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VenuG Presents: Shrill voices agains Internet.Org & Airtel Zero is not about commerce but my Fundamsntal Right of Freedom of Choice, Speech, _Employment & Information Source!!!

I wrote a post " Importance of Dr B R Ambedkar on #NetNeutrality here (on 14-04-2015 124th Birth Anniversary. )
Meanwhile Mr Rahul Khullar, The TRAI chief, gave a statement(which seemed strange, illogical & uncalled for. He could give his Personal POV if he was an individual, but he is the chief of regulatory so, he must be impartial never sound biased towards one side.
Read his full statement here.
Also Anjan Ray, Facebook friend of Madhavan Narayanan of The Hindustan Times, posted his response to TRAI 20 questions. IMHO, all the responses by Mr Ray's were heavily loaded in favour of Telecom Service Providers(TSPs) to me he sounded like a PR personell acting on behalf of Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI)
Hence my knee jerk reaction was instant. Following are my "verbatim" responses on the thread. You may read the thread,
A) To understand what TRAI was asking.
B) Mr Anjan Ray's very knowledgable & learned response(NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, HE KNOWS THE SUBJECT)
C) It is my view, that 50% of the responses to TRAI query was given by people,
I) without knowing the subject, but following the herd mentality of the #NetNeutrality hashtag.
II) They had no idea whatsoever, as to what the 20 responses made by the site ""
III) They simply used the template responses used by the website favouring net neutrality cited in II above.
IV) I too used the templates, but after reading them, and since I am a strong supporter of net neutrality, I did not edit the template, as I felt, no editing was needed.
V) I was also following the nationwide debate on net neutrality in the nation, on print & television media, as well as social media, through @nixxin @maheshmurthy s updates. Both Mahesh Murthy(Pinstorm & Seedfund) & Nikhil Pahwa(Medianama) are staunch supporters of freedom of internet & they fought the draconian Section 66A too. Mahesh, had stuck his neck out, during the arrest of Mumbai Teenager, in the aftermath of Demise of The Shiv Sena Supremo Balasaheb(Bal) Thackrey, when the girl objected to the Sena activists, forcibly asking shopkeepers to down shutters. I myself had asked Mahesh to mellow down his tone,
It is like Inox telling me, watch Bhadakti Jawani or Fast & Furious. Not Byomkesh Bakshy! Regulating single screens & freeing Multiplexes. This is encroachment upon freedom of choice. Mr Ray the fight on #NetNeutrality is not about commerce but Fundamental Rights of Freedom of Choice can't you get it Sir?

My two bits on the above views

Mr Ray I am a very active influencer.
My 2 bits.
A) India is lowest ARPU yes.
B) But so was Spectrum cheap.
C) I am a distraught Airtel consumer.
4 mobiles with, wife, daughter, son(Network dies does NOT work inside home. Complained on 4/3/2015 no remedy I am ATM typing this on the street on sick leave.. Shifting to idea today for voice/data.
 1 Airtel broadband Shifting horribly expensive at 2000/pm horrible network. Customer care don't care. Shifting to Alliance Cable Broadband. Today.
D) I started at ₹98/2Gb/30 days in 2009. in 2012 it went up to ₹198/2Gb/28 days. Now it is ₹252/2Gb/28 days.
Speed has gone from bad to worse. Network does not work inside home. All people say "Aapka phone out of service area batata hai"
E) In all this Rahul Khullar is khullam khulla batting/pimping for telcos!! Want "informed debate" over "shrill voices"My Foot. Till you put "kathi do" no Not in Nizam's Kathi Rolls but you know where, corporate entities take the consumers for a royal ride. I fight/rant I win almost daily.
F) I am suing Bharti Airtel no not in consumer forum but Supreme Court. Habeas Corpus Fundamental right of freedom of speech, information & denial of service. Hold your breath For Rs1Crore.
This shall be Kesavanand Bharati Case in class action suit giving financial compensation & damages for mental agony & causing stress.
G) In all this din & melee no one Talks of Indian bandwidth being slowest on Planet Earth even Sub Saharan Africa has faster information highways. India has also highest density of population per Gigabyte spectrum. I.E. more people on network per terabyte specturn. It is like DND Flyover choc-a-bloc bumper to bumper traffic. Totally jammed
 See the nescafe ad showing YouTube buffer

This happens only in India. We are docile.
OTT regulation is reneging on Fundamental Right to work & gainful employment. 30% App development comes from India! & Airtel Zero impede them!
I pay data charges. Whether I watch Sunny Leone porn on Xvideos or Download Game of Thrones or flirt with an American on Skype or Send troll face pictures to Narendra Modi on Hike, or share jokes on RaGa on WatsApp is my right.
Here are KRAs
1 DoT
Auction spectrum.
2 TRAI regulate telecoms.
3 Telcos Provide free access @ contracted price. Market forces determine the data/voice/VoIP rates . if they increase they lose consumers. Much like Gold/Crude/Stocks/GSecs/iPhone!. The access after taking charges prepaid/postpaid must be unregulated & free. What consumer does with those minutes/gigabytes is consumers choice. NOT TSPs!!!!
4 Consumers pay contracted data/voice/VoIP charges and get free access to services.
5 Activists on social media. Fight on every breach of freedom of choice of telecom users on social media as MSM is sold out to advertisers
6 Security Agencies under Ministry of Home Affairs. Keep a tab on unscrupulous netizens.

