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Secularism & Multi-Culturalism A Letter to Berlusconi , Sarkozy & Merkel

Secularism & Freedom Of Religion 

Caution .. Capitalization Errors ! 

My View is that Religion is a personal subject for personal domain .. Not forState to Interfere 

I a Nair .. born of to a Nair Amma & Achchan .. 

I dunno if Angela Merkel of Germany or Silivio Berluconi of Italy or For that matter Nicholas & Carla Sarkozy have any *VAGUE* idea about OR Know anything about '' Marumakatayam '' !!! 

 .. Though I never tried to migrate to any country .. Neither when I was offered Bank Jobs in Oman , Sharjan or Thoobai in the early 90's Nor to USA .. To which many of my inforech colleagues migrated to in late 90's after doing Oracle courses from Karrox Technology Mumbai .. Nor to Kaneda to where my half sikh wife's mauna cousin Bipan Argued for 72 hours in 1994 .. That a skilled articulate & technically qualified person should definitely migrate to .. 

 If I did ? At all .. Would Merkel or Berluconi Allow me to '' not give '' the share in my wife's property to my son's kids & give it to my Daughters kids ? That's the Nair NORM .. We follow it ,, that's my Social belief .. I'm sure no .. Not at all .. In USA or Canada my sons kids would call 911 and get me do correctional jail sentence .. With therapy ..

Comedy of Errors .. 

As per my side of family , culturally my kids have to carry family name of my Wife that is Sidhu ( from her mom not Goswami from her Dad's side ) .. Whereas as per my wife's side of family custom .. My kids carry my SurName that is Menon ( Not Koyath .. The K in my name K. Venugopal Menon, coming from my Mom's family name ) .. Utter confusion .. 
 They get My Jaddi( which we poor Mallu's Hardy have anything left .. That Great Commie Late '' EMS '' Namboodiripad Snatched every inch of it & had a halo around his head .. ( :=) a term for PROPERTY in Punjabi .. Not Marumakatayam Sotta ( Her moms Property YummyMummyTummy wish they could .. Oh the Property they got from The Haryana Government in Return of property left in Erstwhile West Punjab Now in Pakistan .. Where I'm sure .. Hina Rabbani Khar Gulzar .. Might be growing Henna .. Selling which she buys her Birkin Bag's :p ..

As per my custom .. My kids have no rights over their Grandad .i.e. My Dad's property , nor my sisters kids 
My Moms property will go to my sister , me & my sisters kids , my kids won't get anything .. My wife's property will be shared by my son & daughter & only my daughters kids . my sons kids get ZERO :=) 
Confusing No ? 

 If we were to apply this to Roman Catholics or Protestants who come to India .. Would we stop them from eating Beef / Pork ? Would we compell them to go for an MTP ( Though the Roman Catholic Church prohibits termination of pregnancy ? ) it is legal under Indian Laws .. Bit for Bat & Tit for Tat .. Always created a Spat .. 

 Be tolerant .. Tolerance never costed you a Dollar , Franc , Lira or Pound .. It is not someone Religion which does , an acts of Terrorism .. Terrorists do that .. They have just one religion .. Which is Hatred & Intolerance 

 Lets bring it to India .. My friend Iza from poland came here .. She had beef .. She eats it .. Luckily in Kolkata & Kochi it was served legally & openly .. 

 Angela Merkel .. Silivio Berluconi .. Nikolas Sarkozy 
 Have no idea what Secularism is or Multi-Culturalism is .. 

I have in my very family all the religions & countries .. Sikh both Jat & Non Jat , Brahmins , Muslim Both Shia & Sunni .. Parsi, Jain , Punjabi Lala , all Indian States & 17 nationalities .. 

My wife is a half Telang Goswami's & Half Jat Sikh 
My Daughter in Law is a daughter of A Parsi Father & Gaur Saraswat Brahman Maharastrian 
My Cousin Hema Married my Jijoo A. Aziz .. In early 70's she lived with burqa & Hijab .. She was widowed @ an early age .She could have brought my 3 nephews as Hindus .. But I know those 3 naught Brats .. Nafees , Hanif & Sameer .. Brought up as Namazi Muslims .. In chitli quabar .. Chandni Chowk .. One of them Shahid Capt Haneefuddin laid his life in Kargil .. The other two married hindu girls .. 

 A niece married an RC .. One a Nepali Rana .. An aunt to a Bengali Kayasth .. One uncle to a Jew .. One to a protestant christian . 

 We all meet regularly at marriages .. We wish each other happy christmas , eid , papeti , observe lent in case we live with them .. My Cousin .. Observes all muslim rituals & strangely .. Never makes herself present during the children's wedding Respecting the fact that customs Do not encourage it .. But if you ask Us .. She is one cousin who we miss the most .. As a) she's the 2nd eldest among us 79 cousins , she was a hit singer in the 60's & is very popular amongst us .. For the great human being & person she is .. When my kids get married I'm sure to see her present as She did come for my marriage though not during phera's .. 

 For Her kids I'm a hero & for me She is an Idol .. 

Why ? 
Copy paste this link you'd know why

As a proof you can see some pictures 
Dated 10th to 25th december 2010 of a Marriage .. Of my only nephew Dr Aditya Menon .. With Dr Tushna Kanga

Tell me If Tushna looks a Parsi or Mallu ?
Tell me If Shree looks a Telang Goswami Brahmin , Sikh or Malayali ? 
Tell Me my kids Divya &Dhruv look Sikh , Goswami or Mallu ? 

Tell me whether My Nephew Dr Aditya looks Mallu , Roman Catholic or Marathi Manoos ( Maharastrian ) ? 

Tell Me Don't they all look Happy & Hence Indian .. Do tell Me by commenting Tq 

I hope those of you guys from france , germany , italy , us & uk who do read my blogs .. Do bring this to the Notice of Nicholas Sarkozy , Angela Merkel , Silivio Berluconi , Gordon Brown & Barak Obama .. To show them what '' SECULARISM '' '' MULTI CULTURISM '' & '' RELIGIOUS CO-EXISTENCE '' IS 

This blog is a reaction to Politically Incorrect on @NDTV Debate on Ban of Hijab in Italy .. Right or wrong .. Where Manic Shanker Iyer Debated for Secularism & Tolerance & Multi Culturalism & @swapan55 ( Swapan Dasgupta ) for the Right of country to regulate Individual Behaviour .. 

Of course Secularism won with 78% .. Right to Control 13% & 9% no comments 

Compulsory Read for @swapan55 @Swamy39 @KanchanGupta @ShashiTharoor @BDUTT @sardesairajdeep @abdullah_omar @TheNewsHour .. Kindly pass on to Mr Mani Shanker Iyer .. He ain't there on 

I won't tag this one to anyone .. Just post on Twitter 

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