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The FuseHour: Ladies and Gentulman di laalten With Earn Ab Go Swamy


                                    Good Evening l;ladies and Gentulmun , This is your Host Earn Ab Go Swami, with your favorite Prod Rants " The Fuse Hour " 

                       Today we start our Prod Rant with a Tweet which created history and prodded the Government to take Action finally .. It feels great That the Indian masses have risen & The Fuse Hour is also a part of this awakening so without wasting time here it is

   "  @ShonaGandi kvenugopalmenon
Afzal's and Kasab's should join #twitter .. they will be instantly hung #perkytweets #rerun
49 seconds ago Favorite Reply Delete  " 

                              This tweet was actually about the new twitter hanging but it woke up the Government to wake up from its slumber and President Pratibha Devisinh Patil refuse the Mercy petition for clemency from Afzal Guru . The Fuse Hour is proud to be also associated with this issue where we asked 20 questions to the Government , which it never Answered . But it replied affirmatively to the tweet in question. above was a rerun of a tweet which was posted 7 hours ago
from 20:26 IST which went like this . Here we will Talk to Chettan Barkat &   Cool Pan Aag.

  So here comes the 1st debate on The Fuse Hour tonight .. 

Earn Ab :I asked Chettan Barkat , what do you say Chettan?

Chettan : What is this Sham, I tweeted for so long but She didn't care for a Parontha , and she showed mercy on a ' wannabe ' twitterer ? Aal iznt bell .. the bell dint ring, you see this is not like inserting a coke coin and getting a mercy petition, now whats her reason ? excuse me for the clemency ? I mean does she know a difference between a mercy and clemency ? She only knows difference between a Parontha and a Chappati, she only knows that. Look this @ShonaGandi , how dirty Boss AG? When he was @kvenugopalmenon I blocked him !!! Come on who is he , just that he has a name so similar to someone very important ? Well I believe that a man should be allowed to do what he wants. I'm sure This is not how he, I mean Afzal Guru Sahab asked for Barkat from Khuda !!! WT F (beep on TV)  , RBI & Government stopping Char Anna when I tweeted about it had a purpose, I mean it reduces population , I mean of the empty Coke bottles and CFC gases !!! (Burps) Ernie Gosh ! d ya have Di gene ? I have a Lotta Gas Maan . Thanks mate I got an idea for a new novel. How to get a mercy petition hang instead of The Man !!! 
 OK Thanks Chettan , Khuda may give you Barkat. Thanks for being on the show, please take some loose change in char aana's from the cashier.
OK Cool ? Are you on fire

Cool Pan Aag: You Maader (Beep beep lots of beeps as they cut the show show a Coke Ad) 
                          What does this loser keep looking at my cleavage? Does nit think this is a Besharmi Morcha ? Ear Nobe I'm still to get an answer to wheter Turning Thirty is Turned thirty or being 29 from @SachinKalbag :) Oh at least I'm happy a woman took the decision and also That a scumbag will be rid of his burden, or else he'd be raping some girl , or marrying someone , and then asking poor soul to wear a hijab and go to Spain or France and take it off & compel her to bear him a son, who'd bomb someone else. 

Earn Ab: OK Thanks Cool was Cool as ice Pan Hot looks at her pendant as Fire. To cool the Fire take some Coke Cans & some unused tap wires , you can usee it to tie your new found love, Oh i meant the bikes not what YOU Thought.. Very Naughty of you ( smiles for once)

OK That tweet above was a rerun of the  tweet posted above  
" @ShonaGandi kvenugopalmenon
Dear Kasab's & Afzal Guru's Join @Twitter you'd hang instantly
7 hours ago Favorite Reply Delete " 

                    Wokaay   This is the 2nd debate of Tonight 

  The other Important news tonight 

                             The British Prime Minister Day Weed Kay Marooned who cut short his holiday, sponsored by the Italian Government, for buying Italian Debt (which is reported by our Special Correspondent Navi ka Khumaar ) visited Totenham , famous for its football club Totenham Hotspurs and said he was much concerned of the situation and will not let anyone escape anyone who compelled him to cut short his future holiday with Steve Archibald    Former Owner/Manager of Airdrieonians; Spanish property businessman and player's agent; co-commentator on Barça Radio and also , coincidentally a former Spurs player  Here we at The Fuse Hour will also like to inform our viewers that ECB was also to invest in Spanish Bonds ( as reported by Navi Ka Khumaar ) . On this Discussion we have 

Show Bhadke & Crane Tedhi .  
The London Mayor Bored as Tansen.     &   Delhi See them She La Fix-it. 
British Home Secretary Tere Sa Main Indian For Hens Minister Shri I am Crease Na
The British Prime Minister Shri  Day Weed Kay Marooned &  Mr Bullshit Yedu Arayappa.

