Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love Me ... Please Please Me, Like I Please You Please .. The Beatles Evening

The Beatles Evening At The West End Den 87, Regent Place, Ranikuti , Tollygunge , Kolkata Sunday July 31 2001 16:00-20:00 IST

Me that is VenuG would perform 3 songs 
For this I bought a new Hohner Coronation 12 Harmonica (Mouth Organ)
Played one after 18 years :-)
for Lifebegins@50
VenuG on Vocals & Harmonica 
Sourav Banerjee on Acoustic Guitar 
1 Love Me Do
2 Yesterday 
3 When I'm Sixty Four

 Check the Video's here 

Download song words all three 

The Event

The Participants Look at the event


The West End Den 
87, Regent Place

google map 

Take  Metro To Tollygunge
Take an auto to Ranikuti
Ask for BSNL

All are welcome

I'm gonna sing so are so many very young musicians

Let Music Begin
Let there be hundreds of Musicians Bloom
Keep loving, doing and encouraging Music

And Music Fans
When you come to hear us
Trust me everyone of us feels 

Love me Do 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Milk Shakes !!! :)


Yesterday I met Sourav Banerjee a 20 year old Young Dude

Who Shares Birthday with me 
Which is Labour Day i.e. 1st May !

He also is a computer engineering student , a tech geek, an Android / Open Source Fan
an awesome poet-cum-singer-acoustic guitarist-cum-singer. 
He is not only my buddy but also a music protege :)
I'm a friend philosopher cum guide to him. 
I'm 51 & he 20 :) 
His music is available on Reverbnation 
We were at the Oly's Pub hanging out  for a couple of Carlsberg Beer's & Beefsteak 

Now Sourav told me, that he was asked to write a poem on word " Milk Shakes " 
He read out a wonderful, but Mushy romantic poem !!!
Now I'm a Naughty Middle Aged guy, I took up the word as a challenge,
I took out my pen & scribbled in 2 minutes, which Sourav blasted me :=)
He said, VenuG how could you be , so dirty :XD ?

I told him ok lets do a Survey, we went to the Smokers alley  
& found Saptarshi Haldar !
Voila he liked it & Lo beholdd his B'day also was !st May
Now he's my latest fb buddy :=)

Here goes 

Milk Shakes

Her was I
On Park Street
The Joint was Magnolia  
I was on my feet
I saw her walking in 
with Dahlia's

She was Buxom
She was Wild
Her eyes were
as innocent as a child

2 Strawberry Milk Shakes !!!
She Ordered :=)
at the spur of the moment
I felt her
as though She
was a Meat Loaf Of Bread
My eyes fixated at her Bosom
She was Hhhottt
She had not
So Heavy 
a Bottom :=)

My X-Ray eyes
Broke the ice
I said Hullo !!! over the cell phone
She siad, Hey Dude '
I'm all alone !!!
the 2nd one 
 Can we spend together,
a moment or 2 ??? 

I told her I could !
But together I would !
Not only have
Milk Shake
But I'm more interested,
The Way,

July 25th 2011
written on challenge of Sourav Banerjee
@ Oly's Pub, Kolkata
Keep Laughing
Keep Smiling


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breaking Ice

This could be my life , yours . Any middle aged married couple .. With budget issues .. Fights .. Stress .. Depression .. Relationship Problems , Faked Orgasm, Erectile Dysfunction ,

My On the spur of moment .. My attempt at Fiction
Short Story
She was looking Steamy Hhott with Cotton White Kurta .. See through .. & A Floral Patiala .. I have gifted it to Her ..

I said .. You're looking great .. Today .. She: Bas Bas .. I: wow I feel like touching you .. She: don't look at me ..

I: I'm not looking @ you I'm looking thru you .. She looks away ( she's smiling ) Your dress .. I can look clearly @ your Bra lining .. Which is Trylo .. White .. Cotton .. Lace .. Front button with a flower @ the centre over the Bra Hook !

