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Is Gujarat a manufacturing Hub? Really? Bur why does The Menon family not buy anything manufactured in Gujarat? Open Letter to Shri Narendra Modi

Dear Shri Narendra Modi,

                Jai Sri Krishna ne Ram Ram Saa

                         Kem cho Mota Bhai?

                                      Apni Japan Ni Yatra Barobar chey ney Bhai?

                 It is strange Sir, I happened to hear, your statement addressing JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation ) and strangely most news links from a site which I never heard Orrisadiary.com (Rofl) 

              I thank you on behalf of the states Poshchim Bangal & Bihar & Nepal for promoting them via Gautam Buddha, Ravindra Nath Tagore & Swami Vivekananda. 

                  I quote you as having said " Japan has technology and Gujarat has talent to absorb " what if opposite happens.

                    You have also said that Gujarat has hig speed braodband ( Sire, seriously, telecom is a central subject) further as far as Metro is concerned, Delhi, Karnataka, Bengal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Andhra &  Maharastra have taken lead over your state already, with Metro projects already begun.

               As a Strongly Nationalist Indian, Neither I want Mumbai as Shanghai/Beijing (Submerged in Water  , Nor Kolkata as London ( with Riots  & use of technology using Blackberry to loot and riot ) Nor do I want to make Mehsana as Fukushima ( officials lie on radiation)  I want the Gujarat of Gandhi & Nevchetana Movement, which I have earlier used in my post  (Please check Data on Demographics and development indicators, it places Gujrat at its proper place. Data is NOT MINE, BUT OFFICIAL DATA!!!)  on 5TH June, where I can eat Dhokla, Oondhia and Fafda, and have Nasta in Baroda Gardens on a Sunday. 

  Oh!!! the post is not on your speerch, my posts are always about ME ME ME & ME

Sir, Mota Bhai ye mahina mate grocery wapra, Gujrat no item nathi, .Sachi Bolloon choo Mota Bhai.

The following items exist in Menon Household, anyone is free to visit me , have a cup of Tea/Coffee or share a conversation, and have a deko as to what exists, in my drawing room/ Bedroom/Kitchen & Bathroom.

Confession : We do not own an AC & Automobile, not because we can't afford, but we don't seem to need it, and it is also environment frinedly. But

I have a car loan sanctioned & a furniture advance also sanctioned, and my selected items are
1 Car Maruti Wagon R / Ertiga (CNG+Petrol )
Manufactured in Haryana
2 Air Conditioner Samsung / Voltas likely hood Voltas , Manufactured in Maharashtra / Haryana-Delhi.