EAGS: Lets Start with Ms Show Bhadke , Ma'am what is your Opinion  here tonight

SB: Now Earn what should I earn for ? 
The pearls and the mascara, where would I get it ? 
The losers are the same everywhere, whether it is the Home Minister Sleep Raj Pattal or Tere Sa Main !!!
 Where Aur & Ab will I go to Holiday No ? No London No ? I want my London back, whether it is the Cops who cant handle my garage sale cosmetic shop, or the Mayor Who was Holidaying , Or this Bitch, (BEEP) who was non her beach house , or The Loser who lent for the junk bonds and used the cut to enjoy a Spanish hot bath. They are all the same everywhere you see. My Maid tells me even they dint show the face of the crooks, at least Bahar Kaa showed close ups of the CCTV footage and the window curtains. How Down-market The Brits have become. No wonder Bill married a commoner. Chee
EAGS: Thanks for coming Show it was a bhadka appearance, do take some leftover wine we recieved from the Taj on 26/11. 

EAGS: OK Now Crane what about you !!!

Crane : Cranes her neck and pounces from the chair and starts her AK 47 banter, Look Errnabb Our Haryanvi Jaat Police Hawaldaar with a lathi has done better in Delhi today than what their PC's who couldn't drive away the " smiles sheepishly " Goons :) . The PC's are the same Errnabb everywhere, India our PC & his Goons and The British PC Goons good for nothing. One keeps minding his Veshti and Mundu and the Mundu's of Scotland Yard & the TMP PC's fat minding where their next Guiness would come, pot bellied, sleepy from the last night's football match. Our Hawaldaar' s in Dilli Pulis need to be given a Quarter & (smiles sheepishly) Another quarter of a different kind, then they don't need anything but a lathi and a rifle butt. The can break anyones arse(beep) or dislocate the neck and send them into an ICU . They can make our god men fly like our Gods. All this because I trained them when I was in the Jharoda Kalan Police Academy. The ruffians in London would be brought to Tihar Jail, and they will start doing opposite like Roz Madi & Razaa did in India. This is all because of my Jail reforms in the Tihar. They should be made to do Yoga and S N Goenka's   Vipassana & taught to make papad's .. (shifts sideways to pass wind)
And biscuits  which can be sold to Britain to be had with Indian Tea. Mr Key Maaroon send them to Tihar, thats the remedy I say.

EAGS: That was an Copper of an appearance, do carry some Peepsi Papad and Bhujiya and some Khari & Nan Khatti brought in by our business guest last night.

EAGS: Mr Bored, hope you are comfortable in your seat ?

BAT: What the Hell awr ya saaying Old Boy, well I was in Norfolk in the marshy lands fishing, and these thugs hoodlums and goons spoiled my holiday I say. I was sipping me Guinness and waiting for the shrimps. Hell shy-locks , I wagered kn a horse and woon the bet and paid for my holiday. Now when do I get my next Holiday 

                                                                 Incomplete to be completed tomorrow
                                                                *********** *********************
                     In other news  The Opposition turns heat on PC and in the debate about what parliament should do we have Aana Hazaar & When She Hung ( who slapped the foam pie thrower in the British Parliament) 

Aana                                       Theme inko hum raaj nahi karney dengey 
PC                                           We have to run the government not the IAC you see

                 Finally should Dhoya and his men come  Back so that the Cliff Ton Bookies lose TheBet  Whats Him Nectars placed on Succint Ton Bhulkar's Ton of ton's and Maikalala Vo Haans  Bet of 4 love whitewash. So That UV does not get a new love in London . Discussing here are Hiya Bore Tham (who always made some excuse to come to India/ Pakistan (unfit for his mother in law)& Bheeshan Bhedi ( Who wumps the selectors and BCCI into Thames ) Raav Ri Sharp Tree ( the Bheek Si Seekh Pai representatvie )  & And Threw Symian ( A.K.A. Bandar Never taken to a tour to India ) 
Bore Tham Well you have free entertainment on the beebs and you wont need to play the national sport of India you see feller. No Wags required cheaper no. No mother in laws required

Bheeshan : Oh this Bheek si Seekh Pai has counted their rupiya aana and pai & not the safety of The players. I wont send Angad or his Mom to Birmingham. Let us throw the tour into Thames.
 and along with it the wimps mof BCCI. 

Ravi: As I see iit from here I see the discussion leading to another Income Tax raid  , and Earnu lets share the gossip over some Signature. What will I be paid by whom to say what. Tell me first.

Symian : Applies Jhandu Balm and speaks like a punjabbi eating alu bhajji and singing OO la La la oo leyo ( sits on Arnab's lap) do we have Scotch around
Maite ? Aye mate I havent been paid, no chicks around on the panel & I aint a Gay and where is the booze you bonzer ?

We would have liked to continue this but my guests please come back again some other day to hear me go on and on and on asking 20 questions , don't worry I will give the answer myself. Viewers, Let me Earn Ab Go Swamy and say Good Night and great Nightmares. I'll see you in them then. 


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