She: Don't touch me ! I: I don't need to touch you, I can feel you .. I can feel my finger touching you all over .. She Don't look @ me .. I: I dream of you .. She You can't .. I don't do anything you stop me .. But my mind is out of control .. you or I can't control it

She stands turns puts her face in hands .. I can see her Laughing

The Ice is Melting & Ganga Flows
I Find my mind flooded .. Nodey Elo Baan ( River is foaming water is flooding )

Aaj Tasbiri ki Khair Nahin :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Priyadarshan Makes Da Haridasa Puthran , Thoongilo Aaro


Plees refer to a Mallu near you to Reeda theess

The blog is written as a Mallu laughing yut heers own peepull

Dear Frendssa Eef You Dontta Yunderstaand Yennitheenga

Please leeva Yay commentta

I will Yexplain the saim offline

Thaank Yuu Verry MMuchchaa

Da Haridasa Puthran , Thoongilo Aaro ?

Malayala Manorma, Thrisshur Edition
Thursday, 14th July 2011 
Report by N. P. Vijayakrishnan (Film Critic) 

                                           It has come to our notice that Goodnight productions,  & Priyadarshan has sprung a surprise that he is releasing " Da Haridasa Puthran , Thoongilo Aaro ? " On all theatres & plexes in Gerala on Friday 15th Joolai 2011 (pronounced Randi Ai Ram Pattaombathu )

                                    The movie will star Malayalam Sooperstar Mammootty as Haridas Puthran (who belongs to the family of Tharavadu called Makkal's hence technichally his name in the filim will be M Haridasan Puthran or Makkal Haridasan Puthran) & Moghan Lal Ettan as Rownee Meesha Ali . There was a contest for the rowl of Gold Mart ( The arch enemy of Haridasan) who is bald between Malayalam Actor Gobhi, & Hindi actor Akshaye Khanna ( who is Priyadarshan's favourite ) As Gobhi had more angry expressions he goat Gold Mart's rowl yund , Akshaye Khanna since he had 2 expressions enough to play the Rowl of Thambi Kallur & is as tall as Thambi , ( The wizard guru of Haridasan & of Okka Vatta ( The skoolla of wiz craft)  the teacher and wise crack of wizardry of efficient Mundu Tying, Lifting and Holding) Bhanu Athaiya has been taken as Cow stoom deesigner  has selected Mundu's of various colours and deesigns . The look of both Haridas Puthran & Rownee Meesha Ali will be having moustaches wearing striped Jattis's longer than and sometimes the Tied up mundu.

                Famous Malayalam Tamil & Hindi actress Asin Tottumkal will play the rowl of Harini Ganjaawu ( As Priyan's favourite Aish is in family way though she would be perfect match to Mammootty & Lalettan ) and The priyan Fav Rimi Sen will play Shini Meesha Ali, sister of Rownee   who Puthran will save from falling from a Thengga ( coconut palm) which she climbed to steal Pachchaa Thengya ( green coconut) To see the Thengya de moodu ( not mood but bottom/behind /ass / bums / buttocks its Malayalam you zee )

                                                   Shin Lou's Gold Mart ( as she can save on the IrNooru (200) pavan ( not wind but tola's 11 grams) Swarnam  ( Gold ) Dowry. Gold Mart has a gold shop in Kochee & also a coconut plantation with labour to pic raw coconuts ( No risk to Shini after Maarage ( Kalyanam or Marriage as we englis speakers know )

         The besstta parta  of the feelim ees thaat it contains the howl stowree of #HP1 thru #HP8 so you dont need to zee wall the feelims. So full Kaash Vassol .. Alley ? ( Isnt it ? )

                     The feelim will be Dairekt TED by T. K. Rajeev Kumar ( thee famous critic Kam Directopr zyada of Malayalam feelim Induztree ) 

                         The movie will also have Sunil Shetty as Sarpa Shappa  & Lara Dutta  as Lana Necklace . The art direction is by Omang Kumar

                 Hearing this news  Dara Singh is Making Harminder Puttar in Punjabi & Rituparno Ghosh in Bengali named Hiranmoy Podder

With inputs from our Kolkata & Jalandhar correspondents


Sexy Eyes , I wanna get Close to you, I want some more A Grrreat Song by Dr Hook 1980's Yenjoy

Before you read the poem listen to

Dr Hook 


Sexy Eyes


When you're in love with a beautiful woman its hard 


Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk 

Immediate Reaction to Beautiful Eyes

Of a very mysterious person

Of Course it has to be female !!!

