Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Hazare Kaun ? Humney 100 logon sey poocha Tv Dekhtey ho ? Nahi .. Boley to Agla Sawal Anna Kaun hai ? 86 Boley NAHI MALOOM

A ) yes true .. The funding by a vc of the missed call IAC number startup .. Anna Hazare movement is a Mumbai/Delhi centric movement has no relevance to 65% working in the farm sector
B ) David Coleman Headley , Clinton Double Speak ( Hillary ) And Tacit Financing of Despots & ISI LET JEM JKLF proves beyond doubt that .. Us undercover is operating !
C US is building pressure on Indian Government to open up financing sector '( Banks & Insurance ) Specifically Berkshire Hathaway of Warren Buffet , Mckinsey , KPMG , Merryl Lynch all who have been gamblers and are the @MAIN REASON FOR US & GREECE & UK meltdown ..
D) The movement is in the Hands of Call centre employees , tech grads , Upper crust of society of the 100 people Q 1 Do you watch TV ? Those who replied in Negative
Asked second question
Do you know Anna Hazare ?
They said NO ! BWAHAHA
That's the reality guys
Get real
A Check newspaper circulation
B) count number of television sets & cable / DTH those are THE ONLY ANNA SUPPORT .. We don't need Anna Hazare's but N R Narayana Murthy & Kalam ..
Because we need food education shelters
Not iPhone , McD
So we should'nt be crying for HAVES ... But for not haves VenuSpeak
Point for point
Whether its schools , colleges , other business .. Those in Government PSU are more honest than the Private ones
Blackberries assisted #LondonRiots
IIT IIM Government Colleges KV JNV have better results placement , Air India provides flights to godforsaken places & helps Stranded people during Libya , Cairo strife or Haj pilgrimage & Kuwait Unrest or Iraq war
Get real know your facts
Anna & Hitler & Musharraf same wine in different bottle
This is my view .. Respect my views I respect yours
ps: I am honest
I di not support corruption
I support action against Raja Kanimozhi Justice Sen & Dinakaran
But Lawyers & Doctors
The most corrupt professions in India
Talking about corruption is like Saddam , Musharraf & King of Saudi Arabia talking about democracy

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