Thursday, April 23, 2015

VenuG Presents: Shrill voices agains Internet.Org & Airtel Zero is not about commerce but my Fundamsntal Right of Freedom of Choice, Speech, _Employment & Information Source!!!

I wrote a post " Importance of Dr B R Ambedkar on #NetNeutrality here (on 14-04-2015 124th Birth Anniversary. )
Meanwhile Mr Rahul Khullar, The TRAI chief, gave a statement(which seemed strange, illogical & uncalled for. He could give his Personal POV if he was an individual, but he is the chief of regulatory so, he must be impartial never sound biased towards one side.
Read his full statement here.
Also Anjan Ray, Facebook friend of Madhavan Narayanan of The Hindustan Times, posted his response to TRAI 20 questions. IMHO, all the responses by Mr Ray's were heavily loaded in favour of Telecom Service Providers(TSPs) to me he sounded like a PR personell acting on behalf of Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI)
Hence my knee jerk reaction was instant. Following are my "verbatim" responses on the thread. You may read the thread,
A) To understand what TRAI was asking.
B) Mr Anjan Ray's very knowledgable & learned response(NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, HE KNOWS THE SUBJECT)
C) It is my view, that 50% of the responses to TRAI query was given by people,
I) without knowing the subject, but following the herd mentality of the #NetNeutrality hashtag.
II) They had no idea whatsoever, as to what the 20 responses made by the site ""
III) They simply used the template responses used by the website favouring net neutrality cited in II above.
IV) I too used the templates, but after reading them, and since I am a strong supporter of net neutrality, I did not edit the template, as I felt, no editing was needed.
V) I was also following the nationwide debate on net neutrality in the nation, on print & television media, as well as social media, through @nixxin @maheshmurthy s updates. Both Mahesh Murthy(Pinstorm & Seedfund) & Nikhil Pahwa(Medianama) are staunch supporters of freedom of internet & they fought the draconian Section 66A too. Mahesh, had stuck his neck out, during the arrest of Mumbai Teenager, in the aftermath of Demise of The Shiv Sena Supremo Balasaheb(Bal) Thackrey, when the girl objected to the Sena activists, forcibly asking shopkeepers to down shutters. I myself had asked Mahesh to mellow down his tone,
It is like Inox telling me, watch Bhadakti Jawani or Fast & Furious. Not Byomkesh Bakshy! Regulating single screens & freeing Multiplexes. This is encroachment upon freedom of choice. Mr Ray the fight on #NetNeutrality is not about commerce but Fundamental Rights of Freedom of Choice can't you get it Sir?

My two bits on the above views

Mr Ray I am a very active influencer.
My 2 bits.
A) India is lowest ARPU yes.
B) But so was Spectrum cheap.
C) I am a distraught Airtel consumer.
4 mobiles with, wife, daughter, son(Network dies does NOT work inside home. Complained on 4/3/2015 no remedy I am ATM typing this on the street on sick leave.. Shifting to idea today for voice/data.
 1 Airtel broadband Shifting horribly expensive at 2000/pm horrible network. Customer care don't care. Shifting to Alliance Cable Broadband. Today.
D) I started at ₹98/2Gb/30 days in 2009. in 2012 it went up to ₹198/2Gb/28 days. Now it is ₹252/2Gb/28 days.
Speed has gone from bad to worse. Network does not work inside home. All people say "Aapka phone out of service area batata hai"
E) In all this Rahul Khullar is khullam khulla batting/pimping for telcos!! Want "informed debate" over "shrill voices"My Foot. Till you put "kathi do" no Not in Nizam's Kathi Rolls but you know where, corporate entities take the consumers for a royal ride. I fight/rant I win almost daily.
F) I am suing Bharti Airtel no not in consumer forum but Supreme Court. Habeas Corpus Fundamental right of freedom of speech, information & denial of service. Hold your breath For Rs1Crore.
This shall be Kesavanand Bharati Case in class action suit giving financial compensation & damages for mental agony & causing stress.
G) In all this din & melee no one Talks of Indian bandwidth being slowest on Planet Earth even Sub Saharan Africa has faster information highways. India has also highest density of population per Gigabyte spectrum. I.E. more people on network per terabyte specturn. It is like DND Flyover choc-a-bloc bumper to bumper traffic. Totally jammed
 See the nescafe ad showing YouTube buffer

This happens only in India. We are docile.
OTT regulation is reneging on Fundamental Right to work & gainful employment. 30% App development comes from India! & Airtel Zero impede them!
I pay data charges. Whether I watch Sunny Leone porn on Xvideos or Download Game of Thrones or flirt with an American on Skype or Send troll face pictures to Narendra Modi on Hike, or share jokes on RaGa on WatsApp is my right.
Here are KRAs
1 DoT
Auction spectrum.
2 TRAI regulate telecoms.
3 Telcos Provide free access @ contracted price. Market forces determine the data/voice/VoIP rates . if they increase they lose consumers. Much like Gold/Crude/Stocks/GSecs/iPhone!. The access after taking charges prepaid/postpaid must be unregulated & free. What consumer does with those minutes/gigabytes is consumers choice. NOT TSPs!!!!
4 Consumers pay contracted data/voice/VoIP charges and get free access to services.
5 Activists on social media. Fight on every breach of freedom of choice of telecom users on social media as MSM is sold out to advertisers
6 Security Agencies under Ministry of Home Affairs. Keep a tab on unscrupulous netizens.

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