               I will list out items as per my itinerary/ order of use
S No         Item                                 State/UT manufactured
1 Toothpaste Close Up/ Babool           Karnataka/ Uttar Pradesh
2 Soap Amway                                  Solan HP
3 Shampoo Dove / Clinic/ Ponds         Silvassa / Thada Thana HP / Aurangabad
4 Blade Gillette                                   Haryana
5 Domex/Lizol/Harpic                         Himachal/Uttarakhand/Silvassa/Daman ( I am surprised to find all detergents and chemicals being made in Dadra/Daman/HP/Uttarakhand)
6 Deo Axe                                          Australia ( No deo is made thankfully in India)
7 Perfume Perfum De Toilet Chanel     France
8 After Shave Park Avenue                 Aurangabad Haryana
9 Revel soap (Paras chemicals ) FREE Gujrat
10 Mobile/ DTH   Airtel                     Delhi/ Pinjab / Haryana (Gurgaon-Mobile) Pune-DTH Maharashtra
11 Television Videocon                      Aurangabad Haryana
12 Towel Bombay Dyeing/ BSL         Bhilwara Rajasthan
13 Bed sheets  Block hand printed      Food based dyes Sanganer, Jaipur , Rajasthan
14 Shirts/Pants/Suit Raymonds            UP Kanpur/Maharshtra Aurangabad
15 Sons Clothes Pantaloon/ Madura    West Bengal / Hosur Road Bangalore Karnataka
16 Wife's Apparel                               Kolkata/ Bolpur  West Bengal/Jaipur/Patiala/ Tata / Biba Maharshtra/Delhi / Lucknow(UP) Bangalore/Chennai/Kochi/Trisshur (south silks and kasav)
17 Daughters Apparel                         Mostly imported/ Bengal as she is a Kinitwear designer
18 Leather Goods Bata/Sree Leathers  Agra(UP) Kolkata (Bengal)
19 Microwave   LG                              sONEPAT (hARYANA)
20 Gas Srove/ Chimney / Hops             All Haryana/Punjab Kaff & Indane
21 Water Purifier Godrej
     /Eureka Forbes                                Mumbai,  Maharashtra
22 LPG Indane                                     Mathura UP
23 Glass / Crockery Hitkari/Bengal/crystal
    /La Opala                                         Maharashtra/ Bengal/Rajasthan/Firozabad UP
24 Steel utensils SAIL                          Salem Tamil Nadu
25 Spices                                             Kerala
26 Coffee                                             Karnataka/ Tamil Nadu/ Jaipur (Patwari/Nescafe/Arabica)
27 Tea                                                  Tata Assam
28 Oil Emami/Sunflower                        Bengal/Andhra
29 Ghee Anik/Milkfood/Saras               Punjab/Rajasthan
30 Coconut Oil Shalimar                        Bengal
31 Masala Everest/MDH                       Delhi
32 Powdered Spices chilli etcGanesh     Bengal
33 Shaving Cream Godrej/Old Spice     
     / Park Avenue                                  Vikhroli (Mah) Aurangabad (Mah) Kanpur(UP)
34 Mustard Oil                                      Bengal
35 Pickles Nillons / MTR / Priya            Maharashtra / Karnataka
36 Jams/Jelly / Baking powder
     /Brown & Polson                            Bhutan/ Udaipur REajasthan/ Maharashtra/ HP
37 Shakes & Sharbets Rooh Afza
     Thandai/ Badam Sherbet                 Hamdard (Dilli) Ralli ( Kolkata) Guruji(Jaipur)
38 Namkeen / Bhujia                            Haldirams/Bikaji/Bhikaram Chandmal Bikaner Rajasthan
39 Papadoms Murukku                        Matunga Mumbai/ Trisshur Kerala
40 Grains Rice/Wheat                          Basmati ( Haldwani UP) Wheat ( Kota Rajasthan
41 Lentils/Groundnut                            Kota Rajsathan
42 Mishti / Mithai                                 Kolkata / Chandernagore/ Jaipur/Jodhpur/Bikaner
43 Butter Amul                                  Anand Gujrat ( henceforth will buy ONLY Brittania(Bengal) 
                                                            Saras (Rajasthan)
44 Rin/Vim/wheel                                 Pune Maharashtra / Silvassa (Daman)
45 PC/Laptop/Modems/CRT               All Goa HCL ONLY
46 Dish equipment                                Falna Rajasthan
47 Beer/ Whiskey/ Rum RARELY        Rampur XXX/ Mohan Meakins BEER/ UB Scotch .UP/Solan HP 
                                                            / Karnataka

