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Kaha Raja Bhoj aur Kahan Gangu Teli: The Glaring Similarity between USA2012 & INDIA2014 NaMo Obama styles of communications. But There ends the similarity US and India are not the same

Before London Olympics Usain Bolt lost many races, but when it came to Olympics Gold Medalm he had not one but three around his neck. Moral of the story is, perform when it is needed, Peak at the right time. Like India did in World Cricket Cup and Usain Bolt did.

This Photo says it all

Three medals of Usain Bolt

See  where the Cursor is Pointing to
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Of Barrack Obama
Classic WTF situation.
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  The Modi  Hang Out with Ajay Devgan is similar to AMA by Barrack Obama, but I am reminded by the story of a monkey aping everything his master does, and when he uses his masters razor to shave his beard of, he cuts himself. Simply copying someone, you do not become someone. Be yourself.

Yesterday #ModiHangout was a rage on Twitter, Internet Hindus were shouting at the rooftop. Even the media, frightened by Mr Narendra Modi's backlash against some members of the English media, printed articles singing praises of Mr Modi, lest he become the PM. This article by Aakar Patel on livemint is one such example. Everyone knows that Mr Patel is known to raise controversies, and his way of getting read is sensationalism, as was his earlier article about Carnatic Music and South Indians. Here is the link on Aakar Patel's Modinama :) Aakar Patel had also written his Blockbuster on Modinomics in the Outlook Budget 2012 Special, detailing his trader background being a Ghanchi or "Oil Presser" of the Teli community in Gujarat, to which also belongs Mr Aakar Patel, as well as the famous Gujarat BJP stalwart now out of news Mr Keshubhai Patel, who is a Patel and more importantly, The Father of The Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. So Mr Aakar Patel is the chairperson of the cheerleader. team for Mr Narendra Modi. He has written umpteen articles praising Mr Modi. So the telia raja's of Gujarat are scratching each others back, but in Saurashtra, Mr Modi's own backyard, Farmers are daily committing suicides. 

    I wish to also tell you one breaking news, which is that in Bikaner District an illiterate auto driver Babu decides the world prices of Guar seeds and  Groundnut Oil. This is Divided States of India and not United States of America. What happens in US is impossible in India EVER!!!

                 Mr Narendra Modi has been trying to hijack the KHAM(Kshatriya+Harijan+ Adivasi +Muslim vote bank politics of congress) by weaning away the Harijans and the Adivasis away from the congress party in Gujarat. Mr Modi is using the same tricks that Congress uses to win elections, to defeat congress IN GUJARAT ( Please note my highlighting the word in Gujarat)

Here I would like to highlight

A) What works for Mr Modi in Gujarat, will not happen all over the country. India is not Gujarat!
B)  The Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Bapu he uses so frequently was assasinated by a known member of the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh Nathuram Godse, by gunshot wounds.

YouTube India had this tweet

 starts @ 8 PM. Catch it LIVE at Get a chance to speak with Face-To-Face 

Vinod Sharma said

1.6 million monitors, 20,000 questions. A blockuster 

Not Dr Manmohan Singh

OMG! I hadn't spoken in my entire life as much as Modi did last night. 

 Shjiv Aroor

HAHAHA! True! Conceded :D "Agar main na hota to unki rozi roti ka kya hota."~ Modi about the media.  

The HinduExpress

 showed the place to English media when he threw Karan Thapar out. He answered the same questions asked by Shahid Siddiqui 

 In spite if the above, I can say confidently this is a failure. At The hustings in India 2014 Social Media is a big Zero. Caste, Creed, Religion, Regionalism, and Freebies, NREGA, Subsidies on kerosene, fertilizer, agriculture debt waivers matter In India
Harish Gupta

Americans should line up for Indian visas, not vice-versa. Now, that is what is called visionary.


Secularism is not a political tool. The day vote bank politics ends, India will acquire its true secular character. 

