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VenuG Presents: World Cup 2014 Predictions. Germany vs Argentina & Brazil vs Nederland

Abracadabra Brazuca

We're a step away: Messi...

From a messy defeat:VenuG
#WorldsCup #GERvsARG
International Head-to-head
Stats are 9-4-7 W-D-L
Fifa World Cup Stats
4-1-1 W-D-LW-D-L

Argentina Despite playing 30 minutes more than Germany,
Have run just 6.7kms less.
Disance travelled
Germany 690 Kilometres.
Argentina 682.3 Kilometres.

Players used.
Germany 18/23.
Argentina 20/23.
Goals Scored-Conceded-Goal difference upto now.
Germany 17-4-13
Argentina  8-3-5(Penalty shoot out against Nederland not accounted for)
Has played two extra times.
So both on head-to-head
And Time & Kms & Goal Averages
And if you see Yellow cards & fouls
Germany 6/64
Argentina 10/70
Germany is favourite

My Prediction.
Germany beats Argentina in Finals.
On Tuesday 14th June, 2014.
On Sarurday, 12th June, 2014,
Brazil Beats Netherland.
1 Germany.
2 Argentina.
3 Brazil.
4 Netherland.

Thomas Müller

Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi!!

#WorldCup2014 #predictions

Müller gets the Golden Boot?
#WorldsCup #WorldCup2014
Golden Boot?

Well the one of Top left can be bought by you at £22.99!! :-)

Ok here are the REAL ONESONES
Golden Boot, Golden Glove & Golden Ball:

Here buy it. :D
James Rodriguez 6 Goals &,2 Assists,

Thomas Müller 5 Goals &  3Assists.

My Tip
Thomas Müller!!!
Already has 8 equivalent of James RodriguezRodriguez
Just 1 Goal or Assist needed!!!

Golden Ball?

Lionel Messi,


Thomas Muller,

James Rodriguez?

My sure shot winner is
James Rodriguez!!!

By far the best Player this World Cup.

Best Young Player
Memphis Depay from Netherlands

In initial rounds, he was brought in as substitute
Not once, BUT TWICE,
He scored within minutes.

Or I would suggest
The young old
Javier Alejander Mascherano of Argentina!!!

Haven't heard about him did you?
I'm sure YOU DIDN'T!!!
You just follow stars.
But Alas he'd get a wooden spoon inspite of his great performance,
Overshadowed by Leo Messi!!! :(
What a pity!
IF Javier Alejander Mascherano, does a mysterious Müller & Klose job, as they did to Brazil
& Cruz, Germans would fall like a house of cards or nine pins.
Mind you, he has won 2 Olympic Golds & 1 Olympic Silver!!!

Golden Glove?

My Award goes to the Costa Rican Goalkeeper
Keylor Navas

Or US Goal keeper, Tim Howard, the guy who saved 16 goals for of all the teams US of A,
Against Belgium, and became an internet sensation. they don't call it Samba, Tiki-Taka or even football
They call it Soccer!!!
I won't be surprised, if Twitter Data anounced him to be the most mentioned player, because, as of now, USA vs Belgium match,  recieved the maximum tweets in any match.

But alas Golden Glove is an award for clean sheat(goalless match)(penalties not counted)
On that account, Romeiro(Argentina) & Nueur(Germany are top contenders) here are contenders.
By the way, this has been a World Cup, of Goalkeepers, and a more egalitarian World Cup, practically every team was as good, Mexico, Belgium, France, CostaRica, Colombia, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, so many good teams. And  so many of them goalkeepers have been awesome. Ochoa being one, Iran Goalkeeper another.
. Even A Goalkeeper Could get a golden ball!

If you bet on this and win,
You know where you heard it all? Don't you?
I told you so no?

