Friday, February 19, 2010

hey dude get lost

@ the request of arun kumbhat
a challenge to write on tv anchors
late by 3 minutes

Just leave me
beleive me
my brain doesnt receive thee
dont accost
@ no cost
am thinking that you are frost(robert frost)

what made you
to anchor
does your dad own a petrol tanker
the channel will go bust
he'll be grilled nopw
by his banker

what made him select you
i feel his career's seen thru
his future is so tense
just hearing all your

No metre
no voice
did he have little or no
no scripting
just shifting
his lifes soon gonna be

poor judges
those fuchchas
poor people need the
you bore them
ur shouting
those stuipid lines
ur mouthng

hey watsup
show some mercy
if u want ur dough just shutup
or else man
this channel
will make prod house to pack up


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