48 Undergarments                               Kolkata / Rajasthan / Tirupur / France/UK (imported RARELY) 
49 Mundu                                            Trisshur / Kochi Kerala
50 Lungi                                               Erode / Salem Tamil Nadu
51 Ice Cream                                      Amul / Mama Mia/Kwality (RARELY) When in Rajasthan/           
                                                             Mumbai Vadilal Gujrat / Delhi / Kolkata / Gujrat 
                                                             manufacturred locally.
52 Sanitary Napkins STAYFREE         Morvi Gujrat ( thats a monopoly)
53 DRY FRUITS                                 Cashew (Kerala) Pistachio/ Almonds ( Afghanistan) Walnut ( 
                                                            Himachal / UP
54 Sultanas                                           Nashik ( Maharashtra)
55 Cellphones / Tabs                            Made in China Micromax / Japan Nokia
56 Furniture                                          Barreily ( self acquired during Moradabad posting_
                                                            / Kerala (Heirloom Teak)
57 Water Rank                                    Laxmi ( Jaipur)
58 Cement used in House                     Shree Cements Beawar Rajasthan
59 Iorn & Steel                                    SAIL / TATA Jamshedhpur / Bokaro
60 Marble & Stone                              Rajasthan !!! Where else
61 Wires & electrocals                         RR Kabel / KEI Jaipur Rajasthan Kamani they supply to Railways
62 Switches                                          Anchor ( Punjab Haryana
63 GI Pipes                                          UNIK Haryana
64 Waterproofing for terrace garden     Shalimar Tar Products Andhra Pradesh
65 Paints                                              Asian Paints Kolkata WEst Bengal
66 Tyres                                               MRF Tamil Nadu
67 News paper                                     Jaipur/Kolkata/Delhi/Mumbai
68 Education                                         Rajasthan/Delhi/Bengal/Maharashtra
69 Health                                              Never suggested anyone to Gujarat, Mumbai/ Delhi/ Vellore 
70 Biscuits                                            Sunfeast Choco Delight ITC AP Brittania Marie, Kolkata, Tezpur, Dispur, Bamunimaidam Guwahati, Pan Bazar, Guwahati, Mednipur, West Bengal & Bisk Farm, Kolkata.

                               Finally sire, I would like to Bring your attention to a few  things.:
1 Corruption Please Google Kukei Tanaka ( Financial Corruption In Japan) & also that Many firms in Japan are retrenching or stopping expansion, further, there are no world class products from Japan, except Hitachi AC/ Toshiba Laptops/ Honda/Mitsubishi/Toyota Cars, Further Tokyo, happens to be a city with large cases of Depression.

2 Signs of Labour unrest have been observed in all Indian firms tied up with Japanese firms. There are no cases of labour unrest, in any manufacturing firm In Gurgaon Manesar belt, except in Honda Motors & Maruti Suzuki. Please don't forget, Maruti Udyog was set up by Late Sanjay Gandhi, and MR R.C Bhargava was known as a revered, Manager, till the firm was held by Government of India, Trouble started only after the firm turned fully Japanese. There has been no case of labour unrest in Hero Honda Moro corp, or its present avatar Hero India, but in Honda Siel!! . All tie ups either Allwyn Nissan, TVS -Suzuki, Swaraj Mazda, Maturi Suziki & Hero Honda have been severed, at the instance of the Japanese partbners. Indian promoters never requested for dicorce.

3 finally please go through the following data

The following Data of Car Sales Fy 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 Indicate that

1 Maruti Udyog Car Sales are higher than the rest put together
2 Tata Nano is a Flop Show HERE

Sire, pray tell, which entrepreneur progressed by hurting the stakeholders, owners, customers, employees and partners. Wherever the entrepreneur erred, market hit them as hard that, they were never able to recover ever. Infosys & Maruti Udyog are negatives here, and TATA Steel TCS & Wipro  a positive examples. As an astute student of Management, with special focus to HR & CRM I advise all entrepreneurs to study, Hawthorne experiment, Henri Fayol, . Maslow & McGregor Theory of Motivation, Leadership styles, and Tata Jamshedpur examples. Further the TCS & Tata Steel & Airtel, as well as Birla Groups strategy of  spreading eggs in different baskets have helped them in staying afloat and strong in even such hard times of recession and meltdown. Please remember Mr. Modi, Achilles, Lord Krishna & Lord Rama, had their sell by date maturities. No one is Invincible, there is nothing like TINA FACTOR. Even when Apple said “ If you don’t have an iPhoneI added I DON’T NEED AN iPhone !!! “ Over smart people always face their Nemesis.. Sooner OR later.


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