What do ya think ?

After All

Am straight Guys :=)

Tell me how it is

Comment No !!! 
No one comments, Why ?
Please do comment 

Thanks in advance

*** ^^^***
(      )

Crystal clear eyes 

To die for; 

Look deeper into it 


I want more; 

Do you still 

find me a bit of a bore ? ; 

Hey buddy 

Why not open the Door ;

Hurry Honey , 

If you're late 

I may have an eyesore !!! . 

Original Creation for A very sensuous eyes


:D :p :)

15th July, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unity in Adversity ? Unity in Diversity ? United we stand , Divided We Fall ! Don't finance the Don's Prithviraj Chavhan or Jai Chand ?

The blogpost as a reaction to status question on Fb
'' If' Chidambaram or Prithviraj Chavhan was
In front of you, what would you say to Them ? ''
Kisi Ki Kabr Ka Na banao Dhanda Yaaron ;
Na seko Rotiyan Kisi Ki Arthi pey ;
Agar Yeh Chahtey Ho Aman Shanti ;
Padhi Likhi Janta Hai Sab Janti ;
Na lo Koi aisa samaan us shakhsh sey ;
Jo paaley Sanpon ko duniya Kyon na maanti ... Jaago Bharat Jaago
Stop Buying Grey Market Stuff
Stop watching movies financed by Don's
Stop Buying flats paying black money
Don't unlock iPhone iPad
Be Indian Buy Indian
My dad told me when young , I follow it
I'm happy ..
Before asking what my country , my government has done for me , Ask what you have done for the country to Grow ?
Act , think
A serious suggest ..
Whenever the Country was weak
Mirza Raja Man Singh - Akbar
Mir Jaffer - Lord Clive
Jai Chand - Babar
Vibhishan - Raavan

Countries Lost
The Current Trigger is Janlokpal
You made The Central Government
Maharastra Government Weaker
There's gonna be Some Idiot who has to Rule us .. And He will be corrupt
For the Country
Let the politicians Rule it I say
If a Jan Andolan is needed it is Needed
A) Blackening The Face of anyone obstructing The functioning of The Legislature ( Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Vidhan Sabha )
B) Put pressure on The Judicial System ( Judges & Lawyers to take faster Decisions on Rajiv Gandhi Assassination / Mumbai Blast / Ruchika / Nithari / Arushi / Bhatta Parsaul / Singur , starvation deaths / Than on Reliance Gas / BCCI V/Doordarshan / 2G / Vodafone taxation / Delhi Belly & other movies
Let Media let the Ministers Function
No; you Can't !!!
Then how can PC/ Chauhan / Deshmukh ?
The previous Chief Minister was tough Mumbai was rid of The Don's
Think how J Dey Murder Happened ?
Think How Chota Rajan & Dawood Gang restarted its Mumbai branch, which had shifted to Klifton Karachi & Kuala Luampur
Zara Sochiye Media Log
Mang People Think !!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday, Thank God its Friday, Friday Friday #TGIF

Friday , is a day , on which most of the 5 day, 9 to 5 workers worldwide , Long to wait for :=) 

It is the day , when world over , especially the west in general & Britain & US , Canada in particular love to eat , drink, dance & be merry . :=)

I'm a Banker in India , for me its a 6 day week :((( 

And Saturday , a half day when Office leaves over @ 14:00 hours IST. But most of us bankers , especially the PSU ( Public Sector Undertaking ) or in plain English , Government owned Banks , work our Ass off & end up working more than weekdays to complete the essential important leftover work , especially correspondence , statements & statutory reports , which if not sent, would mean penalties !!!

