Friday, July 15, 2011

Sexy Eyes , I wanna get Close to you, I want some more A Grrreat Song by Dr Hook 1980's Yenjoy

Before you read the poem listen to

Dr Hook 


Sexy Eyes


When you're in love with a beautiful woman its hard 


Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk 

Immediate Reaction to Beautiful Eyes

Of a very mysterious person

Of Course it has to be female !!!

What do ya think ?

After All

Am straight Guys :=)

Tell me how it is

Comment No !!! 
No one comments, Why ?
Please do comment 

Thanks in advance

*** ^^^***
(      )

Crystal clear eyes 

To die for; 

Look deeper into it 


I want more; 

Do you still 

find me a bit of a bore ? ; 

Hey buddy 

Why not open the Door ;

Hurry Honey , 

If you're late 

I may have an eyesore !!! . 

Original Creation for A very sensuous eyes


:D :p :)

15th July, 2011

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