One last thing.
Public perception on bleacherreport

Ok Ok,
Here are my references.
Best link with beautiful pictures. Therightwinger
3. Bleacherreport
5. BBC
7. soccerpunter
8. WaPo does not include east germany data.
9. FindTheBest
10. bleacherreport
11. Finally head-to-headhead-to-head likely teams!!! Yahooooohoooo

VenuG Presents: An open letter to Shri Arun Jaitley. Why EPFO funds, must not invested in Equity. Rating Agencies Err Big Time

This open letter was half written, and lying saved on my Tweetcaster
To be finished & Tweeted to FM.
Yesterday, a Young 18 year old Chartered Accountancy Student, Abir Satsangi (Who is a protégé of sorts(More for Music as he is a singer, a great singer at that, but we have discussed & argued on life, music, palmistry, THE NEW COMPANY LAW!!!! He wasn't even a school passout then and was studying in Class XII) I must admit, at 18, he is immensely knowledgeable, his hold on accountancy, Taxation Law, Company Law & Commercial Law, is par excellence, I could gauge this, from his probing Facebook Status'!! He even got a 98 in Hindi(probably in Genes, his grandma is a knowledgable Hindi exponent.
He is originally from Agra,
Now studying in Mumbai, posted a status, that he wants to rise to be a panelist on Arnab Goswami's The Newshour.

A few comments from me, on constant propogation of 1% POV on TheNewshour in specific & The Times of India group, in general, I advised him to take, what is expressed on The Newshour, with a pinch of salt. Also that, as a future CA, his interest, lies in following the ToI POV, but at the same time, he should keep the Ethical issues in mind. I actually had a case study of Harshad Mehta, immensely knowledgable Stock Trader on the New India Assurance Co Ltd(the best Non Life Indurance firm under GIC in India) dealing room, and future Dalal Street Broker & Dr Chain Roop Bhansali(well known as CR Bhansali or CRB ) The Kolkata Chartered Accountant, both though highly knowledgable, used their knowledge for unethical money earning frauds.

I totally agree with Abir's view, that, he is still in a learning process, and that Arnab Goswami is fearless, honest & exposes scams and frauds(TOTALLY ON THE SAME PAGE WITH Abir on this)

All the same, I would want to drill the ethical issues into this brilliant future CA, so that, not only he, but those who are involved with him in future career,onnhis advise &,counsel stay firm, on the Ethical Path.

Here's the Facebook note I wrote for him.
Plus this extremely researched Open Letter to The FM.
My intentions are for public good of 26,Crore Employees, covered by EPFO.
 Have no personal agenda in this, financial, politicL, or social.

This was written prior to June 10, 2014 before the Annual Budget was presented by the Honourable Minister for Finance.
I'm happy to note & thank the FM for an excellent budget, which is salaried class friendly, also noting his revival of in principle support to encourage small savings instruments, like PPF(limit of annual deposit enhanced  to Rs1,50,000 from Rs1,00,000 &,Sec 80C of the Incime Tax Act 1956, enhanced to Rs1,50,000 from Rs1,50,000) and Kisan Vikas Patra(KVP) and National Savings Certificate(NSC) and also Post office savings scheme

So, I'm sure that the suggestion from me will be taken as suggested.

In other development,
I have read an interview of Mr K K Jalan, the Chief Commisioner of Provident Fund EPFO, stating that, no decision is taken yet, on investing EPFO trust funds into equity.

Also that Unions/Bharatiya Majdoor Sangh(surprisingly NOT CITU) has opposed the move to invest EPFO trust funds into equity.

My blog dated 12 June, 2012,
"Moody Blues: Why standards at S&P are SO poor!!!"
Open Letter
@narendramodi @PMOIndia
@arunjaitley FM, India,
Dear Sir,
Robert Dreyfuss, a contributing writer, to motherjones, much like me,
Wrote an scathng warning note to President Clinton, about what  Bush Administration did later, which affected millions in US, with the fall of Lehman Brothers & AIG.
Against privatisation of pension fund investments(being pushed aggresively by Bankers & Insurance Firms) I am a banker, I warn you against such move, it could be fatal.
#EPFO investing in 5% #stocks
Reminds me of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fannie & Freddie Mac, UBS
US Pension funds, erosion of social security.
Government of India,
Found, that, with 21/25 PSU Banks,
Being out of investment purview of
EPFO FDs worth Rs3,50,000 Crores, as their NPAs were exceeding requisite threshold limit of 2%
Read here.
What did GoI do?
Instead of Allowing 5/26 PSU Banks acquiring these investments,
It allowed EPFP to invest % of its Investible Trust Funds into #equity & #Stocks.
It has hence liberalised investment
 by EPFO, jeopardizing the funds, of millions of organised sector wokmen,
Held in "TRUST" for the purpose of social security, retirement benefits, saving it for a rainy day, when the employee retired, he could use THIS FUND, by investing it, in the whichever manner , S/he deems fit, and use the annuity proceeds out of it, to cater to the needs of himself & his family.

