Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Does Google News and News Search Censor News ?

Is Google Resorting to Censorship or is it Commercially Motivated selective News Spotting? 
Or is it 
Based on Google Analytic s Traffic Data ?      

Dear Google India, The Telegraph Calcutta 


 Google News India,

 Please PONDER


When I started using I always found The Telegraph, Calcutta links especially  those in the Section "news near you " created by me . I have created some special tabs which gives me weather, cricket, technology, West Bengal and a special Music tab for news. since last week , I suddenly observed, that I was no longer finding any news link from The Telegraph, Calcutta. 

I posted this message to The Telegraph on their  " 30 Unputdownable YearsFacebook page created on 7th July, 2012 on their 30Th anniversary.

I have observed The Telegraph stories are kept out of Google News Page, what is more frightening is I have Bengal & Kolkata Tabs, even there every other paper except The Telegraph is thrown up. This is a serious matter. Will you please take this up with Google authorities. The Telegraph has eexcellent articles By Sunanda Datta-Ray, Ruchir Joshi, Shashi Tharoor, Ramchandra Guha and Ashoke Mitra which Indians won't discover, IF GOOGLE SUPPRESSES THEM IN News Search. I feel this the most ATROCIOUS FORM OF CENSORSHIP , Regards & Yes Thanks for a wonderful reading experience. I always start The Telegraph, from Op-ed page Thank You The Telgraph . I am blogging this right away

My today's victim is , for suppressing news links from the most well designed and filed Indian newspaper on the web and THE BEST Eastern India & Calcutta (they still refuse to use Kolkata) Newspaper The Telegraph, which has just completed 30 Unputdownable Years .  On Google news the only West Bengal & Kolkata stories from Times of India, The Hindu, Economic Times , Hindustan Times, , Daily News and Analysis Zee News and surprise surprise, Dainik Bhaskar News !!!  This appears VERY STRANGE THIS. What do you think ?

                      Please check and give me a feedback if I am right or wrong. Is it my imagination, or true. Is it only happening to me due to some browser settings, or is it a universal experience ?

                       As proof I append screen shots of my Google News page for you to verify, whether what I write, is a figment of my imagination, or Truth.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
From Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India
pin-code 700001

Those Highlighted in Red are minuscule compared to circulation, brand value and content
1 Top Stories

News from NDTV, Hindustan Times, Daily News Analysis, Wikipedia, YouTube, Emirates
Deccan Herald, Times of India, & Economic Times

2  West Bengal

News from Daily Bhaskar, IbnLive, Hindustan Times, India  Today, PTI
& Economic Times

3  Calcutta

Wikipedia, YouTube, Emirates
Deccan Herald, Times of India, & Economic Times

4 Kolkata

News from  Times of India,  & Economic Times ,Zee News, Cricket Country The Hindu

5  Bangalore

News from NDTV,  Daily News Analysis, Wikipedia, 
Deccan Herald, OneIndia,, Times of India, & Zee News.

6  Chennai

Deccan Chronicle & Times of India,.

7  Delhi

News from NDTV,   The Hindu . wikipedia, 
NewstrackIndia, IndiaEduNews.Net Hindustan Times , Times of India, & Zee News.

8  New Delhi

News from NDTV,   IbnLive,. Wikipedia, 
NewstrackIndia, Business Wire, News24Online,  Hindustan Times  & Times of India.

9  Mumbai

News from NDTV,   IBNLive,. Wikipedia, 
NewstrackIndia,  Economic Times ,Zee News,   Hindustan Times  & Times of India.

10  Pinky Pramanik

News from  Hindustan Times, firstpostin BBC News, Times of India,  & Hindu Business Line

Comments and Feedback Requested

Thank You

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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