Saturday, September 1, 2012

When to write a Blog Post and how. How To Make your Blog Popular. Thanks Harish Krishnan from for the Best Tip

When Harish Krishnan @Harishk from @blogadda , was Goading, Pushing & Coaxing me to Write THIS MTV Roadies 9 @MTVroadies_9 Blog Post quickly, I got the best Blogging Tip of my Life
" Write when the issue is HOT AND CURRENT , people will search those key words on Google and your Blog will become popular " 
 Please Look at this Picture, they are my best read Blog Posts

Dear Bloggers, remember this tip All the 10 posts, be it On R D Burman, or or Rajesh Khanna or MTV Roadies9 or World Cup Cricket, Semi Final against Australia, they were topical, at that time. MTV Roadies9 blog is my 2nd topmost post and the videos in that blog also are most searched and viewed videos. So Thank you Harish. It was great education, and it was an honour to help Blogadda.

Look how my top viewed video's on my channel get searched and why.

The next most viewed videos.

Check the LINK TO find change from today that 1st September 2012 to date
Video's No 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, & 17

Video no's 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15  are songs sung by me and 18 is a video interview of my son's friend Ashish reviewing Ra.One to disprove @mihirfadnavis views that Ra.One is a bad movie.

The songs are generic songs , robindra sangeet, my self written song on Mother's Day, marwari song encyclopedia. 

                      Why they get viewed or read is Google. Trust me, do not expect any twitter follower, facebook friend to promote your blog/video unless you are a @iamsrk Shahrukh Khan, @ipoonampandey Poonam Pandey, @SunnyLeone Sunny Leone or @bipsluvsu Bipasha Basu or @shreyaghoshal Shreya Ghoshal. 

The proof of my bREAD Pudding is here 
Some Blog & YouTube Analytics and Statistics
All Time Source of Traffic
See the size of Traffic from Google!!!

All Time Source of Traffic Search Keywords
Prominent Search Words
Amar Jyoti Kalita (Guwahati Molester on account of My @JusticeForWomen Post)
Indecent Proposal ( I Posted this at midnight when Demi Moore @mrskutcher 
Was Hospitalized  )
Search " Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal God What a Beautiful Woman " on Google
& You get my post
Try Searching "@ random poetry blog by VenuG" 
on Google search, images, news, YouTube
Everywhere something crops up
So Thank You Harish Krishnan
@Harishk your tip helped me in more ways than I could THEN perceive.
Thre key words that I developed all along are
" @ random poetry VenuG "
" VenuG "
" Venuspeak "
Look what searching VenuG on Google images does

Monthly Source of Traffic
Here stumbleupon is throwing my blogpost

Week's Source of Traffic
Most of the traffic comes from or or or

Day's Source of Traffic
All traffic from Google

Now Source of Traffic
i.e. 1St September, 2012, 16:36 Hrs.
Again all traffic from Google

If you click the above link you will be surprised
in spite of my best efforts to promote my best music video
also my featured video has just 391 views as on date
And I assure you, it is technically and musically my best ever :)

30 day YouTube Views including Monetized Views

30 day YouTube Views Top 10 Videos

30 day YouTube Views Geographically

30 day YouTube Views Date wise

30 day YouTube Views Demographically

30 day YouTube View Playback Locations
Mostly from YouTube & Mobile devices
Here I always use the word VenuG on all videos

30 day YouTube View Traffic Source
Here Mobile apps 45% YouTube Search 45% & Google Search is just 8%
Lesson to Musicians
There is no Point in promoting your video's via Facebook
Twitter works better
Why I say this? Mobile apps are for Twitter!!!

Audience Retention Small Videos
More views go full duration

Audience Retention Medium Videos
5% views go full duration

Audience Retention Very Long Videos
1% views go full duration

Audience Retention Good Videos
More views go full duration

Audience Retention International; Videos
More views go full duration

I hope that this analysis shall help fellow bloggers and sopcial media enthusiasts to decide what to post when, to attract maximum traffic, This effort is purely done to help fellow bloggers. I do not have any intention to brag or boast. I just wan't to share how My Key words " @ random poetry VenuG " " VenuG " and " Venuspeak " help me on Google, YouTube .

Also my hash-tags #VenuSpeak / #VenuQuote #VenuShair or #PoetryIn OneMinute , help me on Twitter to allow people to search my content and read or follow them regularly.

Saturday, 1St September, 2012

Keep Smiling


  1. PS: After publishing it and posting it on my Facebook Status and tweeting the link on twitter, still , traffic source from Google is 6, from Twitter is 1 and from Facebook is A BIG ZERO!!!




    Keep Smiling & Happy Weekend

    Keep Blogging using my blogging tips.

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