Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A stitch in time saves nine...A real story how I got the point across this is ha ha ha like my buddy Pramod Gupta would end ...

We were three trainers @our Training Center in Delhi.
We were told, before our core banking platform roll out, 
Our attenders(office boys all aged 50+) be re-oriented. 
This was Delhi, the guys were originally from Delhi hinterland, up, Haryana, Punjab and Garhwal & Uttar Pradesh
All were just 8th class pass & mental level / IQ was rustic & low. 
Now on the third day, The Principal of the Training Center, who, a learned man, an MBA & Doctorate in English.
So it was naturally left to him, to take the English phrases and idioms class. 
He chose among many the phrases
 'A stitch in time saves nine'
He tried hard many a time , but failed to to enlighten.
A Hindi faculty member was sounded.
He started with ' kal kare so aaj kar ' but they kept asking 
'sir yo Tanka kade lagya ' ?? 
Now all the faculty used to sit in our bosses class, he enquiringly looked @me. 
I pondered for a minute on number 9, 
called our attender(peon) Basesar Singh and asked him in rustic Haryanvi
" Bhai ,  kitne balak Ssai thaare ? " 
He replied "Saab zee 8'' 
"to Bhai 9 wa kyun Nna Hoya ?"
 "Saab zee Phair Tanka lagwa liya " 
"to yo Tanka gar  is taime ka Tanka Nnaa hota ?
To nauwey bachchey Se Nnaa bachawe thaa Nnaa ?
Hambhey Saab Zee 
So taime ka laga Tanka 9 sey bachaawey
Aagi Baat Samajh Bhai ?

:)) ha ha
Real story of a Class room training
 My Facebook Note dated 20th May 2010

28th June 2011 

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