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VenuG Presents: Best Braodband Plans IN KOLKATA Cheap, Gast, FUP, Wiredline, Wireless

Reliance(great 12mbps)
Airtel Great serviuces but very exhorbitantly priced)(
Wireless Tikona(Rain Affected)
Mid rtange
Alliance Cable(Rain affected)

Cheapest wireless Tikonma Rs750
Best cheap and fastest Reliance 12mbps at Rs999
Costliest Airtel.
Download delight
Prefferred  Rs750 1mbps night 1pm-9am 4mbps peering(for d/l torrent movies 25mbps)
(1mbps means on 1:10 ratio you get 100mbps constant speed)
Premium Rs1050 1.5mbps night 1pm-9am 6mbps peering(for d/l torrent movies 35mbps)
(1.5mbps means on 1:10 ratio you get 150mbps constant speed)
Natty Netters
Excecutive Plus Rs699 800kbps night 1pm-9am 3mbps peering(for d/l torrent movies 20mbps)
(1mbps means on 1:10 ratio you get 100mbps constant speed)
I have read that the services of alliance depends on local cable operator and during rains the services fail without any remedy as the cables are underground
plans HERE

Reliance Wireline Internet
Rs 899or is it 999??  4mbps upto 20Gb thereafter  1mbps)
Rs1099 4mbps unlimited
Rs 999 or is it 1099???  12Mbps upto 25Gb thereafter 1Mbps
plans HERE

Look at the contention ratio IN HSPBS RATIO IS 1.1:1.4 MEANS INSTEAD OF 100MBPS 140MBPS
Reliance Confusion on Plan Rates above & below
plans HERE

plans HERE choose fast/faster/fastest tabs(chose region as Kolkata & city as Kolkata)



Tikona wireless hence
DTH Dish ki tarah bearish mein band
This happens to be the only comparison post available online for Kolkata

VenuG Presents: Geek Stuff Which Gadget to buy in Aapril 2015.Router, Hard Disk, Media Streamer, Digital Camera

 I wrote this blog on 16th April, 2015, as a part research to buy

1. A Hard drive, which could be accessed from anywhere, by logging into it, which worked as a cloud sharing storage device, as well as a media sharing device, on WI-fi inside your home.
2. AWi-fi router. Read the blog and note below why THIS BLOG!
3. A media streaming device(Roku 3/WD TV/Chromecast) why Roku 3 HERE
4. A Digital Camera, with video recording capability, with online update possibility with which, you could instantly update your pictures, on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Picassa/Flickr/Instagram and videos on YouTube/Vimeo/Soundcloud 
The plan was
1 Our Phones (4 in number, 1 Android, ! Windows, 1 Symbian, 1 iPhone) 4 Nos
2 Media streamer Roku 3 1 Nos
3 Desktop 1 Nos(Son) 1 Nos
4  Macbook Pro (Daughter) 1 Nos
5 Laptop(mine_ 1 Nos
Total 8 Nos(- Roku which connects to TV HDMI port) so 1 guest free
Connect streamer/tv/5.1 sound/ Cloud Storage/systems)

1 Wi-fi
2 Cloud storage
3 Media Streamer (Only & ONLY  Roku 3 for its wide media coverage crhomecast & wd suck on that amazon fire is great for books+games not tv/movies/cable)
4 Netwoprk and a really fast Broadband internet connection 8Mbps & above) Tikona fails 


In the hurry I committed a blunder, by buying D-Link AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router from Reliance Digital in a hurry at Rs 2,599.00 here instead of online HERE at Rs 1810(1719 now) I was in a hurry to get a new broadband connection( VenuG Presents: Which Broadband connection in Kolkata, will satisfy your kid who is a gamer? HERE ) for my geek gamer son Dhruv, who was highly dissatisfied with our Airtel Broadband which IMHO was highly exorbitant and slow for the price paid by us. Rs2000 a month!!! I am not dissatisfied for the price paid, but for what I saw on the back of the box. Which in the hurry I had not read. The capability of sharing HD stream does not exist(you cannot peer share bur access web separately(Say I am streaming Game of Thrones from  Netflix, on my television, using Roku3, my son cannot share and watch the same stream, on his desktop,or my daughter on here iPhone or Macbook Pro) Though they can sit next to me and watch it. Here are those AC 802.1 Routers which can do this(SHARE STREAMING HD). D-Link AC1750 CAN DO THIS!!! 
So I decided  

So router D-Link AC 750 DIR813BOUGHT
Digital Media Streaming device Roku 3 decided
Now for the 5.1 Media Player it is a tie between iBall Dhwani & Intex IT-4850(prefer iBall Dhwani mentioned in the blog linked in the beginning & this philips one SPA 4500 Bluetooth enabled speakers(for blue tooth(shall decide after physical research in offline store) HERE

Now for whether I must go for Seagate Central or not?

Let us see...
1 Chipchick dotcom review ( is unsecure ) read bottom comment Update
Means roku not required? 

 2 Alternatives to cloud storage Transporter 2.0 ? NEVER HEARD OF IT Thnaks ft dot com
3. Transporter 2.0 product details 

4. cnet dot com reveiw speaks badly though what if it crashes? what about security? HERE 


6  Seagate price in Reliance digital Rs 10,999 here 

7 Seagate Central online in India 9085 COD ON AMAZON HERE
Seems like Transporter is not available in India see here or compare in comparable products
Western Digital MyBook is cheaper but you cannot access files over  the internet but inside the Wifi area of coverage inside your house/office.

 Now for the camere

1 Best Camera with still video + online update facility here 
2best camera rated here 
3how to use a camcorder here 
4 the camera with whichyou can upload to YouTube  111

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VenuG Presents: Seagate Central, D Link AC 750 WiFi Router, 5.1 Sound System, WDTV Live Streaming Device

Lowest Price$116.99

  • Pros
    Easy setup and configuration. Excellent Read/Write performance. Great remote-access service. Integrates with Facebook; other media devices
  • Cons Runs a little warm. Highest storage capacity capped at 4TB. No granular user control over Facebook integration. Some performance lag within the interface.
  • Bottom Line
    Seagate Central is a near-perfect NAS for home users: It's easy to set up and delivers business-class performance, but its storage is capped at 4TB.