Let me analyse the similarity between US2012 & India2012.

1 Both Mr Barrack Obama @BarrackObama on twitter & Mr Narendra Modi @narendramodi on twitter, use social media Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and SMS, extensively to connect & communicate with their support base and constituency, which IN TODAY'S TIME IS though NECESSARY, but cannot be said as a sure shot success.

2 The opponent of Mr Barrack Obama a Roman Catholic, is  opposed by Governor Mr Mitt Romney a Mormon Church follower who in the GOP , leading to Presidential nomination, defeated a Protestant & Hawkish Senator, Mr John McCain. who is said to be a war monger. the example of his views are explained in this tweet by


There is no protestant in the race for the 1st time ever in US Presidential elections.

3 In India UPA will not declare its Prime Ministerial candidate before the election results are declared and the Congress Parliamentary party meets. In India Mr Narendra Modi A Non Jan Sanghi and for the first time a Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh ex pracharak & Ghanchi/Teli is most likely to defeat The Jan Sanghi & upper caste, Lal Krishna Advani to become NDA's Prime Ministerial Candidate. I used the word most likely, because many of the NDA constituents like Mr Naveen Patnaik of BJD and Mr Nitish Kumar of JD(U) opposes Mr Narendra Modi's candidature.

If we go by similarities, the economic policies adopted by Mr Barrack Obama & Dr. Manmohan Singh ARE SIMILAR and That of Mitt Romney & Mr Narendra Modi are similar, and that of Mr Lal Krishna Advani & Senator John McCain are identical. If you read Absolute Khushwant, the final autobiographic of Khushwant Singh, he Mr Singh highlights Mr Advani as the 1 person responsible to break the social and secular fabric of India and generate a hatred towards Muslims in the country, indicating as though all Muslims are Anti India.. So Obama = Singh, Romney = Modi & McCain + Advani. Is the picture clear NOW?

So In Gist

Mr Modi Conducted #ModiHangOut like Mr Obama did #AMA Ask Me Anything

Full Video of #ModiHangOut

Zomero on  #ModiHangOut

What the Modi Guys did not do is have a #AMA transcript like this :-) Nakal mein bhi akal ki zaroorat padhti hai.

There are great deal of similarities between Mr Obama & Mr Singh on one hand and Mr Romney & Mr Modi on the second and Mr McCain & Mr Advani on the third hand.

  But why do I say Mr Modi will not be the next Prime Minister of India?

Let me start my deduction, by something that I have proved beyond doubt by predicting Anna Hazare's 25Th July Fast vide my Post earlier " Will Anna Hazare Dharna on 25TH July 2012 at Jantar Mantar, Delhi Succeed ? " We all know IAC and The Janlokpal movement has used social media constituents like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. But did they succeed? No? Why? IAC , Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal & Janlokpal Movement and to some extent ( apart from crowd sourcing Baba Ramdev failed to succeed in their endeavor to put spoke in the UPA II wheel was because

A) They were only restricted to BIMARU, HINDI SPEAKING, UPPER CASTE HINDU, TRADING, PHARMA, DOCTORS, CA'S LAWYERS, GRAIN MERCHANTS. They did not have support of farmers, labour, minorities like Muslims and Jains as well as 50% of rational middle class. Those who were not Rabid Hindus. .
B) The social media is restricted to 2% of the Indian Masses and with 2% penetration no one in India can succeed in any mass movement.

  Mr Modi has to Hang Out side the Lok Sabha and Hang Out side Delhi. This is clear to me.


