate Songs by Neeraj from The Great Gambler, Phoolon ke rang se & Shokhiyon mein ghola jaye as my best of Kishore & Pancham Da.

Today, Pancham Da or R D Burman or RDB or The Boss 
would have been 72 haad he been alive 

It is an Irony that he is not among the top 10 twitter trends :
( I'm very sad on this state of affairs)

I repeatedly say that Twitter represents not the Masses, but classes, Twitter never represents what the vast majority of Indians represent, want or like, so If you see something on twitter trending, don't ever base your marketing, product designing or market research. 
 Really it hurts, Twitter Trends Today, 27th June 2011, 18:30 hrs I.S.T. Are, as follows :- 

1 #GreenCity *promoted *

2 #waystoirritateme

3 #ineedtostop

4 #youcantdateme

5 River Plate (whats that ? !!! )

6 Ranjan Mathai ( New Foreign Secretary who cares maybe Hillary Clinton does or Ms Khar )

7 Mtv Grinds ( You know the boobs & buttocks show held at Dilli and broadcast yesterday)

8 Chota Rajan ( "Ab Bhai log bhi twitter pey trend kareingey "  Now Hoodlums twitter trend
          of course I know he ordered J Dey Killing. 
9 Anushka Sharma ( Caught @ the Green Channel while returning from IIFA Red Carpet Like     
   Minisha Lamba ) 

Didn't I tweet ? " Latest to join Raida #PR firms are Customs Officials at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. They catch a catch, and the Bollywood bimbettes rate shoots up by Ra 50 lakhs 

10 Saina Nehwal ( And she lost the finals mind you ! )

  OK , you all can get lot of stuff on The Boss over the Internet, on wikipedia / Blogs / websites / encyclopedia's , but can you get the same play list which a big fan of The boss can Naah .. Nevver

                                          This blog is written as a lesson to any musician who wants to do any genre of music. My message is 

A) Emulate Pancham Da  ( wikipedia link)
B) A R Rahman                 ( wikipedia link)

                    They both trained under gurus and father imbibing the folk , local and classical music, and then they collaborated with world musicians as George Harrisson , Osibisa, Clapton , Boy George   ( write up on )& poets like Neeraj & Gulzar ( blog by satyamshot  " Gulzar on Pancham "  & Rahman  ( video interview of Rahman with Dr Pronoy Roy of NDTV ) 
                  The Guy started of with a song composed at 9 Aye meri topi palat ke aa (VIDEO) via @youtube  ( used by his Father the illustrious Sachin Dev Burman in Hindi Movie Funtoosh in 1956 ) . Pancham also is responsible for the famous " Sir jo tera chakraye , Telmaalish " ( link) song made famous by Johnny Walker in the famous Guru Dutt Movie Pyaasa .Incidentally A R Rahman also composed his first song at the age of 9 "Vellithen Kinnam Pol",  (audio) & ( downloadable at ) for the Malayalam film Penpada later used by his father R.K. Shekhar in a Malayalam movie Penpada in 1975

                  So the Guy trained under Ustad Ali Akbar Khan learnt Sarod in Amar Kolkata and
then only tried his luck in Mumbai film industry. So lesson 1 , compose and let others use it, when you are famous it will be credited to you don't worry at all. Lesson 2 Learn your basics 1st be it Jazz, Guitar , Indian , Hindustani , Carnatic, Wester Classical , Trinity College ir wherever. Classical base , Sur Gyan , knowing the Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do / Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa
is essential before you start on your commercial journey into music. Lesson 3 start learning as many musical instruments, Guitar , Mouth organ/ Harmonica  ( cheapest & easiest to learn) Harmonium (for hinsdustani ) Violin / Veena (for Carnatic) , Piano / Organ  ( for western classical) Tabla / Mridangam / Pakhawaj / Bass Drums / Bongo Drum ( easiest & cheapest ) Conga / Tumba Kanjira and Dafli ( no picture you tube dafli wale ) . Chakolo ( shak shak with beads ) and Pandeiro  ( used in Samba )  
                          The evergreen RDB The Boss song list of my choice

This is from memory I may lose out on some the same are being added to a YouTube playlist called TheBossRDB on my youtube channel TheVenuRadioMusicJam easier to find by google
search : VenuG on Youtube " or " @kvenugopalmenon on youtube " Please feel free to comment if I have ommitted a great song will edit the blog & add the same. The idea is to have a vast store house of Pancham Da Songs at one place here & on my YouTube playlist "TheBossRDB" .

2 Teesri Manzil  O Mere Sona re Sona Re Sona  Asha Bhonsle

3 Bhoot Bangla  Aao Twist Kare  Manna Dey 

8 Padosan           Ek Chatur Naar Badi Hoshiyaar ( Best came for Mehmood & Dev Anand) 
                            By Kishore Kumar & Manna dey

9 Aradhana         Mere Sapnon Ki Rani ( Credited to S.D but really Pancham Da ) 

from here links will add links tommorow  28th June 2011

13 Yaadon Ki Baraat  Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko

15 Caravan Piya Tu (Monica O my darling)

16 Hare Rama Hare Krishna  Dum Maro Dum 

17 Hare Rama Hare Krishna Phoolon ka taron ka

18 Budhdha Mil Gaya Ayo Kahan se ghanshyam

19 Budhdha Mil Gaya Oye Budho Lambo Lambo

20 Budhdha Mil Gaya Bhali Bhali si ek soorat   
21 Amar Prem  Yeh Kya Hua  

22 Amar Prem  Kuch to log kahengey

22 Amar Prem Chingari koi bhadkey

 To be continued pls suggest songs by commenting thanks 

Bada Nathkat , Raina Beeti jaye) Jawani Diwani ( Jaan-e-Jaan ) Mere Jeevan Saathi ( Chala Jaata Hoon ) Apna Desh ( Duniya Mein) Sholay (Mehbooba   ) Shaan ( Yamma Yamma ) Aandhi , Khubsoorat , ending with 1942 a Love story.

Pancham A.K.A The Boss A.K.A. RDB or simply R D Burman is immortalized in a movie much after his death in the movie Jhankar Beats in which @RahulBose1 plays drums

Boss Kaun Tha Maaloom Hai Kya is the question

Here is the video Boss Kaun Tha contains his story 

To be continued tomorrow

At the top just under the picture there is a link to my youtube channel TheVenuRadioMusicJam which has a playlist TheBossRDB where all the songs mentioned in this blog are listed chronologicall MTV Yenjoy

My thanks to my Dad Late K Balakrishna Menon , Akashwani Vividh Bharati, Radio Ceylon ( later Sri Lanka Broadcasting corporation ) & Doordarshan Chitrahaar ( where I saw most of the movies prior to my birth) and to a very Dear friend Arun Chaturvedi & My cousin Vijaymadhavan who initiated me into the Band   Consisting of Vijay Sharma, Manas Chakravarthy, Anuj Mathur, Anil Jain & my cousin Vijaymadhavan A.K.A. Viji 
 Many of the above have been done by me on stage & on television in some shows

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