Not only is the decision highly objectionable, risky & full of risk,
but also, full of malafide intention to defraud the wealth of the average "Workperson" of India .
By such investment, there is a huge risk, of wiping out the whatever growth, EPFO investibles are likely to have otherwise .
Normally, both EPFO as well as Retired Personell, invest in Bank FDs, RBI Bonds, NSC's, KVP's, LIC annuity based scheme, NEVER IN EQUITY, MUTUAL FUNDS OR SIPS!!!

It has been an experience, both during 1993 & 2000 stock market crashes, that, children of retired persons, misguided their parents, to invest in stock market, looking at the 20% gain.

What actually happened was,
The entire proceeds of their retirement benefit social security maturity investibles, were wiped out.
The same happened to Acharya Tulsi Trust funds, during C R Bhansali scandal.

More importantly,
This is the worst time to enter into the stock market.

The #BSE #Sensex as well as the sectoral indices are 133% to 190% above their 2013Q4 levels.
Graph here.
Sensex May 2013 to June 2014

Sectoral Indices 2012-2014
Index Watch see 52 week high/low ranges please.
Here are some relevant links
To support why EPFO Trust funds,
Must NOT be invested in Stocks & Equity Markets.
1. Sweeping reforms wipe out 2013 profits of Vatican Bank.

2. Meltdown of Late 2000s wikipedia.

3. CRB Scam & Acharya Tulsi.

4 Equity vs Debt ratio during advancing age.

5. Why Lehman Brothers collapsed.

6. JP Morgan Chase Europe fiasco.

7. What did the collapse (This is post mortem, Robert Dreyfuss & mine forewarning) of AIG mean to millions of people, who invested into peIndia, (read pension) funds.

8. What is the situation (A Compelling MUST READ OF TRUE STORIES OF PEOPLE LIKE ME & YOU Aam Aadmi/Common Man's Woes :( ) of American Middle Class families retirement planning &
pension funds.

9 Martin Feldstein,  HA!!! economic influencer MY FOOT

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

VenuG Presents: Android Phone Essentials for a Low Cost Phone. Micromax Unite 2 A106 Apps etc. Will be updated regularly as I use the phone.

I bought a new phone.
It is Micromax Unite 2 A106 review.

If you are a proud owner of a Micromax Phone
And you are in Kolkata
Here is the adress of the best Micromax Authorised Service Centre(ASC)

Tecnique Services,
16, Princep Street,
Opposite Embassy Hotel,
Kolkata 700 073
Telephone +913340071827
1. Chandni Chowk Metro Station.
2. E-Mall.
3. Orient Cinema.

Way to go from Dharmatolla/Esplanade. If coming from park street side(South Kolkata)
At CESC, take a right turn into Central Avenue.
If coming from ITO/Bentinck Street side(North Kolkata) take left into Central Avenue.
Cross Chandni Chowk Metro,
Praful Chandra Sarkar Street,
& E-Mall
Move ahead. Take the first left turn.
Immediately, you reach a road splitting into two,
Take the left turn.
This is Princep Street,
You now see Embassy Hotel on your right.
Bang opposite, you see a Micromax ASC symbol of the Orange Fist.
Enter the corridor, enter the 1st door, on your right,
At the counter turn left.
Climb the staircase to 1st floor.
You see a door, enter into an altogether different world
You came from a non descript shady looking place,
Into a hep office.
Take a token from the person handing them & wait patiently for your number to be called.
Trust me, after Nokia Service , which IMHO was 6sigma, this place is if not equal, it is as good as Nokia Service Centres of past.