1 India is not USA!
2 The demographic situation of US is quite differrent from India, where as US has purely Christian Population overwhelmingly, India has 1 US OF 37 communities including that of Teli's


I WROTE THAT , in India there exist 37 communities, which each one of them is bigger than the total population of United States of America, hence I call India that is Bharat as " The Divided States of India "

3 My very good friend Mr Mahesh Murthy ( @maheshmurthy ) and his firm Pinstorm ( @Pinstorm ) has this " Lost of Indian Influencers "  thanks to Mahesh's & Pinstorm's effort yours truly, a middles class PSU Banker, son of a poor private company Chief Excecutive of a Bania firm, whose last retirement pay (after 40 years of service) was less than 50% of my pay. I am no 285 on this list on Onam Day today maybe 295.. If you click that Link and see where @narendramodi stands based on @kred @peerindex @klout scores, he is at No 12. And pray who is No 1 ? It is @ShashiTharoor the ex UN Diplomat and now the MP from Ottapalam. a smile lowly MP , not even a Minister or Chief Minister!!! On that list from 1 to 11 7 known Congress Supporters are present . Check it. It also includes at 2 @sardesairajdeep who Internet Hindus call the kingpin of #PaidMedia !!! 

I will show you the proof  I am no 285 lest you disbelieve me :D
Rank on 20/7/2012 No 262 in India
Here my tweets were around 300 a day. 
Rank on 20/8/2012 No 311 In India ( decline on account of my losing Nokia E63)
I do not tweet that often these days, my twitpics and video content has gone down drastically,
Rank on 30/8/2012 No 285 in India ( onAccount of my Onam tweets)
By blog output has increased so have Facebook likes lately.

Today my rank is 295, that is because, for the last 5 days from Onam, I hardly tweeted. 

If you look at the list it includes Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty who are above Mr Modi on the influencer list and are known INC supporters. Ajay Devgan is not even on the list of 100 samjhey bewakoofon!!! , so does Dalai Lama. Imagine Shilpa Shetty, should be a chief minister of some states, if we were to believe Mr Aroor & Mr Sharma s tone of tweets. The Internet Hindus forget, ABEYAAR we were taught every day, "India is a *krishi pradhaan* ( Agriculture oriented) Country and 70% of the deshwasi ( countrymen ) subsisted directly and indirectly on Agriculture!!!

Further Let us look at the colorful Map on the basis of Who rules India

In the above, BJP gets Delhi & Rajasthan, but loses MP & Chattisgarh. & Karnataka.
Udissha & Bihar are fence sitters
If Mr Modi leads NDA They quit NAD Out of 3 browns 2 vanish.
These are the facts of India, which NDA and the Internet Hindus have to realise.
Gallup Polls and surveys are as good as the sample size.

TAM Fraud exposed and what I say always, that ad revenue of Doordarshan is high and deservedly so, because Doordarshan covers 78% of the Indian Population. Dish Tata Airtel & Videcon DTH around 8% and rest are Mso's like Hathaway's Cable. Had Doordarshan not carried Satyameva Jayate, it would have flopped, Because the target audience was not twiterrati. Some south kolkata waso's were dissing Satyameva Jayate and I showed them 15 bills of the same generic medicine, cheapest at SSKM & Costliest at Fortis!!! to shut them up.

 Let us also see the Map on Lok Sabha on which Mr Modi must be rated. There, NDA is sstill worse. In Lok Sabha elections, Voter does not support or vote much to regional party, during LS Elections, India becomes United States of India, and votes with a pattern. That pattern mainly echoes the farm inputs and agricultural debt waiver and government sponsored schemes like NREGA & TV/SAREE like stuff adopted in UP Bihar & Tamil Nadu.

The only way UPA cannot regain powere is If both TMC & NCP leave the UPA and join NDA, the chances of both being bleak. The above map shows a lot of Red Bastions. They are all blue now. The UP will become pinker, and Rajasthan  Yeloower. Delhi is a very difficult to predict, in Lok Sabha elections, because, lot of confidenbt candidates like Vijay Kumar Malhotra have lost elections from Delhi.