I myself have found a solution to it. I work like a Mad Donkey from Monday thru Thursday, & Party on Friday & Meet people on Saturday . 

I keep My Monday heaviest & Saturday lightest . I plan in advance for a month , & the most important , profitable , cost cutting , business strategic work for all Monday's !
I dress best & fit clothes on Monday's which keeps me , agile , enthusiastic & energetic & on my toes .. So I'm most productive on Monday's .. The energy is gained by having a ball on Friday , meeting great people on Saturday & being Home on Sunday , relaxing & being with my son Dhruv who's an interesting & bouncy 14 yr old. 

Oh ! Sorry this is not about Work but Party.

Thank God its Friday is a Motown movie I loved . . 

                       I'm lucky to be born to be Young & 17 , in 1977, the time when The Best Musical Movies , AbbA the Movie , Grease , Saturday Night Fever , Grease , Xanadu released , Now that's what I call Music too , Billy Joel , Bruce Springstein , ACDC , Led Zeppelin 
Rolling Stones , Rod Stewart , Boy George , Pink Floyd , Deep Purple , Santana , Morrison , Marley , Lennon / McArtney ( individually separate from Beatles ) Clapton The Eagles , Bryan Adams , Beegees , AbbA , R D Burman , Bhappi Lahiri . Asha Bhonsle , Kishore Kumar gave their music

I have written this note as a microblog on twitter in pieces in the form of tweets, which vanish soon on twitter, hence I thought to share it with you as a Blog. 

Their is a link to my #TGIF youtube playlist , containing 12 songs includes Cocaine click links or copy paste them to the browser & simbly 



I'm off to #RockCircus

 Here to eternity | Giorgio Moroder | #TGIF | Thank God its Friday #embee
Theme Background score 15 minutes of full Disco Dance Party Music . 

**** #embee is a music hashtag which supposedly(as far as I know) is created by @mihirbijur on twitter helpful to serach great music shares on twitter to use it , you always get wonderful shares of Hindi, English and all genres of classical and classic music " ON TWITTER " 

Love & Kisses| Thank god its Friday | Title Track | #TGIF | #embee | 

 | #TGIF | #embee | opening sequence Thank God its Friday

 | #TGIF | Thank God its Friday | Motown / Casablanca / Columbia | #1978 | Discotheque | The Entire YouTube Playlist | #embee G'night #Fb  

kvenugopalmenon Time for #TGIF tomorrow is #RockCircus so search for the Hashtag & get great music also on

#TGIF or Thank God its Friday is a 1978 hit Musical Produced by Motown & distributed by Columbia , with Music by Giorgio Moroder & Paul Jabara

#TGIF Thank God its Friday had Hit Music by Motown Stars, Diana Ross, Thelma Houston, Donna Summers, Lionel Ritchie & The Commodores

#TGIF Thank God its Friday Music Producers were Paul Jabara & Giorgio Moroder

#TGIF Thank God its Friday had Tunes like Giorgio Moroder More Than a Woman ' Paul Jabara ' Disco Queen ' & Donna Summer Grammy Hit Last Dance

#TGIF Thank God its Friday also had Songs by Love & Kiss 'Title Disco' Diana Ross 'Lovin, Livin & Givin' & The (L Ritchie) Commodores ' Too Hot Ta Trot '

#TGIF Thank God its Friday Got Donna Summers an Academy Award Grammy for ' Last Dance ' #1978

#TGIF Thank God its Friday released in #1978 the same time as 'AbbA The Movie' ' Saturday Night Fever' ' Grease ' ' Xanadu ' Released

#TGIF Contemporary Music: Bryan Adams 'Summer of 69' The Eagles ' Hotel California ' Jerry Rafferty 'Baker Street 'BeeGees' ' Saturday Night Fever'

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If you have Not seen Kolkata Music Scenario , You haven't Heard Music . What's Rock Circus .. Don't know ? Read on

