Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Economic Times Loves The Number 15000 Proof

Year after Year after Year
my beloved pink paper
The Economic Times
Proclaims of course quoting someone

Sensex may drift to 15,000 "

Exhibit 1 Article dated 4Th October, 2011

Exhibit 2 Article dated 16Th May, 2012

Exhibit 3 Video dated 31st March, 2012

Exhibit 4 Video dated 31st August, 2011

Exhibit 5 My Google Search Result for " Sensex will be 15000 economic times "

Exhibit 6 BSE Sensex edges up; still in consolidation mode dated today July 4th 2012 when Sensex is 17462.81

Exhibit 7  Sensex on 31st December 2011 on bseindia

Exhibit 8  Sensex on July 4th 2012, on bseindia

Exhibit 9  Indices Highlights on July 4th 2012, on bseindia

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I leave you to make your Own Judgements

Whither India Whither Sensex

Venuspeak is Bullish on India ALWAYS

July 4th 2012

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