    The Seagate Central$116.99 at Amazon is an impressive NAS device (Network Attached Storage) targeted at home users. This attractive, yet simply-designed piece of hardware provides easy sharing of photos, videos, music, and documents between multiple users within a home network or even outside of the home—whether on a PC, Mac, or smartphone. A bonus is that it's designed to work as a whole-home central media library for sharing and accessing data from game consoles, Smart TVs, and Blu-ray discs.

      A true multimedia device, the Seagate Central is perfect for the starring role at the center of a home network. Not only is this NAS easy for home users to set up and manage, but it also offers business-class performance. My only real disappointment is that the highest capacity available for it is only 4TB. Today's home users amass such huge amounts of data; some will undoubtedly be left wanting more capacity—especially given how much they will enjoy using the Seagate Central. 
    pc world review here,2817,2424411,00.asp
    endgadget review
    seagate review HERE

    HARDDISKS EXTERNAL WD SG ETC Mysmartprice dot mcom prices HERE 


    WD My Book Essential 3.5 Inch USB 3.0 3 TB External Hard Disk REVIEW HERE


    1 more Roku 3 vs Apple Tv vs Chromecast 1 more reason for Roku DLNA HERE
    buy ruku in india HERE ON AMAZON Rs 8950 buy the hdmi stick if your budget is 5000( please spare rs 3000 extra ok?)
  • roku ius best
  • why roku
  • roku2
  • speakers top 10
  • reconnect speaker
  • routers
    a) seagate central share online COD FROM AMAZON 
    B) 5.1 SPEAKERS RELIANCE DIGITAL 4000.(4999*20%-) hell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITS JUST A SINGLE SPEAKER SHYAH (Placed a Philips 5.1 tag near the reconnect speaker at Rs4999/ with 20% discount WHO WOULD BUY SINGLE SPEAKEWR FOR Rs4000? I won't!!! NEVVERR!!! LIARS
    Here is a top ten of 2013 ==================>>>
    Intex IT-4850 for Rs4913 HERE 

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VenuG Presents: Economy is not ONLY Sensex, but ALSO GDP, Fiscal Deficit, Per Capita Income, Unemployment Numbers, Tha Believable DATA

Today, when I woke up & opened Facebook App, I found, that my friends Son, Abir, also my protégé, who keeps asking me questions frequently, by tagging me to his Facebook status.
Normally , I reply then & there, and most of the time, rather every time, the economy as well as Sensex behaved, as I had replied in my own lengthy way, in detail.
       As Abir is 19, already a BSE/NSE investor, and an budding Chartered Accountancy student. I want him to be inclusive, ethical, conservative & duly diligent investment advisor. As IMHO, the only way, to his huge success would be the untapped 90% Indians, who have no stocks in their portfolio or 80% insured Indians, or 95% Indians without any Mutual Fund or SIP in their kitty. They are larger market than the 2% HNIs.

His question today, is deep, far reaching & tricky, where I'm likely to trip, and involves RBI Rates, GDP, Sensex & Bank Interest Rates and Inflation. I chose to stick my neck out on public domain, in full view of my international audience, many of who are cross-border investment funds. I will rather than writing the whole blog insert my Instagram #VenuKiClass updates on the subject, links, pronouncements & ideas running around in the world economists mind & investor sentiments. As well as Cartoons, Screenshots of Newspapers.

So , here is Abir's Question.

There's this idea of .mine, which I want someone to make a cartoon, Corporates, sitting in front of RBI, Fort, begging Raghuram Rajan to cut RBI Repo rate, when he hands it over to Banks, some Banks(Most of them, already having huge NPAs in their Balance Sheets) throwing 15 naya paisa in their begging bowl. SBI, ICICI HDFC & 4 other Banks have reduced their Base rate by 0.15% or 15 basis points against the 50 basis points reduced in 2 25 basis point reduction in Repo rate by the RBI Governor in November & February. (1 basis point reduction being 0.01%)

     Since I can't draw for nuts, the next best thing that I can do is post a cartoon available online. So without wasting much of your time, here is it. 
The source is cartoon stock dot com. 
The rich lady is parting with pittance to the beggar, the alms he does not need. Well, in the same way, as per my earlier #VrnuKiVlass updates, I'm yet to see in the media, any Bank press release, announcing unadited financials total deposit &,advances CAGR or profit numbers, mark my words, when they do, the advances growth rate shall be the worst in 24 years since 1991 liberalisation budget by Dr Manmohan Singh, in the P V Narasimha Rao's budget. The point being, when most of the banks are flush with funds/cash
A) There are no takers for new Bank Credit.
B) Banks are compelled to invest these surplus funds into Gilts & G-Secs as the Call Money market too is damp, due to no need by Any Bank in the Interbank Market. Also, Banks are surprisingly & totally outrageously stupidly investing in an already overheated Stock Market. So, my question, who who benefit, from the rate reduction? Home Loan buyers? Tell you what? The new home loan seekers are those, who already own 2/3 or sometimes 4 houses, and to them, 0.15% reduction is chanachur garam
 Or snacks, not dinner!! For them 20% price gain annually is what they look for, not the interest rate, they anyway invest in realty, boom, bust, recession or stagflation. The employment numbers & the new employees, with the pay packages they are getting cannot afford a new house. For a 40 lakh house(which is the starting price of any affordable and size wise reasonable house, the EMI is ₹30000(₹30Lakhs being the loan component at 25% margin) The minimum income required for a ₹30000 EMI is ₹60000 per month, who has such incomes in India? Barely 5% of which 4% already have more than 2 houses. 
Here an earlier unfinished blogpost titled 
"VenuG Presents : #VenuKiClasz on Macroeconomics. A study into Current Account Deficit, which shows declining economic Indicators like IIP & CAD.
Two screenshots, one showing IIP &,second questioning why Banks are not reducing interest rates. Mind you, we at Syndicate Bank, last revised interest rates downwards by 25,basis points was in 2013!!! 1

