Friday, August 5, 2011

Why Bankers are Safe ;-) Khoob Jamegi , Jab Mil Jayein Yaar .. Hum Tum Aur Bagpiper Soda

@anandgeor A.K.A. Anand George a Banker , Wrote a Fb status '' The Youth have that much money to get into trouble , but not enough to get out of Jail by paying for Bail ' why do Bankers never get Jailed ?

He and Sherryl Harris another Banker were arguing on the thread ..
Suddenly @anandgeor tagged me on a comment .. This is what followed

The naughty me immediately wrote this & told him .. This is worth blogging

Hope you like it
Bankers Never pay because they never invest .. Its a job to them . ( you know me I'm as conservative as Sadhvi Rhitambra & Assange kidding )

We have a simple bail explanation for Bailout '' Stock Market is open to market risk , Please read the offer document before investing .. '' Bwahaha
Whenever Police lands at his door step , We'd show the Cop .. A paper with 0.05 micron font under a Giant Microscope .. Via OHP ..

'' Here look its all written here .. S/He signed it here look ( POKES HIS FINGER AT THE SIGNATURE THRICE )
.. And heere is his / her signature with us .. Does it Tally ? Inishpector Shahib ..???
Could you please excuse me now ? I gotta .. Have my Scotch .. On the rocks .. '' Smart Boy .. Mona .. Abhi Nahi Sona .. 2 Glass lao .. Soda .. Signature ( even daroo has a banking related name ) Inishpector Shaib .. Tsangla .. Thodi Chalegi ? Khoob Banegi Jab Hongey Hum Tum aur Mcdowell Soda ..
Worth a Blog .. So it goes @anandgeor :=) Tq

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