Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday, Thank God its Friday, Friday Friday #TGIF

Friday , is a day , on which most of the 5 day, 9 to 5 workers worldwide , Long to wait for :=) 

It is the day , when world over , especially the west in general & Britain & US , Canada in particular love to eat , drink, dance & be merry . :=)

I'm a Banker in India , for me its a 6 day week :((( 

And Saturday , a half day when Office leaves over @ 14:00 hours IST. But most of us bankers , especially the PSU ( Public Sector Undertaking ) or in plain English , Government owned Banks , work our Ass off & end up working more than weekdays to complete the essential important leftover work , especially correspondence , statements & statutory reports , which if not sent, would mean penalties !!!

I myself have found a solution to it. I work like a Mad Donkey from Monday thru Thursday, & Party on Friday & Meet people on Saturday . 

I keep My Monday heaviest & Saturday lightest . I plan in advance for a month , & the most important , profitable , cost cutting , business strategic work for all Monday's !
I dress best & fit clothes on Monday's which keeps me , agile , enthusiastic & energetic & on my toes .. So I'm most productive on Monday's .. The energy is gained by having a ball on Friday , meeting great people on Saturday & being Home on Sunday , relaxing & being with my son Dhruv who's an interesting & bouncy 14 yr old. 

Oh ! Sorry this is not about Work but Party.

Thank God its Friday is a Motown movie I loved . . 

                       I'm lucky to be born to be Young & 17 , in 1977, the time when The Best Musical Movies , AbbA the Movie , Grease , Saturday Night Fever , Grease , Xanadu released , Now that's what I call Music too , Billy Joel , Bruce Springstein , ACDC , Led Zeppelin 
Rolling Stones , Rod Stewart , Boy George , Pink Floyd , Deep Purple , Santana , Morrison , Marley , Lennon / McArtney ( individually separate from Beatles ) Clapton The Eagles , Bryan Adams , Beegees , AbbA , R D Burman , Bhappi Lahiri . Asha Bhonsle , Kishore Kumar gave their music

I have written this note as a microblog on twitter in pieces in the form of tweets, which vanish soon on twitter, hence I thought to share it with you as a Blog. 

Their is a link to my #TGIF youtube playlist , containing 12 songs includes Cocaine click links or copy paste them to the browser & simbly 



I'm off to #RockCircus

 Here to eternity | Giorgio Moroder | #TGIF | Thank God its Friday #embee
Theme Background score 15 minutes of full Disco Dance Party Music . 

**** #embee is a music hashtag which supposedly(as far as I know) is created by @mihirbijur on twitter helpful to serach great music shares on twitter to use it , you always get wonderful shares of Hindi, English and all genres of classical and classic music " ON TWITTER " 

Love & Kisses| Thank god its Friday | Title Track | #TGIF | #embee | 

 | #TGIF | #embee | opening sequence Thank God its Friday

 | #TGIF | Thank God its Friday | Motown / Casablanca / Columbia | #1978 | Discotheque | The Entire YouTube Playlist | #embee G'night #Fb  

kvenugopalmenon Time for #TGIF tomorrow is #RockCircus so search for the Hashtag & get great music also on http://t.co/754QMYQ

#TGIF or Thank God its Friday is a 1978 hit Musical Produced by Motown & distributed by Columbia , with Music by Giorgio Moroder & Paul Jabara

#TGIF Thank God its Friday had Hit Music by Motown Stars, Diana Ross, Thelma Houston, Donna Summers, Lionel Ritchie & The Commodores

#TGIF Thank God its Friday Music Producers were Paul Jabara & Giorgio Moroder

#TGIF Thank God its Friday had Tunes like Giorgio Moroder More Than a Woman ' Paul Jabara ' Disco Queen ' & Donna Summer Grammy Hit Last Dance

#TGIF Thank God its Friday also had Songs by Love & Kiss 'Title Disco' Diana Ross 'Lovin, Livin & Givin' & The (L Ritchie) Commodores ' Too Hot Ta Trot '

#TGIF Thank God its Friday Got Donna Summers an Academy Award Grammy for ' Last Dance ' #1978

#TGIF Thank God its Friday released in #1978 the same time as 'AbbA The Movie' ' Saturday Night Fever' ' Grease ' ' Xanadu ' Released

#TGIF Contemporary Music: Bryan Adams 'Summer of 69' The Eagles ' Hotel California ' Jerry Rafferty 'Baker Street 'BeeGees' ' Saturday Night Fever'

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