India is a long term story, it will grow bigger than China & US by 2019(my earlier prophecy was 2025 ) not because of what Government, Industry , RBI, Ministry of Finance of NITI Ayog(renamed planning commission) do. But due to demographics. 65% of Indians are under 35 & they consume, this consumption is the petrol in Indian Economy Car! 
But wait, as it grows by 2019, it will fall in 2040, when 65% India is over the age of 50 & risk averse.
Of course, two things can alter this. If the GoI ministry of technology speeds up patenting regime, & allows more & more Indians to register their R&D rather than scuttling them, used with "Make in India For Indians not for Export" (Change from Mr Narendra Modi's Slogan "Make in India for Export" the Indian Economy will gallop, so will the Sensex.
I want the Sensex to gallop on Indian retail investors investments, Indian firms listing more & more, including startups on e-commerce, NOT FII INVESTMENT.
What Janet Yellen does in US, will wipe out the Sensex Gains. US is that polygamous man, who looks for new mistresses to sleep with, & its new latest mistresses are Iran & Yemen. US cross border investment funds are not like faithful husbands, they move from country RO country, once they find a new virgin economy, they screw it up then discard it & move to a new virgin economy. 

Tips to read.
Follow Marc Faber 
The famous author of GloomDoomBoom which predicted 2008 meltdown.
Facebook fan page 
Indian Numbers on GDP are debatable.
Indian Economy will be the fastest growing economy in the world ~ Marc Faber

Indian Economy to grow at 5% in 2015 ~Moody's
India Growing at 6-9% is a bad joke the world is laughing at
Turkish Lessons

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VenuG Presents: Importance Of Dr B R Ambedkar on #NetNeutrality TRAI to Save The Internet email of TRAI

Dear Shri Rahul Khullar, Chairman,
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
CC: Shri Ashok Luthra, Chairperson,
Competition Commission of India. 
Dear Sirs,
I an Indian citizen, request you to save the internet, by keeping Net Neutrality, in order to uphold the fundamental rights, provided by The Constitution of India, which Airtel Zero & Vodafone's YouTube & Facebook packs violate. As per your service guidelines, you have taken an oath to uphold The Constitution of India.
Here are my logical reasons to state that my fundamental rights are violated. 

The Fundamental Rights as per The Constitution of India.

1. Right to equality : Which includes equality
before law, prohibition of discrimination on
grounds of religion, race, caste, gender or
place of birth, and equality of opportunity in
matters of employment, abolition of
untouchability and abolition of titles.
2. Right to freedom: Which includes speech
and expression, assembly, association or
union or cooperatives, movement, residence,
and right to practice any profession or
occupation (some of these rights are subject
to security of the State, friendly relations with
foreign countries, public order, decency or
morality), right to life and liberty, right to
education , protection in respect to conviction
in offences and protection against arrest and
detention in certain cases.
3. Right against exploitation : Which prohibits
all forms of forced labour, child labour and
traffic of human beings;
4. Right to freedom of religion : Which
includes freedom of conscience and free
profession, practice, and propagation of
religion, freedom to manage religious affairs,
freedom from certain taxes and freedom from
religious instructions in certain educational
5. Cultural and Educational rights : Preserve
the right of any section of citizens to
conserve their culture, language or script, and
right of minorities to establish and administer
educational institutions of their choice.
6. Right to constitutional remedies : Which is
present for enforcement of Fundamental
7. Right to life : Which gives the right to live
with human dignity. This includes rights such
as right to education, health, shelter and basic
amnesties that the state shall provide.
Right to equality explained in detail.

Right to equality
Right to equality is an important right
provided for in Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18
of the constitution. It is the principal
foundation of all other rights and liberties, and
guarantees the following:
Equality before law: Article 14 of the
constitution guarantees that all people shall
be equally protected by the laws of the
country. It means that the State[6] will treat
people in the same circumstances alike. This
article also means that individuals, whether
citizens of India or otherwise shall be treated
differently if the circumstances are different.
Social equality and equal access to public
areas: Article 15 of the constitution states
that no person shall be discriminated on the
basis of religion, race, caste, sex or place of
birth. Every person shall have equal access to
public places like public parks, museums,
wells, bathing ghats and temples etc.
However, the State may make any special
provision for women and children. Special
provisions may be made for the
advancements of any socially or educationally
backward class or scheduled castes or
scheduled tribes . [15]
Equality in matters of public employment:
Article 16 of the constitution lays down that
the State cannot discriminate against anyone
in the matters of employment. All citizens can
apply for government jobs. There are some
exceptions. The Parliament may enact a law
stating that certain jobs can only be filled by
applicants who are domiciled in the area. This
may be meant for posts that require
knowledge of the locality and language of the
area. The State may also reserve posts for
members of backward classes, scheduled
castes or scheduled tribes which are not
adequately represented in the services under
the State to bring up the weaker sections of
the society. Also, there a law may be passed
which requires that the holder of an office of
any religious institution shall also be a person
professing that particular religion. [16]
According to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill ,
2003, this right shall not be conferred to
Overseas citizens of India . [10]
Abolition of untouchability: Article 17 of the
constitution abolishes the practice of
untouchability . Practice of untouchability is an
offence and anyone doing so is punishable by
law. [17] The Untouchability Offences Act of
1955 (renamed to Protection of Civil Rights Act
in 1976) provided penalties for preventing a
person from entering a place of worship or
from taking water from a tank or well.
Abolition of Titles: Article 18 of the
constitution prohibits the State from
conferring any titles. Citizens of India cannot
accept titles from a foreign State. [18] The
British government had created an aristocratic
class known as Rai Bahadurs and Khan
Bahadurs in India – these titles were also
abolished. However, Military and academic
distinctions can be conferred on the citizens
of India. The awards of Bharat Ratna and
Padma Vibhushan cannot be used by the
recipient as a title and do not, accordingly,
come within the constitutional prohibition".
[19] The Supreme Court, on 15 December
1995, upheld the validity of such awards.