Internet Mobile & Telephone density

Internet Density

inks tell you details that the whiter the map more the density, which means US & Europe, sopcial media can sway elections in US and Europe, but not in India

Ha Ha Ha Population & Internet Density

Link 3 on wikipedia

Finally, what people do not understand that, being a predominantly Christian majority country, where church plays major role in which party will/should come to power. In India  SC/ST/OBC/Muslim voters vote en masse. BJP is only influential on OBC's but not on SC/ST's and it is a BIG ZERO, when it comes to Muslimes.

This is a tip, that I  give to NDA in general and BJP in particular for FREE. In the last 1 year, comman man has taken an opposite view on any subject which was supported by BJP and Media covered it extensively, and so have the political parties. Hence overuse of media for promotion by BJP is strictly counter productive
Lately, as per my reports the farmers of Gujarat are not happy with the Modi Government, whereas Farmers have no grouse against INC . So in my opinion " Kankar Paathar Baanch ke Masjid lai chunaye, Chat chad mulla baang dey kya behra hyai khudai? " This is what Kabir Das ji wrote in 6Th Century BC, which means , by collecting stones and pebbles you have built a Mosque, now the Mullah is shouting from its Roof ( for muezzin call) , is God Deaf? 

The following reasons indicate, that BJP/NDA may actually not succeed in India2014, in spite of all the  brouhaha, cacophony and din.

1 The BJP has peaked too early

2 BJP are in  trap, if they chose Mr Modi, they lose votes, if they do not chose Mr Modi, they lose votes( Modi supporters will vote for UPA :-) )

3  BJP maybe eventually will not chose Mr Modi, because a) RSS links b) to avoid loss of JD(U)  & BJD

4 The social network as a % of population is minuscule, what is discussed  on twitter Facebook, is rarely fructified in Polity in India.

5 If Mr Modi thinks that aping Mr Obama's ways of using social media will help him, he is ill informed. Indian internet penetration is less, even DTH/Digital TV/Cable penetration is less, Doordarshan covers 78% population, and does not report it at all..

6 India is an Agriculture oriented country, and US Industrial,  India has a controlled economy, US adopts Laissez Faire. India is Socialist and US Capitalist country. Agriculture decides political future not Corporate lobby, please read AMA transcripts, how American voters deride Mr Obama, for Corporate Lobby on US election.

7 If you think corruption exists only in India, what is Corporate Lobby in the US, funding US POTUS elections..

8 The BJP peaked in too early 2010 to 2012, they have spent all their ammunition, and they are a spent force, while UPA has talked less and less and done more and more.

9 Like Romney criticizes President Obama from time to time on his communication skills and economic policies and healthcare politics, Mr Modi keeps finding faults with Dr Manmohan Singh s silence, economic policies and FDI policies.

10 Even if you see Gujarat growth, the co-operative sector and agriculture is negative, also the so called development agenda which Mr Modi boasts, economic indicators place it at No 21 among 26 states in Per Capita income and other such economic indicators.

11 Suzuki chairmen, Mr Ratan Tata or Mr Mukesh Ambani do not decide the fate of the Ballot, it is the simple Khachedu Singh.

12 I have presented facts to prove that Gujarat is neither industrial hub nor its data indicators show it as Mr Modi portrays  it to be vide my posts

Is Gujarat a manufacturing Hub? Really? Bur why does The Menon family not buy anything manufactured in Gujarat? Open Letter to Shri Narendra Modi


Economic And Demographic Indicators : The Real Data and the Real Reason why to vote someone

 It as my view that Indian voter has time and again, shown his wisdom, at the ballot box, and I see no reason to imagine that it is past. 1977 and India Shining were examples. Unless BJP Beep Beeps Mr Modi, the EVM Beep Beep will be  a din which will drown this buzz in 24 days ( 8 rounds of polling each taking 3 days) 

These are my personal views, you may have yours.
Sunday , 2ND September, 2012.

Let us see what hapens

PS:Some fresh links being added below show social media penetration in India, data and relevant new facts date 13th September, 2012

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