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VenuG Presents: Geek Stuff Which Gadget to buy in Aapril 2015.Router, Hard Disk, Media Streamer, Digital Camera

 I wrote this blog on 16th April, 2015, as a part research to buy

1. A Hard drive, which could be accessed from anywhere, by logging into it, which worked as a cloud sharing storage device, as well as a media sharing device, on WI-fi inside your home.
2. AWi-fi router. Read the blog and note below why THIS BLOG!
3. A media streaming device(Roku 3/WD TV/Chromecast) why Roku 3 HERE
4. A Digital Camera, with video recording capability, with online update possibility with which, you could instantly update your pictures, on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Picassa/Flickr/Instagram and videos on YouTube/Vimeo/Soundcloud 
The plan was
1 Our Phones (4 in number, 1 Android, ! Windows, 1 Symbian, 1 iPhone) 4 Nos
2 Media streamer Roku 3 1 Nos
3 Desktop 1 Nos(Son) 1 Nos
4  Macbook Pro (Daughter) 1 Nos
5 Laptop(mine_ 1 Nos
Total 8 Nos(- Roku which connects to TV HDMI port) so 1 guest free
Connect streamer/tv/5.1 sound/ Cloud Storage/systems)

1 Wi-fi
2 Cloud storage
3 Media Streamer (Only & ONLY  Roku 3 for its wide media coverage crhomecast & wd suck on that amazon fire is great for books+games not tv/movies/cable)
4 Netwoprk and a really fast Broadband internet connection 8Mbps & above) Tikona fails 


In the hurry I committed a blunder, by buying D-Link AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router from Reliance Digital in a hurry at Rs 2,599.00 here instead of online HERE at Rs 1810(1719 now) I was in a hurry to get a new broadband connection( VenuG Presents: Which Broadband connection in Kolkata, will satisfy your kid who is a gamer? HERE ) for my geek gamer son Dhruv, who was highly dissatisfied with our Airtel Broadband which IMHO was highly exorbitant and slow for the price paid by us. Rs2000 a month!!! I am not dissatisfied for the price paid, but for what I saw on the back of the box. Which in the hurry I had not read. The capability of sharing HD stream does not exist(you cannot peer share bur access web separately(Say I am streaming Game of Thrones from  Netflix, on my television, using Roku3, my son cannot share and watch the same stream, on his desktop,or my daughter on here iPhone or Macbook Pro) Though they can sit next to me and watch it. Here are those AC 802.1 Routers which can do this(SHARE STREAMING HD). D-Link AC1750 CAN DO THIS!!! 
So I decided  

So router D-Link AC 750 DIR813BOUGHT
Digital Media Streaming device Roku 3 decided
Now for the 5.1 Media Player it is a tie between iBall Dhwani & Intex IT-4850(prefer iBall Dhwani mentioned in the blog linked in the beginning & this philips one SPA 4500 Bluetooth enabled speakers(for blue tooth(shall decide after physical research in offline store) HERE

Now for whether I must go for Seagate Central or not?

Let us see...
1 Chipchick dotcom review ( is unsecure ) read bottom comment Update
Means roku not required? 

 2 Alternatives to cloud storage Transporter 2.0 ? NEVER HEARD OF IT Thnaks ft dot com
3. Transporter 2.0 product details 

4. cnet dot com reveiw speaks badly though what if it crashes? what about security? HERE 


6  Seagate price in Reliance digital Rs 10,999 here 

7 Seagate Central online in India 9085 COD ON AMAZON HERE
Seems like Transporter is not available in India see here or compare in comparable products
Western Digital MyBook is cheaper but you cannot access files over  the internet but inside the Wifi area of coverage inside your house/office.

 Now for the camere

1 Best Camera with still video + online update facility here 
2best camera rated here 
3how to use a camcorder here 
4 the camera with whichyou can upload to YouTube  111

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