Why Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is relevant?
He drafted the above Ya?
On this the 124th Birth Anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, please do NOT allow Airtel Zero & Ilk. 
Here's the detail.
Task of developing a constitution for the
nation was undertaken by the Constituent
Assembly of India , composing of elected
representatives. Constituent Assembly first
met on December 9, 1946 under the
presidency of Dr. Sachidanand later Dr.
Rajendra Prasad was made its President.
While members of Congress composed of a
large majority, Congress leaders appointed
persons from diverse political backgrounds to
responsibilities of developing the constitution
and national laws. [5] Notably, Bhimrao Ramji
Ambedkar became the chairperson of the
drafting committee, while Jawaharlal Nehru
and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel became
chairpersons of committees and sub-
committees responsible for different subjects.
A notable development during that period
having significant effect on the Indian
constitution took place on 10 December 1948
when the United Nations General Assembly
adopted the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and called upon all member states to
adopt these rights in their respective
The fundamental rights were included in the
First Draft Constitution (February 1948), the
Second Draft Constitution (17 October 1948)
and final Third Draft Constitution (26
November 1949), prepared by the Drafting

Why must we resist Non Net Neutral ISP Plans like Airtel Zero.
A) It will make poorer Indians(Who will use Flipkart App free of Data charges, under Airtel Zero Plan, ) instead of mysmartprice App which requires data charges to be paid & end up paying ₹ 1260 for a Micromax Unite 2 A106 phone available on Paytm at ₹4830 & Flipkart at ₹6090!!!


B) The Airtel Zero Plan discriminates against Amazon &Snapdeal ecommerce sites who also sell Xiaomi Redmi 4G phone for the same price ₹8999 as Flipkart but Airtel Zero Plan would direct buyer to Flipkart as There is no data charges to me for using Flipkart App on Airtel Zero Data plans. This is discrimination under Competition Commission Of India Rules. Discriminatory Monopolistic and restrictive trade practice.

Further the employment of software developers & startups in India shall be hit by Airtel Zero & other discriminatory non net neutrality plans.

#VenuKiClass #NetNeutrality
#WakeUp #ActNow 11 days to go @VenuSpeak for vote at  #NetNeutrality #FreeTheNet #InternetBelongsToUs #SaveTheInternet

(email to and a
copy to us)
US =

What is net neutrality ?
Net Neutrality is the situation where an internet user( #consumer
A) Engages an Internet Service Provider. #ISP
B) S/he pays Charges to use #Data on #ISP s #Network
C) After paying charges
I) accesses all websites (except banned ones by government
II) Accesses all permitted / Legal #OTT #Apps Over The Top (using data charges saving voice/SMS charges)
III) Use freely the websites/OTT Apps as per his/her choice.
IV) Pay for the same fee & get same fee for all the #websites & #OTT #APPs equally.
V) ISP or OTT App provider CANNOT & SHOULD NOT #Discriminate #Consumer /s or #ClassOfConsumers
#DelCredere Seller Be Aware!
#AirtelZero Allowing #Flipkart app for free.
#Vodafone allowing YouTube discriminatory packs at cheaper rates
This is discrimination against #Vimeo or any new App that someone makes for video sharing

#ConstitutionalRights violated
By Net Non Neutrality
A) Right to #Equality #Egalite
B) Freedom of Thought & Belief.
C) Freedom of Occupation (for new app developers) 20% of new Apps are made in India now. Allowing Flipkart App free on Airtel will discriminate against new development in E-Commerce aggregator Apps.
YouTube Facebook Packs against new apps on #SocialNetworks & #VideoSharing
D) We had #MRTPC now defunct which is #accronym for
#Monopolistic & #Restrictive #TradePractices
Believe in #NetNeutrality
A) Write/Email to
3 mail copy to
Competition Commission of India #CCI the replacement of #MRTPC since 2002

    Ashok Chawla



    Tel No. 91-11-23704647
    Fax No.+91-11-23704649

Looking at the above facts,
I support net neutrality as it stands now & strongly oppose Plans like Airtel Zero which discriminate the fundamental rights of the poor & is not inclusive approach. Also the non net neutrality will stop growth of internet density &,application development in India affecting employment opportunity in software development under "Make in India" policy of the new government
K Venugopal Menon
Flat No B-1, Syndicate Bank Officers' Quarters, Plot No. 11, Ballygunge Circular Road, Opp Saptaparni Housing Society/CCD,
Ballygunge Kolkata 700019
West Bengal , India.
+91-9007910731 mobile number for contact Email
Twitter handle @Venuspeak

Jai Hind
Jai Bharat
Vande Mataram.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

VenuG Presents: I'm VenuG AKA @Venuspeak a Music Freak, somewhere between Priya Ramani, Aakar Patel & @MusicAloud