A Personal Note of Caution !!!
The writer of this blog is just a music freak
music mentor and a passionate promoter 
of New, Good and upcoming Indian Bands
Not only from Kolkata but all over
He is neither the organiser nor anywhere involved in Rock Circus
But was invited By Kansihka Bose & Kabya Ghosh 
to Rock Circus Premier
Since what I heard there impressed me
hence thought of contributing a little bit 
towards promotion, motivation & publicity 
for the bands playing

Most of the bands would be available on

google search bandname followed by on reverbnation
I'm sure you'd find them
as most bands in Kolkata do put up their work on reverbnation site
like I have done at 

under the names of lifebegins@50 (music)
HavaldarKhacheduSinghTokas ( Stand-up comedy audio)

So please do not contact me or think that I am an interested party

Trust my word when I say you're in for some awesome music
& video links are given for you to cross check


What is Rock Circus ?

 It is a non profit music promotion organization
& also

It is a Music Show 
Where there are 13 Acts
More were ready but for paucity of Time
Restricted to 13 
Watch the Video link below

When ?
Time: Fri Jul 8 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where ?
Location: Yuva kendra Auditorium (Moulali)

Description ?

A complete acoustic Gig .. Acts by bands , song writers ,individuals and completely unplugged ..

Originals and Covers ..

Different Genres ..

hours of complete FUN

The Bands /Acts performing are .....

1 Mayukh Chatterjee

2 Black and White

3 The Soham

4 Snap Dragon

5 Not Yet Decided

6 Ibn Batuta o Tatar

7 West End

8 Turf

9 Shrinkhol

10 Wrong kid

11 Suspended Fifth

12 Rimi

13 Hridaya

Please Please 

BE there ...


Passes available for only RS 30 ..

For passes please contact :
: 9874215874
: 9836690411
: 9836093727

Passes are also available at---
*Vibrations*---32 Mirza Ghalib st (free school St ), Kol-16

Chotu :9830452027 / Guddu : 9831181963

Some video's
What happened at 

At Rock Circus Acoustic Premiere
At West End Den 87 Regent Place Rani Kuti ( SOTC Building ) by auto from Tollygunge Metro on Sunday 3rd July 2011

I liked the attitude of the Lead singer, The song is self composed & written & the dude is entirely a carbon copy of me
He says 
'' Happiness is a state of mind .. Some people are happy by earning more money , I'm happy by doing what my heart tells me '' 

those are the exact words I say .. 
My patent birthday wish is '' Be Happy & healthy .. Rest follows naturally ''

Look at the video & watch the place
He rented it , decorated it & now hires it our when, 
HE doesn't use it for himself . 

I went there immediately after watching 
Anjan Dutt's ' Ranjona Ami Aar Ashbo Naa ' & the movie , 
my individual behavior & That of the lead singer of West End  & that of Anjan Dutt's 
charachter In the movie Match 100% ... 

The song words & composition are Excellent 

If you want rock ¥enjoy more such bands Come to Rock Circus Acoustic
Moulali Sports Centre
Friday , 8th July 2011

google ' Rock Circus on Facebook ' and like the page

Carefully listen to 
the conversion of a country music Classic 
into a Blues number 
by bluesy treatment by guitars 
Simply Wonderful

Great Guitar

They play Great Guitar together


Snap Dragon 
A great classical fusion sound
It is one of the better fusion sounds I haveheard in long time
If you do music especially fusion music
Listen to the string Guitar as well as the Bass Treble vocal combination
Try to replicate it.

The boatman song is called "Din Furailo Hari Hari Bolo"
it is a baul song by Lalan Fakir featured in the Bangla Movie Moner Manush

Carefully hear the Strings Guitarist (Left Sibnath Bumba)Guitarist Baritone ( Center Sayan Banerjee)  & Soprano(Right Dr Sandipan Chowdhury) vocals 
Awesome Acoustic String Guitar by Sayan the guy @ the centre 

I remain

Yours Harmoniously


@kvenugopalmenon on

Youtube channel


Shubh Ratri, Good Night, Shabba Khair, Bon Nuit, Guten Nacht, Pinney Kaanaam


Tuesday, Julu 5th 2011