Wednesday, September 26, 2012

VenuG Presents: The way I Mentor & I succeed, ALWAYS!. Tips to Mentoring.

This is a free flowing ex-temporal post, withing seconds of my telecon with a Girl Called Urvashi, who happens to be the daughter of one of my esteemed colleagues.
On a blog which she asked me to search by her email, I am not telling you which blog, I am not telling any names, you have to take my word, that, even if THIS Urvashi, is NOT THAT Urvashi, I have changed the course of her life. I take pride is boasting, that, I can turn the most pessimistic/depressed/suicidal kid, to believe in themselves, and get that confidence, that the skill sets they have, are above average, and they MUST, themselves, have confidence in themselves, and if and when they do, YES THEY CAN!

             Have for 28 years continued to replicate this confidence building, in scores of young kids(the 1st being a B.Sc undergrad who completed her M.B.A. from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai ( at that time I myself had just cleared my M.Com and taken up my 1st job, and yes cleared the IAS twice already. in spite of being a Third division Graduate(my percentage in my B.Com was 44.9% but I had the University top marks in Commercial Law & English) .I am proud to post my marks on my facebook bio
feel free to cross check.

Hello Urvazee,

Is this The Urvashi I talked to ? Lets hope it is.
If it is I was mighty pleased to talk to you, and what YOU are doing, is the best thing for you.
Since YOU are doing, what YOU like, which is also your PASSION, and you are following it with full devotion,
My child, the time has come for you to make it grow, think of getting your own office, start planning to engage some employees, let them employees be "GIRLS" ONLY. Because, if YOU an educated GIRL, helps another GIRL, you are doing justice to your education.

Even if you are not THAT Urvashi, whom I talked to, treat it as an identical message. I am impressed by your writing skills, it is time, you wrote a book, which was sold on flipkart. I am a VERY SELFISH MAN, I want the first signed copy, if you DO PUBLISH, THE Address is on the 1st blog, which post I won't tell you, when you WILL WRITE A BOOK, I am pretty sure, you shall spend that much energy, finding that address, it is

my official adress, and I am Google able, as any conceivable link to my janampatri, is on my 1st blog.
Bon Nuit.
Guten Nacht.

check my blog-post no 1 (if you like it, but looking at this blog of yours , you whould like more of my

other blogs:

A) (Poetry)
(Travel )

Following your blog as it is wonderful writing and, is very good in narrative. The way you tell a story is appreciable, especially I liked the

earlier post Jalebi.

And my comment on this poem, ya, everyone does, but you just have to look at THAT girl in a higher Age bracket.
Do this
Reading your poem, I copy pasted the following stanzas:

" My Life ain't short of girls if that is what you think
But none matches my wavelength, to whom i can link

I want a girl to praise my awful dressing sense
And promise to take me to shopping in a dense "

In the above stanza's try to replace the word "girl" your
Mom/Amma/Ma/Mummy/Biji/Aai/Mater/Metre/Madre or whatever name you call her by!!!

After all there is a "GIRL" in your Mom, just that you don't look her in "THAT" way, the problem is not with her :)NOT WITH YOU EVEN!!!
The problem is with YOUR EYE, it is wearing a yellow Chashma. So everything, what you see, seems to look with a shade of yellow. Just take of

THAT spectacle of your Consciousness, and look at your mother, as that mother
1 Whom you told when you first had THAT(Am not specifying what THAT is every women past 14 knows what THAT is!)
2 Whom you confessed, when you had the first crush, may be that way, but that you liked "him"
3 Told about your first affair.
4 told about what you wanted to do in LIFE
5 Whose shoulder you wept whenever you felt sad/bad/bitter of any thing, or person which/who hurt you.
6 Who not only consoled you, comforted you, hugged you, rubbed your back, but also understood what you meant, and supported you to the last T

  Since she had fed you for 279 days through umbilical chord, and nearly 1-3 years , depending on how much you needed the breast feed, who

walked you to the school, on your 1st day at school.

Wasn't she there? Isn't she still there?

Dear Urvashi,
After you read this, even if it is 2 at night, your mother is sleeping, go and give her a [hug]
softly not waking her, and repeat it, every time, you are with her all your life.

I promise you, your hug, will be reciprocated, by a warm squeeze, of her soft arms, around your body.

If this happens, then, she is that friend, if it doesn't, I forewarn you, it is that you hugged her without compassion or warmth.

Keep Smiling

Moral of the Story: Mother is the best friend of any Girl, and a Girl child, is the best child of a parent(better than the male child, always

caring for her parents, even after her marriage, childbirth, or even after becoming a mother-in-law. #Venuspeak

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