I'm VenuG AKA @Venuspeak  a music freak.
I hear all kinds of music. I write lyrics, compose music & sing myself at the drop of the hat.
My source of Music is the Bands I mentor, a huge number, the ones I mentored long ago, my .यस.य.यय.य..यय, ., य friends on Facebook & Twitter, Saavn & Gaana, Soundcloud , Reverbnation, YoॉॽंयuTube, Spotify, Shazam, the list is long.
Last week I read three major articles. A blog by my Twitter Buddy and a similar music aficionados @MusicAloud a review of music of new movie, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy , in which, my daughter plays a lead role. HERE
Second an article on theme tune of Sholay a brilliant & detailed, as well as well informed one. By Aakar Patel in Mint Weekend edition, Mint Lounge titled
The ‘Sholay’ title theme: a symphonic triumph 

Read more at: HERE
And an editorial piece by @priyaramani AKA Priya Ramani editor Mint weekend editionedition, Mint Lounge, on why there are no good lyrics songs these days.
Titled ".  The Emितपraan Hashmi age of Hindi film music "

Read more at: reason why I'm writing this is the third one.
Among the three, Priya I presume is the Aam Aadmi Consumer, who listens to music on the move, while jogging/walking/travelling. She discovers music on Apps she admits.
But strangely she hasn't heard the current Atif Aslam Hit "Jeena Jeena"?
I shall finish this after this Byomkesh Bakshy Preview. HERE.

To be continued.
I would request Priya to listen to the following numbers.

1 Jabse Tere Naina Mere Nainon She Laage rey...
2 Amanat Ali Khan Fuzon Khamaj
3 Qurbaan Hua
4 Galiyaan
5 Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho
6 Jeena Jeena
7 Maahi We Mohabbatiyan Sachiya Wet(Maahi Song she hasn't heard)
8 Zahenaseeb (I suggest Priya learn Urdu learn Kaafiya in Shair-o-shayari)
Watch Rekha Starrer Khoobsurat for what Kaafiya means, no NOT KaapiYa?)
9 Dil To Bachcha Hai jee
10 Nadaan Parindey
The music is no longer the 50s poetry & romance, really post 2000 "MUSIC" has become central. However I may hate Yo Yo but I can dance to Neela Pani or Chittiyan Kalaiyan Vey!
Music is lyrics , music & beats.
Some Rock Nazis keep telling me, Kurt Cobain, Morrison & Slash
 I tell them grow up. Madonna & Mj sold millions, so does Taylor Swift, or Sean Kingston or Akon. You don't like it don't, but it is music all right. Grow out of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Rolling Stones, Beatles rut.
Listen to Madboy Mink's Calcutta Kiss, great words, foot tapping music. Daft Punk made world shake their booty, with Happy.
I hear from Little Richard to Johnny B Goode to B B King, Hard Kaur to Eminem to Amy Winehouse. Yo Yo to Mika to Papon. Come out of the "stereo types." Read @MusicAloud review of Byomkesh Bakshy to know what "range of music " is.

Akar Patel, respect to him went a nauch higher. "Pun intended"
I would Add Karz & Him Kisise Kam nahin. Well my band mate played with Pancham. So know who Manohari/Kersi/Bhupinder Singh are. Add Ek hi khwaab from Kinara too had Bhupinder Singh play acoustic guitar. Like Mohit Chauhan.
Which brings me to a sing from Jab We Met "Tumse hi" & Sarfarosh, my Vadde Praa Jagjit Singh "Hosh waalon ko khabar" Well that's what you call music.

Pa pa pa pa Wakaoo Pey pey peu pe pey. Waking.
Remember Waa Was & Trombone & Trumpet Chand Mera Dil Hum kisise kum nahin.
To be continued.

VenuG Presents: Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. Expect The Unexpected. An unbiased preview.

Before I start, I put my neck out.
A) This is Dibakar Bannerjee's "Detective Byomkesh Bakshy" & NOT Sharadindu Bandhyopadhyay's Satyanweshi Byomkesh Bakshy. The story is his creative treatment, do NOT watch with the book in mind.
B) This movie, like Kahani, Parineeta, Queen, NH10, will run on "word of mouth publicity & NOT what Komal Nahata, Taran Adarsh, (Look I read Film Information, Film Trade Gyide, Screen, when I wore chaddis, My Late Dad, K Balakrishna Menon, worked for "Sah Enterprises Pvt Limited the biggest film exhibitors in CP, Berar(Rajasthan) from 1957-2008(his demise) Pratim D Gupta, Anupama Chopra, Rajeev Masand, Raja Sen, Mihir Phadnavis reviews.
C) The movie on box office at the moment is behind Fast & Furious 7 on bookmyshow too,
But Wait for the second week. Poila Boisakh is on 15th, this movie shall pick up in the second week, this will be this years "Mishawr Rahasya" The " Notun Borsher Shubhechcha Chobi" in Bengal!!! 
This is my current Facebook Status.