If you are not in Kolkata
Tip visit the second option

You can also find the ASCs in your city, by sending an SMS
Locate the nearest Micromax service Centre through SMS
Type SSC your City Pin code
Send this SMS to 9212230707 ( SMS Charges Apply )

Why did i buy a new phone?

A) The screen of My MTV Volt bought on 14-4-2013 broke, but still,
That broke at Congo Square Jazz Fest , at Dalhousie institute, ( see Video ) Kolkata, in December 2013.
Still it worked beautifully, as I was wise enough
To apply a screen guard, which stuck the broken screen together,
I still love the phone, better than Micromax Unite 2 A106 for it's GUI, controls at the top, quick access to control buttons for data, flight mode, brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,
Volume controls, Sleep mode time, plus, its home screen had great options

B) Its battery was getting drained, could not charge it in power on position( i .e. Could not use it while charging)
I went to service centre.
They told me
Rs 2600 for the touch Screen, Rs600 for the new battery, Rs200 for thr new charger.
Will be supplied within 15-25 days!!!
(I am editing this on 8/10/2014, in between on 31/7/2014 my Micromax Unite 2 A106 developed a snag due to water seeping into its touchscreen, while driving in torrential rain.
I gave it to Technique services mentioned above, on 6/8/2014, who assured me to try to restore it, without any guarantee, which they did yesterday 7/10/2014, all this time, luckily for me, my MTV Volt stood me in good stead, and worked seamlessly & effortlessly!!!)
That's why I mentioned Technique Services in this post.

So Instead of spending Rs 3400 on an old phone, I bought a new KitKat Android phone
Price Rs 7200(8Gb internal memory NOT 4 In specs everywhere ONLINE!!!
 Plus Rs350 for screen Guard, Rs650 for its metal case. So totally Rs8200.

I had three phones before me.
Moto E vs Lava Iris X1 vs Micromax Unite 2 A106.

How I went about it.

Googled "Best Android Phones under Rs 10000 in India"

Got this link
Top 10 Android phones under Rs10000
Top 5 Android Kitkat Smartphones in India under Rs10000.

In both Moto E was no 1/10 & Micromax Unite 2/10 A106 No 2/5
Lava Iris X1 was No 9/10(yesterday) no 8/10(today) on 1st link
And 5/5 in second.

Still on specs Lava Iris X1 was much better than Moto E.
For Camera & removable batrery.

Would I buy a phone for Gorilla Glass only?
I'd be stupid if I did so!!!

Here is a comparison between Micromax Unite 2 & Moto E.

1 Read fonearena review of Micromax Unite 2 A106.
2 Read fonearena review of Lava Iris X1.
3 Compared Micromax Unite 2 with Lava Iris X1 on
99mobiles . Point to point except the Camera Lava Fell short.
I was buying a smartphone not a camera. Plus my MTV Volt phone is there
Works fine  . Is 8MP with dual flash. Can transfer pictures via bluetooth.
4 Compared on gadgetguide4u , Moto E , Micromax Unite 2 & Lava Iris X1. Moto E was NEVER AN OPTION TO ME!!!
5 Read Tech parameter benchmark tests on fone arena. THIS HIT THE NAIL
Micromax Unite 2 was the chosen one. It was no 2 & Lava nowhere near it.
Getting Moto E was a pain. Since, I had seen the lowest price Rs6862 at mobilestore online,  & Amazon India, I went to Brick & Mortar Shop.
Sneha, showed me and STRESSED ITS A 8GB PHONE SIR NOT 4 GB.
Price is Rs7450. I told her, I'd check at Mobile Store & come back. She dropped to Rs7250
I gave Sneha Rs100 as she said "If you buy now 7250 if later 7450, to which she understood, that i was a serious buyer.
I went to Mobile Store, when I asked the Salesperson "Micromax Unite 2 A106" he first gave me a scornful look, then advised me to approach at cash counter. The guy at cash counter, searched online on his computer systems & said, "stock mein nahin hai, 4 GB ka phone hai! Rs8000 ka hai"
1 Research online check lowest price. If you check price now, the online prices on fonearena are up from yesterday!!!
2 Go to Mom & Pop Sethji generic store, have a chat to storeperson. Be specific, ask fornphone+brand+os+model no.
"Micromax Unite 2 Android Kitkat 4.4.2 A106 4GB"
If there's an upgraded producHAI

 the storeperson will tell you and guide you perfectly
3 You may get a bargain at BigBazaar,
You must be joking!!!
9 times out of 10, you'd get an older out of production model, at a much much higher price.

