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World Music Day Tuesday 21st June 2011 My list of World Music. The Best with Links on wikipidea Yenjoy


Hope you like the use of Google Doodle
This is my choice.. I'm sorry if I failed to satisfy you
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Music is like Sex to me
It turns me on
I get immediate orgasmic spasms in my heart and soul whenever I hear ANY MUSIC

Will start with a Malayalam Devotional Song
Kani Kaanum Neram  Lyrics
The song is played at Dawn at 4:00 AM in my birthplace Cherpur, Thrissur Kerala, in 
our Family Temple Yes we are the trustees of The Village temple

P Leela

Sri Guruvayurappa
I will end with a Marwari Maand by Allah jilai Bai, Kesariya Balam , Ao ne , Padharo Mhare Des

Read and watch all the videos to enjoy real World music
Good Night

My view is Dance the body Music, Music Makes Me Haapy ( The Osibisa song)

so I Thank You for the Music ( The AbbA song)

1. The Best Song in any other languaguage than Hindi, English, Marwari, Marathi & Malayalam my 5 mother tongues is a mozambiquan song Ramayaa by Akric Somone
first heard on SLBC ( Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation ) my one source for great music in the late 70's

A) The Video


2 I'll be there BEFORE THE NEXT TEARDROPS FALL FREDDIE FENDER , with mexican words

A) Video

B) Lyrics

3 Malaika Swahili Miriam Makeba & Usha Uthup

A) Miriam Makeba Version

Boney M version

Usha Uthup Version absent will search later

B) Lyrics

C) Wikipedia 

Pata Pata By Miriam Makeba

4 Volares Italian Domenico Modugno ;

A) Domenico Modugno version
Dean Martin

Dean Martin Version

Lyrics Dean Martin Version

C ) Wikipedia Modungo & Martin

5 Russian Alla Pugacheva Million Roses

A) Youtube

6) Nena-99 Luftballons new version (2009) with lyrics Duetsch German

A1) YouTube english

A2 YouTube German

C) Wikipedia Nena

7 Soul Makosa Manu Dibango Afrikaan Soul Funk

A) YouTube

B) Lyrics

8) Osibisa Woyaya Ghanaian Afrikaans

 Hindi Bollywood song based on the song Purvaiya

What they're famous for Dance the body Music

Ojah e Ojha Awake by Osibisa
LOOK AT LEFT FOR MORE OSIBISA SONGS BY GOING TO YOUTUBE INCLUDING Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram and a 28 song playlist too

C) wikipedia Osibisa

"The Hindu" article I have seen them thrice & R D Burman has used them and was very infulenced by them

9 PeterChan sing popular Mandarin song- Ye Lai Xiang

A) Video on YouTube

B) Lyrics no lyrics no links
Its China Logical ain't it ?
so an alternative Mandipop link

10 Finally Indian Marwari Kesariya Balam Padharo mhare des by Most Famous Rajasthani song Late Allah Jilai Bai
Kesaria Balam by Allah Jilai Bai

Kesaria Balam by Mehdi Hassan
Sultan Khan on Sarangi
Ustad Zakir Hussein Khan on Tabla  
rare piece of video

Maand Raag

A) Video

B) Lyrics LATER UFF I WILL HAVE TO POST IT NOT FOUND ! Dor version lyrics 

I Hope you liked my list i will enlarge and also refine some of the wikipedia articles, especially on Osibisa and Allah Jilai Bai & lyrics of Kesariya Balam absent from the web. I will create it, Kesariya by Alla Jilai Bai is the marwari Anthem, it is like Bulleshah of punjabi or dhama dham mast kalandar of Sindhi

Free gift 10% 11th song Sindhi
By final

Later additions 
1 Chinnai Chinai Asha from Roja ( Tamil )  Composer A.R Rahman, singer Mini Mini

2 Now a very peculiar and typical example of common factors in Indian Classical music in 2 styles Carnatic Classical Music and Hindustani Classical Music. Raaga Hamsadhwani in Carnatic and Malkauns in Hindustani, see  5 examples , K J Yesudas singging Hamsadhwani, Ustad Aamir Khan Saheb singing Malkauns, full, Bengali film music using Malkauns, Laagi lagan, Hindi Bollywood film music , Ja Tose nahi boloon kanhaiya, on Malkauns .