Disclaimer: Those who know me, know, that I am as unbiased as one can be, and am a film, television & music aficionados. I watch the best movies, of that year, I see every film by Anjan Dutta, Kaushik Ghosh, Late Rituparno Ghosh, Sujoy Ghosh, Quashik Mukherjee.
The movies I've seen last few years are, Autograph, Queen, The Lunchbox, Ship of Theseus,  NH10, Ugly(the last one by Anurag Kashyap) Thank You Sir, Bhooter Bhabhishyat, A Month in March, Abhoman, Tasher Desh, Mishor Rahasya, All the Byomkesh Films as an date, by Satyajit Ray, Anjan Dutta, Rituparno Ghosh & Basu Chatterjee Teleserial where Rajat Kapoor played Byomkesh Bakshi & K K Raina played Ajit & Sukanya Kulkarni played Satyabati. (Or Satyaboti) I'm writing extempore. I've not only read Feluda, Byomkesh & Kakababu before I turned 25(1985) Have seen practically all Teleserials including Sandip Ray's Satyajit Ray Presents. And I have read Sunil Gangopadhyay's Kakababu in Jaipur, through my ex band mate Late Manas Chakrabarty. (An MREC B.Tech Student who later went & joined NBC or National Engineering Industries at Jaipur) I've watched Sonar Kella at Jaipur, Joy Baba Felunath Too. Have seen Mishor Rahasya with Prosenjit Bubmba playing Kakababu. So my tryst with Bangla Puja/Childrens Literature / Mysteries/Detective Serials started early. Having read Doyle, Perry Mason, Christie all before I turned 17(1977) do NOT consider this as a biased preview .
Watch the Basu Chatterjee's Doordarshan Serial episodes HERE all 32 of them.
See it after you watch the movie. 
I did write "a doting dad's blog post" HERE titled "Elen Satyaboti" 
Here is a Vogue interview of her. 

Let me start by admitting, that , I'm an interested party in this movie, as the picture above is that of my Daughter, Divya Menon. Who's anyway otherwise talented. Not only as  NIFT graduate Fashion Designer, who works for Sabyasachi Mukherjee as an Assistant, has walked ramp at Lakme India fashion Week, has choreographed umpteen models before she passed out of NIFT Kolkata, has designed graphic works at practically every 5* in Kolkata, all with a Nokia 5300 & a Desktop. 
The proof of the pudding is in eating.
Here's a 5 year old video.
Yes!!! She sings impeccably, so does my son Dhruv.
A video of her.

Now let us talk about the film. Well among the Byomkesh played up to now, my favourite is Abir Chatterjee, then Rajat Kapur, Bumba Da is impeccable as Kakababu, but, my favourite Bengali Slueth is Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Feluda, so soft & unadulterated, so I will watch Sushant the Hindi Protagonist, with magnifying glasses. Having watched him in all his films, especially his Kai Po Che, Shuddha Desi Romance & PK, I have a wee bit optimism, but to compare him with Abir Chatterjee is comparing Apples & Oranges. 

To Compare Anand Tiwari (Impeccable in Ship of Theseus) with K K Raina & Saswata Chatterjee again not done. 

To Compare Divya with Sukanya Kulkarni or Ushasie Chakraborty again futile.

Swastika Mukherjee in all this is too damn lucky actress. There is no comparable character, and I'm sure Swastika would be the dark horse, like Saswata Chatterjee as Bob Biswas in Kahani.  I'm sure, the character is an add on Dibakar Banerjee addition, unless it is the Advocates mistress in Pother Kanta(Episode 2 of Basu Chaterjee Television adaptation)

The 6 chakka winners in this movie before watching. 
A) Swastika's Anguri. Wildfire full of meat & oomph
B) Meiyang Chang
C) Music 7 songs by 7 composers Sneha Khanwalkar being the only mainstream Bollywood, I Lou Mink & Shaad Calcutta Kiss. Review by a Twitter buddy @MusicAloud HERE
D) Costume Design.
E) Set Design.
F) Photography. 
The above six would be nominated for awards for sure.

My review will follow below after First Day First Show
But here's my tip to Byomkesh Nazis.
A) Do Not compare. You can't compare Saigal, Dilip Kumar & Shahrukh Khan as Devdas or Motilal & Jackie Shroff as Chunnilal in Sarat Chandra Classic Bollywood adaptation.
B) Amitabh & Shahrukh as Don.
C) Amitabh & Hrithik as Vijay Dinanath Chavhan in Agnipath or Danny Denzongpa & Sanjay Dutt's Kancha China. Rishi Kapoor in Agnipath 2 rocked in the cameo like Swastika & Meiyang here. 😝(I am yet to see OK!!!)
D) Prosenjit Bumba is shown using iPhone/iPad in latest Kakababu Mishawr Rahasya but the movie rocked & was superhit poila boishakh.
E) Quashik Mukherjee's Country of Cards, or the latest Tasher Desh, the Ravindra Nath Tagore's slapstick buffoon comedy of errors play, Q as he's known to us, inserted gay relationship(no relation to the original Tagore classic) could be questioned by Thakur Nazis, but the feedback old watchers gave was, they enjoyed the treatment.
F) The same goes to the use of Drums & Guitars in Ranjona Ami Aar Ashbo Na Tagore Rabindra Sangeet , Jagarone beautifully sung by Somlata Acharya. 

Well there are Nazis, but then, you cannot compare Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Junior as Sherlock Holmes or 
Dr Watson's  played by various artistes.

Treatment of Literature changes with times.
Say 2 States & 3 Idiots on celluloid is different from Chetan Bhagat's books Ya?
Let creative freedom exist.
Only then do we get great films.
No I am not at all recommending Ram Gopal Verma's Ramgarh Ke Sholay(even ALU Choley or this the Malegaon ki Sholay is better. But then Sholay is Sholay, you cannot remake Orson Welles Citizen Kane, or Gone With The Wind can You? 
You can't find another Gabbar Singh, or a Rhett Butler, or Scarlett O'Hara. 
No Sir, you can't.
To Dibakar Banerjee, Or my daughter Divya, I quote, Rhett Butler, from Gone With The Wind,
" With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.
#StopPress Just now,
Nephew called "Mama, how is the release eve tension at home?"