Important reasons for avoiding Moto E & Lava Iris X1.:-

I bought Unite2 A106 8GB internal memory (Not 4Gb)
Better than Moto E
A) Camera(has flash)
B) Secondary Camera better.
C) More internal memory.
Better than Lava Iris X600
Which the only advantage is BETTER PRIMARY
Secondary camera is same 2MP

Can make space for lesser apps.
In Moto E & Lava X600 you get 638 Mb only
In Micromax Unite though it has 5 GB left shows 1183 Mb
In comparison between Micromax & Lava
Unite 2 wins hands down.
I bought unite 2 at Rs7200(has 8Gigs internal memory not 4 Gigs as mentioned above)
With screen guard & case Ra1000 have the best phone in the low priced categorycategory smartphones.
Plus you see All phones Samsung Galaxy S5/HTC/Sony do NOT HAVE
KITKAT 4.4.2 Hai !!!
Unless you're a camera nazi this is THE BEST SMARTPHONE AS ON DATE

Now coming to Apps.
Before I tell you about Apps, let me give you a solution to a common problem,
faced by almost all of us Android users, while downloading apps from google play store!!!
"Unknown Error Code 961"
This is the solution.
Kindly PAY ATTENTION, to what AndroidPit tells you about the "paid app"

1.Browser: One of the 1st things that I do whenever I acquire a new phone is,
If the phone does nit have it, download Opera Browser. I know people use Chrome & Firefox, I NEVER USE FIREFOX, Use UC/Chrome when I write my blog post like this, because, because, ever since Google acquired Blogger, it is no longer supported on Opera  For my rest of browsing, Opera Rocks.
1 Opera
2 Chrome
3 UC
4 Firefox.

2. Social.
Tweetcaster(Great but has lag.Tweets come slowly & late, it has very huge time lag  But you cant tweet & put that on Facebook simultaneously,
Without using #fb )
Twicca(extra light twitter client with loads of great utilities.)For its speed it is better than tweetcaster, has similar utilities too)
3 Photo Social.

Video player
UX Screenshot

Tune-In Radio is the Playstore editors choice.

Sandisk memory manager
Helps manage files, helps upload pictures to cloud storage & Facebook & also tests the internet speed available.
Music Apps

Advance Download Manager

YouTube Downloader Tube Mate
Not available on play store
Download via Google search.

Android Keyboard Swiftkeys

Photo editing apps

Photo effects Pro
BeFunky labs (has watermark issue in free app)
Photoshop Touch $4.99 if professional photographer its worth it.
Above all
You're on Google
Snapseed it edits online on Google Plus.

Links to read
1 11 Android photo Apps
2 9 Toolkits for Photographers
3 Best photography Apps on Android 2014
4 Best FREE image editor for Android

Video editing
Sucks on Android
Only one good app & its paid app.

1 androidauthority
2Thenextweb "so you bought an android phone now download these Apps"
3 5 video editors for Android jump to page 2&  read about
4 The best free video editor on playstore is MAGISTO 4.3* rating.
5 35 must have free apps no 1 is PicsArt. :)
6 10 best apps of 2014,you must have
7 25 Best Android Free apps.
8 10 pro apps for university presentations

Will list the must have after a week of using.
But can vouch for Tweetcaster, Whatsapp, Line,
TubeMate, MX player, UX Screenshot, Opera browser,
PicsArt which I've used frequently.

That's why all advertising & filmmaking creatives Love Apple iPhone m
Will add more in a week I promise ok.
Good Night.