Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ami pan indian ahey

hey beta udhav
on the tune of Hey!! Fatty bom bom
sweet sugar dumpling


Hey beta uddhav
hey raj bhau
hey bala tau
hey joshi sahu

just because i m a north indian
dont think im afraid of a ban
i will sell bhel
or a pan
i respect constitution

hey uncle mohan
speak louder go on
hey dada vinay
why do you say nay

just because theres a vote in north
too many cooks just spoil the broth
right thinks gon n the left says its on
whats this wretched confusion

hey buddy rane
gaye kaunse gane
kehna kyo na mane
mujhe de aaney

Hey copycat is CM CHAVHAN
ask them to speak marathi even if they caint
sallu saif aamir or even shahrukh khan
they're citizens of hindustan
why allow sena to break window pane's

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