Friday, February 19, 2010

hey dude get lost

@ the request of arun kumbhat
a challenge to write on tv anchors
late by 3 minutes

Just leave me
beleive me
my brain doesnt receive thee
dont accost
@ no cost
am thinking that you are frost(robert frost)

what made you
to anchor
does your dad own a petrol tanker
the channel will go bust
he'll be grilled nopw
by his banker

what made him select you
i feel his career's seen thru
his future is so tense
just hearing all your

No metre
no voice
did he have little or no
no scripting
just shifting
his lifes soon gonna be

poor judges
those fuchchas
poor people need the
you bore them
ur shouting
those stuipid lines
ur mouthng

hey watsup
show some mercy
if u want ur dough just shutup
or else man
this channel
will make prod house to pack up


"and the thappad goes toooooooooooooo..."

ok this is a challenge im taking
requested by arun kumbhat on face book
start time 20:34 end time 20:37
3 minutes

yeh tingu ye motu
yeh patlu yeh ghotu
na aati inko hindi
na angreji ki line
mera dil karta hai tv
off kare ko pine

yeh chillata hai
kyon gaata hai
bhai isko kya kuch ata hai?
nahi mila koi aur tumhe
kya yahi ek man ko bhata hai

nahi o bhaiya mujhe dekhna
mujhe nahi fir matha sekna
na khani sir dard ki goli
kisne sikhai isko boli

Sunday, February 7, 2010



laughing @ my own expense
Sunday outpourings :))


Hey am a chatterbox
just when i start
my world just rocks
lemme just pull up socks
never made a thing
to put my lips under a lock

Im not talking of that lip lock kiss
there's no choice but
listen to my hiss
even if you want to
you just cant do
you cant miss my rant

hey ddid you see my stand-up
all my speeches
and when igup shup
one of those lectures
shouts screams n screeches
you can never tell me
to shaddup

get a dagger, poison or a pistol
if you ever wanna make a kill
on a chair a stair or a bar stool
when i talk
i will gobble u for meal

you tell me
i talk three much
just dont shed those tears
like a magarmach
coz never gonna listen
to ya
just dont ever hold a grudge

Yo!! maan
this is an appeal
you better suffer me
if you wanna deal
talking all time
is my sex appeal
if i stopped
thats my only one skill

hey sistah
hey brudder
you can nevah make me shudder
hey bahbey
hey mother
i started babling on your udder

dis mah memory
ever since remembah
my tounge just rolled
b4 it read the scripchas
when they say
dude keep quiet
i speedened my blah blah

so day n night
whenever in sight
i nevah evah pick a fight
you be sure
when you see me alight
you will see me
other than
talk with a slight

talk, sermon
n scat
always gonna see me
in a spat
if a girl
asked me out to date
i ll just
converse with her
as to motivate

so dude
or any buimbette
if she or he wants
wants to place a bet
that they can
make mah mouth shut
there bad lucks
gonna go for a phut


21:10 hrs

good night venu

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ami pan indian ahey

hey beta udhav
on the tune of Hey!! Fatty bom bom
sweet sugar dumpling


Hey beta uddhav
hey raj bhau
hey bala tau
hey joshi sahu

just because i m a north indian
dont think im afraid of a ban
i will sell bhel
or a pan
i respect constitution

hey uncle mohan
speak louder go on
hey dada vinay
why do you say nay

just because theres a vote in north
too many cooks just spoil the broth
right thinks gon n the left says its on
whats this wretched confusion

hey buddy rane
gaye kaunse gane
kehna kyo na mane
mujhe de aaney

Hey copycat is CM CHAVHAN
ask them to speak marathi even if they caint
sallu saif aamir or even shahrukh khan
they're citizens of hindustan
why allow sena to break window pane's