 Vatapi Ganapathim Bhaje hum Singer K J Yeshudas Composer Muthuswwami Dikshitar, based on Raag Hamsadhwani, ( Detailed note on Techniccals of Hamsadhwani on Wikipedia and also Malkauns ) on adi taalam in Carnatic Classical music 
and ( Malkauns in Hindustani Music ) and added bonus a GREAT  Hamsadhwani Playlist with lyrics of Vatapi Ganapathim
1 Laagi Lagan A Kanan in Meghe Dhaka Tara 
2 Ustad Amir Khan singing Raag Malkauns
3 Jaaa Tose nahi bollon kanhaiya Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey 
4 Pushpabharanam by K J Yesudas, based on Hamsadhwani, from Malayalam movie  Chandrakantham 
Vatapi Ganapathim Bhaje Hum

3 Los Del Rio Macarena 

4 Didi Cheb Khaled    rai music from Algeria 

5 Egyptian Music for Melly Dancing Maryem Tollar Mayya Mayya film Guru & A R Rahman Album of A  World of Music 2008   <=| ONE MUST SAMPLE THIS LINK Rahman is truly World Music 

 Singara velane deva still a Tamil CLASSIC CHARTBUSTER covered by thousands even NOW !!!
, Nice song from the movie Konjum Salangai(TAMIL-1962 FROM Gemini Studios)., Singer : Smt. S. Janaki , Nadhaswaram by Karukkurichi Shri. P.Arunachalam ( A GREAT CLASSICAL MUSICIAN) Composer S M Subbaiah Naidu . Actors Gemini Ganeshan and Savithri, My Laate Dad Pointed this song to me in Early childhood , when I wsa 12 

7 Bob Marley No Women no Cry (Special Version Very Rare) Rastafarian 

8 Marathi Dhagala lagali kala Pani Thim Thim Gara Koli song 

9 Surangani (itss vulgar ok :)  ♫ Baila Hits of Sri Lanka ♫ Surangani

9 a Non-Stop Baila Medley 


10 Gaana from Chennai Slums . Colloquial music Uluganathan 
 Evergreen Hit Gana Ulagam Vol 1 song - Chinna Chinna Vayasule

 Tamil Gana Song, Must Listen Hot Song

no regular instruments used, drums, buckets etc 

-INT.ZONE*BB KIng*Eric Clapton*Buddy Guy*Jimmie Vaughan**Rock Me Baby**
Rhythm and Blues RARE GREAT VIDEO


 Reggae playlist jAMAICA rUM N cOCA cOLA :P

13 Banana Boat Song Harry Belafonte

14 Sesame Street BuHaHaHa 
With what shall I mend it dear liza dear liza There's a hole in the bucket dear liza a hole :-)))))
Harry Belafonte and Odetta Sesame Street

15 The Zombies She's not there.

15 a Carlos Santan changes it totally with Samba beats and guitars

16 Thank God Its Friday TGIF Playlist (mine ) Disco era with Giorgio Moroder Paul Jabar Donna Summer 13 vdieos , has Cocaine by Clapton too dunno why, mebbe i thought about Fridays in my yourh :=) 

 17 James Last Play List  47 videos 

18 Stars on 45 Playlist Awesome 12 vdeos 

19 Girogio Moroder Playlist 47 videos Electronica

20 Biddu Appaiah Playlist  from Klausfenix check his Favorite Videos consisting of 267 videos THE BEST OF 1990' Yanni, Biddu, Boney M Eruptions Even Mera Naam Joker !!! Abba Madonna Great, also his Rock, 70's & 80's & Latino lists is awesome


21 Sandstorm by La Bionda Playlist

And 22 Freak Out A.K.A. Le Freak by Chic Playlist 

Shubh Ratri
Shabba Khair
Good Night
Guten Nacht
Naaley Kaanam
Bon Nuit
Jhuley laal banayo raakhey
Raam Raam Sa

Wish you all music lover a happy
21st June 2011
Revised 21st June 2012

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