Wednesday, August 10, 2011

High time people will notice the ill-effects of bought privacy! .. Ban Blackberry looking at What happened in London Riots

#LondonRio​ts are a clear & present Danger for Security Agencies. #RIM & #Blackberr​y 's Highly encrypted messaging is a threat to Mankind ( My Tweet on 9th August 2011)
And Thus spake as a reaction , 18 year old @kkrfankaunteya A.K.A. Kaunteya Ghosh a great blogger & a brilliant intelligent & lucid story teller in a telling remark ..

High time people will notice the ill-effects of bought privacy!

If an 18 year old can speak with such clarity then why is the Ministry of Home Affairs rescheduling & giving it more time .. It is strange that in a vibrant Democracy that India is , Suresh Kalmadi , Kanimozhi & Raja are Jailed and a threat to the Nation , Huewaei on Cell phone service provider & RIM on Blackberry , Posco foreigners being accommodated ?

Ban Blackberry I demand looking at the LondonRiots !!! Else some such incidents will happen in India

Here is how I reacted to Kaunteya .. Who is one of my numerous young , talented & bright young .. proteges :)

Ah dear boy .. How's ya my Boy .. Hmm how's studies going on ? Everythings fine ? Research in Motion have been warned for finding roundabout way , so that security agencies could intercept , mails, messages & bb chat via .. Blackberry
They were given time upto December 2010 , but extended upto july .. Govt is yet to take a decision .. Looking @ a million blackberry users , mainly on business front .. They'd go paranoid .. To them a day without blackberry is Failure

But country of 1.3bn is more important than a million blackberry users

Blackberry's encryption de-cryptor wasn't created & the creator of Encryption process doesn't work with RIM .. What an excuse !

Had an Indian firm be at the wrong end of Law .. The Media would bay for the Government blood ..

In India any Mistake by a Multinational Firm like Union Carbide , Penguin , Boeing , Singapore Airline .. Strange ways of the Indian Media

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