Me: I'm still at work, as goods are being counted, I'm writing the preview.
Bank Closing Jo hai.
Dooty Bajaibe Babu...
Naukariya Jo hai.
Ee naukariya ki baabat,
Syndicate Bank ke education loan #SyndVidya ki wajah se Divya NIFT mein padhi
Dhruv bhi animation padhega.
Naukri 1st
Film here.
First Day First Show practically after 29 years

After marriage Sargam with Sala Sali at Mayur Jaipur 22/10/1986.

Here are the tickets. 

Review at 17:00 hours ISR 3rd April 29@5.
Good Friday. 
Expect the UNEXPECTED!!!!

Review shall be here
Easter Shall Follow.
I shall not comment about Divya.
  1. In a sentence, technically sound on photography, costume design, make up, editing & script. Long, mixed up storyline. Two stories fused into one. Brilliant acting, even by small bit parts, like the Chinese Smuggler, student activist, the servant punti ram, I would give 5/5 on Technique. 4/5 on Acting. 3/5 on Story. Casting 10/5. Kabi as Dr Guha, Swastika as Anguri, Anand Tiwari as Ajit, Sushant as Byomkesh, Meiyang Chang as Kanoi Doi. In that order. Total 3.5/5 Not 4 falls 0.5 on story/slow narrative. Read my preview chakka 6 points. They're bang on(before I even watched it 😝)
  2. Reactions a) A Couple in 30s look "ethnic" 5/5 Technically Sound & Great Acting. B) Good Good (2 Young men in 30s ) dress executive. C) Faltu. A young pair. Marwari, born & brought up Sharadindu Nazi. "I've read all 32, why the beep did he mix two stories?" Samajh hi nahin aya kaun kaun hai boss!(Agree TOTALLY) 
  3. My technical review. A) Casting Director needs a trip to Hawaii. Brilliant selection of Actors suited physically as well as artistically. Chang, Sushant, Anand , Kabi, Even The Police Commissioner . The Hotel Servant Paltu. 
  4. Attention to detail. A) You do NOT find even ONE YELLOW AMBY YA!!! B) No puchka/sattu/muri seller on street. C) Carrom Playing & Coffee House. D) WATCH CAREFULLY THE SIGNBOARDS. I HAVE MY LATE DAD'S DESCRIPTION OF 1948 KOLKATA, THE EACH & EVERY SIGNBOARD IS AUTHENTICALLY DETAILED & DEPICTED. YOU DO NOT SEE ONE McD/KFC/CCD/P C Chandra/Anjali Jewellers hoarding Ya? E) I to my wife "I found Divya & Tini Sen(The girlfriendgirlfriend pupil of Byomkesh who got married) dress staid & frayed. Wife "Unmarried Girls of 30s/40s never wore puff sleeved garish clothes like married women. Women(Unlike Anguri) of pre independence, were backward, in inferior position, wore less affluent clothes as compared to Zamindar wives or Men. And she was a sister of Congress politician. Remember Indira, Sucheta Kriplani, Sarojini Naidu & Gandhi ji's neices ? (Well, Shree is a trained fashion designer so her word is better than mine!!)
  5. Even if you are a Byomkesh Sharadindu Nazi like me, GO WATCH A MOVIE, THE ONLY TWO MOVIES WHODUNITS WHICH COME TO MY MIND ARE A) Rajesh Khanna Nanda murder mystery B R Chopra's  Ittefaq & Vidhu Vinod Chopra's excellent thriller Khamosh, *ing Amol Palekar, and a slew of cast. Technically a brilliant film, every student of film making must watch.
  6. If you do NOT take my word take the word of 35 reviewers see the * ratings 
  7. See Khamosh here & Ittefaq here 
Now some reviews from online. 
Via. Book My show.

 At the fag end, I have a complaint against Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg,
First they suggest, that I know Dibakar Bannerjee,
YES! I DO!!!
Not because he chose Divya(Or Dibya as Bangals & Ghotis call her)
But because I've watched Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye & Love, Sex aur Dhoka already, Khosla Ka Ghosla thrice & Lucky Oye & LSD twice!
BUT when I try to send a friend request, they call me abusive!!
I rarely use profanities. On my Twitter timeline, have used it twice, both times, my net nanny @SangitaSri has lambasted me. So calling me "abusive, FACEBOOK @Zuck NOT DONE DEI MALLU OUTRAGE

ETA amar DBB review/preview shesh.
Amra shobai chobi dekhbo, praise korbo, chobi jeetbo.
Porey IPL ei KKR gaanta gaibo.
Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo rrey
Korbo Lorbo Rrey
Jeetbo Rrey hey Jeetbo Rrey
The End of
Detective Byomkesh Bakshy part one.
Now for the 30 sequels. Two are used here. 

The following updates are dated
Tuesday, 8th April, 2015.
A comparison between BookMyShow(based on Ticket Sales)
IMDb(Internet Movie Data Base) (Based on Reviews)
On BMS the rank is as follows.
1 Fast & Furious 7
2 NH10
3 Detective Byomkesh Bakshy 
4 Sholay "Oops" not found!
1 Sholay
2 Detective Byomkesh Bakshy
3 Fast & Furious 7
4 NH 10

IMDb rates Detective Byomkesh Bakshy at 8.3/10 based on 1950 reviews and counting.
Please Read them HEREHERE putting it among the top 500 movies on Internet Movie Data base site. Check for yourself. Thank You.

Generic Search on Sholay returns this on Book My Show.
I leave the choice of
Whether to see or skip
Detective Byomkesh Bakshy on you dear reader.
Jai Hind.
IPL mein dekhney Jason?
SRK vs Sachin
You know I'm supporting KKR
Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Rey
KKRiders Over Mumbai Paltan