Thursday, July 5, 2012

All My Links at One Place

Hi !!!
I am Venu
Which is short for 
K. Venugopal Menon
If you want to know me 
& Know Who I really am
in 2 words
I'm a
" Music Nutcase "

With my bestie buddy Tanu and her son Abir Satsangi
at ITC Sonar, 
on 11th February, 
Dinner after Love Baard.
I am crazily mad about all kind of music
Every living moment of my life
and existence
I have either hummed a song, or composed a song,
or written a song, or sung a song
Privately or Publicly.

Me at IndyRocKol2010 Singing I'm a Flirt

I sing Ok :) but many say I am cacophonix,

As though I care :) No ! I don't!!!
I sing for my pleasure and passion,
and will , till the last breath in my lungs.

                        In this post I am giving you all my links at one place, because there are so many, that it is very difficult to put/include/adjust in one bio
This is neither a Bio/ CV nor am I going Gaga about myself.

Today, I have collated all web links about myself, and placed them at one place, 1 links which is wordpress is absent will be added later.

The reason is, I am removing all links from all sites and placing this post in place of those long list of links, which bores you.

1 Facebook                           
1A Google Pilus               

2 Twitter                         

My handle                                @Venuspeak

3 Linked In (I hardly use it) 

   Reason is will quit and enterprise, not looking for job at all

4 This Blog             
Name                             @ random poetry 

5 Poetry Blog          

Name                             Basil and Rhyme

6 Travel Blog          

Name                             Foot Loos & Fancy Free

7 Music Blog                      

Name                             Thank You for the Music

8 Political Blog         

Name                             Poltical Activism How to make a difference

9 Twitpic               

                                     Pictures and Videos Latest 

10 Twitsnaps         

                                    Pictures Older
11 Youtube                                   

This is all my own creations , OK!!! My own music and stand-up comedy the views will give you an indication, that the videos are searched and viewed extensively !!!

12 Reverbnation Label

13 Reverbnation Jazz       lifebegins50/

14 Reverbnation Stand-Up  


15 Reverbnation Folk

16 Pintrest        

17 MySpace (Defunct)

18 Soundcloud   

19 Article on my effort 
                                       on IndyRocKol2010 the first show I organised in 
                                       Kolkata on 15th August 2010.

20 Performance Open Mic

21 LoveBaards  NiE ToI

Open Mic 27th November 2009 covered in " Aroundtown " T2 The Telegraph, Calcutta dated 12th December, 2009

Screenshot of the Article

Love Baard (Valentine Day Gig) at City Centre Salt Lake , Kolkata 11th February 2011 organised by Me


Redemption by TriggerFX

Pain by TriggerFX

Wonderwall (Oasis cover) 11th feb 2011. Vid Courtesy : Kanishka B

Conducting Love Baard 
At the background, 
Mayukh Ghosh 
InfinityBandKolkata wearing Headband

Infinty with Introductory speech
 — with Mayukh Ghosh and K Venugopal Menon.

Infinity at Love Baard

" Mr K. Venugopal Menon introducing da band!!!

click the above link :)

Thanks to Srijan Banerji for this picture it is my profile pic on this blog

Singing a song for Angana Ghos's Mom Tumse hi from Jab we met
Request was for Hindi song ok :)

Ekui-li-brium Setting up

Trigger FX

 K Venugopal Menon and Shoumo Bose with  

Trigger FX

pic courtesy Ratnadip Da

5th July, 2012

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