Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unity in Adversity ? Unity in Diversity ? United we stand , Divided We Fall ! Don't finance the Don's Prithviraj Chavhan or Jai Chand ?

The blogpost as a reaction to status question on Fb
'' If' Chidambaram or Prithviraj Chavhan was
In front of you, what would you say to Them ? ''
Kisi Ki Kabr Ka Na banao Dhanda Yaaron ;
Na seko Rotiyan Kisi Ki Arthi pey ;
Agar Yeh Chahtey Ho Aman Shanti ;
Padhi Likhi Janta Hai Sab Janti ;
Na lo Koi aisa samaan us shakhsh sey ;
Jo paaley Sanpon ko duniya Kyon na maanti ... Jaago Bharat Jaago
Stop Buying Grey Market Stuff
Stop watching movies financed by Don's
Stop Buying flats paying black money
Don't unlock iPhone iPad
Be Indian Buy Indian
My dad told me when young , I follow it
I'm happy ..
Before asking what my country , my government has done for me , Ask what you have done for the country to Grow ?
Act , think
A serious suggest ..
Whenever the Country was weak
Mirza Raja Man Singh - Akbar
Mir Jaffer - Lord Clive
Jai Chand - Babar
Vibhishan - Raavan

Countries Lost
The Current Trigger is Janlokpal
You made The Central Government
Maharastra Government Weaker
There's gonna be Some Idiot who has to Rule us .. And He will be corrupt
For the Country
Let the politicians Rule it I say
If a Jan Andolan is needed it is Needed
A) Blackening The Face of anyone obstructing The functioning of The Legislature ( Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Vidhan Sabha )
B) Put pressure on The Judicial System ( Judges & Lawyers to take faster Decisions on Rajiv Gandhi Assassination / Mumbai Blast / Ruchika / Nithari / Arushi / Bhatta Parsaul / Singur , starvation deaths / Than on Reliance Gas / BCCI V/Doordarshan / 2G / Vodafone taxation / Delhi Belly & other movies
Let Media let the Ministers Function
No; you Can't !!!
Then how can PC/ Chauhan / Deshmukh ?
The previous Chief Minister was tough Mumbai was rid of The Don's
Think how J Dey Murder Happened ?
Think How Chota Rajan & Dawood Gang restarted its Mumbai branch, which had shifted to Klifton Karachi & Kuala Luampur
Zara Sochiye Media Log
Mang People Think !!!

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