Monday, July 25, 2011

Milk Shakes !!! :)


Yesterday I met Sourav Banerjee a 20 year old Young Dude

Who Shares Birthday with me 
Which is Labour Day i.e. 1st May !

He also is a computer engineering student , a tech geek, an Android / Open Source Fan
an awesome poet-cum-singer-acoustic guitarist-cum-singer. 
He is not only my buddy but also a music protege :)
I'm a friend philosopher cum guide to him. 
I'm 51 & he 20 :) 
His music is available on Reverbnation 
We were at the Oly's Pub hanging out  for a couple of Carlsberg Beer's & Beefsteak 

Now Sourav told me, that he was asked to write a poem on word " Milk Shakes " 
He read out a wonderful, but Mushy romantic poem !!!
Now I'm a Naughty Middle Aged guy, I took up the word as a challenge,
I took out my pen & scribbled in 2 minutes, which Sourav blasted me :=)
He said, VenuG how could you be , so dirty :XD ?

I told him ok lets do a Survey, we went to the Smokers alley  
& found Saptarshi Haldar !
Voila he liked it & Lo beholdd his B'day also was !st May
Now he's my latest fb buddy :=)

Here goes 

Milk Shakes

Her was I
On Park Street
The Joint was Magnolia  
I was on my feet
I saw her walking in 
with Dahlia's

She was Buxom
She was Wild
Her eyes were
as innocent as a child

2 Strawberry Milk Shakes !!!
She Ordered :=)
at the spur of the moment
I felt her
as though She
was a Meat Loaf Of Bread
My eyes fixated at her Bosom
She was Hhhottt
She had not
So Heavy 
a Bottom :=)

My X-Ray eyes
Broke the ice
I said Hullo !!! over the cell phone
She siad, Hey Dude '
I'm all alone !!!
the 2nd one 
 Can we spend together,
a moment or 2 ??? 

I told her I could !
But together I would !
Not only have
Milk Shake
But I'm more interested,
The Way,

July 25th 2011
written on challenge of Sourav Banerjee
@ Oly's Pub, Kolkata
Keep Laughing
Keep Smiling


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