Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breaking Ice

This could be my life , yours . Any middle aged married couple .. With budget issues .. Fights .. Stress .. Depression .. Relationship Problems , Faked Orgasm, Erectile Dysfunction ,

My On the spur of moment .. My attempt at Fiction
Short Story
She was looking Steamy Hhott with Cotton White Kurta .. See through .. & A Floral Patiala .. I have gifted it to Her ..

I said .. You're looking great .. Today .. She: Bas Bas .. I: wow I feel like touching you .. She: don't look at me ..

I: I'm not looking @ you I'm looking thru you .. She looks away ( she's smiling ) Your dress .. I can look clearly @ your Bra lining .. Which is Trylo .. White .. Cotton .. Lace .. Front button with a flower @ the centre over the Bra Hook !

She: Don't touch me ! I: I don't need to touch you, I can feel you .. I can feel my finger touching you all over .. She Don't look @ me .. I: I dream of you .. She You can't .. I don't do anything you stop me .. But my mind is out of control .. you or I can't control it

She stands turns puts her face in hands .. I can see her Laughing

The Ice is Melting & Ganga Flows
I Find my mind flooded .. Nodey Elo Baan ( River is foaming water is flooding )

Aaj Tasbiri ki Khair Nahin :)

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