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Priyadarshan Makes Da Haridasa Puthran , Thoongilo Aaro


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Da Haridasa Puthran , Thoongilo Aaro ?

Malayala Manorma, Thrisshur Edition
Thursday, 14th July 2011 
Report by N. P. Vijayakrishnan (Film Critic) 

                                           It has come to our notice that Goodnight productions,  & Priyadarshan has sprung a surprise that he is releasing " Da Haridasa Puthran , Thoongilo Aaro ? " On all theatres & plexes in Gerala on Friday 15th Joolai 2011 (pronounced Randi Ai Ram Pattaombathu )

                                    The movie will star Malayalam Sooperstar Mammootty as Haridas Puthran (who belongs to the family of Tharavadu called Makkal's hence technichally his name in the filim will be M Haridasan Puthran or Makkal Haridasan Puthran) & Moghan Lal Ettan as Rownee Meesha Ali . There was a contest for the rowl of Gold Mart ( The arch enemy of Haridasan) who is bald between Malayalam Actor Gobhi, & Hindi actor Akshaye Khanna ( who is Priyadarshan's favourite ) As Gobhi had more angry expressions he goat Gold Mart's rowl yund , Akshaye Khanna since he had 2 expressions enough to play the Rowl of Thambi Kallur & is as tall as Thambi , ( The wizard guru of Haridasan & of Okka Vatta ( The skoolla of wiz craft)  the teacher and wise crack of wizardry of efficient Mundu Tying, Lifting and Holding) Bhanu Athaiya has been taken as Cow stoom deesigner  has selected Mundu's of various colours and deesigns . The look of both Haridas Puthran & Rownee Meesha Ali will be having moustaches wearing striped Jattis's longer than and sometimes the Tied up mundu.

                Famous Malayalam Tamil & Hindi actress Asin Tottumkal will play the rowl of Harini Ganjaawu ( As Priyan's favourite Aish is in family way though she would be perfect match to Mammootty & Lalettan ) and The priyan Fav Rimi Sen will play Shini Meesha Ali, sister of Rownee   who Puthran will save from falling from a Thengga ( coconut palm) which she climbed to steal Pachchaa Thengya ( green coconut) To see the Thengya de moodu ( not mood but bottom/behind /ass / bums / buttocks its Malayalam you zee )

                                                   Shin Lou's Gold Mart ( as she can save on the IrNooru (200) pavan ( not wind but tola's 11 grams) Swarnam  ( Gold ) Dowry. Gold Mart has a gold shop in Kochee & also a coconut plantation with labour to pic raw coconuts ( No risk to Shini after Maarage ( Kalyanam or Marriage as we englis speakers know )

         The besstta parta  of the feelim ees thaat it contains the howl stowree of #HP1 thru #HP8 so you dont need to zee wall the feelims. So full Kaash Vassol .. Alley ? ( Isnt it ? )

                     The feelim will be Dairekt TED by T. K. Rajeev Kumar ( thee famous critic Kam Directopr zyada of Malayalam feelim Induztree ) 

                         The movie will also have Sunil Shetty as Sarpa Shappa  & Lara Dutta  as Lana Necklace . The art direction is by Omang Kumar

                 Hearing this news  Dara Singh is Making Harminder Puttar in Punjabi & Rituparno Ghosh in Bengali named Hiranmoy Podder

With inputs from our Kolkata & Jalandhar correspondents


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