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If you have Not seen Kolkata Music Scenario , You haven't Heard Music . What's Rock Circus .. Don't know ? Read on

A Personal Note of Caution !!!
The writer of this blog is just a music freak
music mentor and a passionate promoter 
of New, Good and upcoming Indian Bands
Not only from Kolkata but all over
He is neither the organiser nor anywhere involved in Rock Circus
But was invited By Kansihka Bose & Kabya Ghosh 
to Rock Circus Premier
Since what I heard there impressed me
hence thought of contributing a little bit 
towards promotion, motivation & publicity 
for the bands playing

Most of the bands would be available on

google search bandname followed by on reverbnation
I'm sure you'd find them
as most bands in Kolkata do put up their work on reverbnation site
like I have done at 

under the names of lifebegins@50 (music)
HavaldarKhacheduSinghTokas ( Stand-up comedy audio)

So please do not contact me or think that I am an interested party

Trust my word when I say you're in for some awesome music
& video links are given for you to cross check


What is Rock Circus ?

 It is a non profit music promotion organization
& also

It is a Music Show 
Where there are 13 Acts
More were ready but for paucity of Time
Restricted to 13 
Watch the Video link below

When ?
Time: Fri Jul 8 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where ?
Location: Yuva kendra Auditorium (Moulali)

Description ?

A complete acoustic Gig .. Acts by bands , song writers ,individuals and completely unplugged ..

Originals and Covers ..

Different Genres ..

hours of complete FUN

The Bands /Acts performing are .....

1 Mayukh Chatterjee

2 Black and White

3 The Soham

4 Snap Dragon

5 Not Yet Decided

6 Ibn Batuta o Tatar

7 West End

8 Turf

9 Shrinkhol

10 Wrong kid

11 Suspended Fifth

12 Rimi

13 Hridaya

Please Please 

BE there ...


Passes available for only RS 30 ..

For passes please contact :
: 9874215874
: 9836690411
: 9836093727

Passes are also available at---
*Vibrations*---32 Mirza Ghalib st (free school St ), Kol-16

Chotu :9830452027 / Guddu : 9831181963

Some video's
What happened at 

At Rock Circus Acoustic Premiere
At West End Den 87 Regent Place Rani Kuti ( SOTC Building ) by auto from Tollygunge Metro on Sunday 3rd July 2011

I liked the attitude of the Lead singer, The song is self composed & written & the dude is entirely a carbon copy of me
He says 
'' Happiness is a state of mind .. Some people are happy by earning more money , I'm happy by doing what my heart tells me '' 

those are the exact words I say .. 
My patent birthday wish is '' Be Happy & healthy .. Rest follows naturally ''

Look at the video & watch the place
He rented it , decorated it & now hires it our when, 
HE doesn't use it for himself . 

I went there immediately after watching 
Anjan Dutt's ' Ranjona Ami Aar Ashbo Naa ' & the movie , 
my individual behavior & That of the lead singer of West End  & that of Anjan Dutt's 
charachter In the movie Match 100% ... 

The song words & composition are Excellent 

If you want rock ¥enjoy more such bands Come to Rock Circus Acoustic
Moulali Sports Centre
Friday , 8th July 2011

google ' Rock Circus on Facebook ' and like the page

Carefully listen to 
the conversion of a country music Classic 
into a Blues number 
by bluesy treatment by guitars 
Simply Wonderful

Great Guitar

They play Great Guitar together


Snap Dragon 
A great classical fusion sound
It is one of the better fusion sounds I haveheard in long time
If you do music especially fusion music
Listen to the string Guitar as well as the Bass Treble vocal combination
Try to replicate it.

The boatman song is called "Din Furailo Hari Hari Bolo"
it is a baul song by Lalan Fakir featured in the Bangla Movie Moner Manush

Carefully hear the Strings Guitarist (Left Sibnath Bumba)Guitarist Baritone ( Center Sayan Banerjee)  & Soprano(Right Dr Sandipan Chowdhury) vocals 
Awesome Acoustic String Guitar by Sayan the guy @ the centre 

I remain

Yours Harmoniously


@kvenugopalmenon on Twitter.com

Youtube channel


Shubh Ratri, Good Night, Shabba Khair, Bon Nuit, Guten Nacht, Pinney Kaanaam


Tuesday, Julu 5th 2011 

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