Wednesday, April 2, 2014

VenuG Presents How Tweet Theme of the day ends up in the form of Indian National Congress. Right based Delivery

Currently India is in midst of General Elections.

I have this habit of Tweet Themes of the day.
I normally use hashtags.
Mostly #kvgm
I have realised this,
That many from MSM,
Search my #kvgm tweets
And read them,
Without having to follow me.
I'm not on Twitter,
To sell or market,
My product, Bank,
Book, Movie, Music, Eatery, Apparel, Website.
I'm here, to market,
My agenda.
And I know awfully well,
That I do succeed in this!
 Sometimes I don't.
But, to my surprise,
I am able to set a trend.
In the past one month,
I have used
NPR mp track
Mplad performance,
Existence of stars & entertainers as candidates,
The needless criticism of NREGA, for want of no logic or logic,
Supreme Court #JudicialOverReach
Hypocrisy of Media Corporates vs Common Man #BankBang
Uneducated & Uninformed critisism of UIDAI Aadhar Card,
Rightist criticism of Revolutionary
Delivery of Essentials like Food, Job & Education as a right,
Ignoring Aam Aadmi Party AAP,
As an also ran,
In #Elections2014
Relevance of Why we need AAP.
Extreme illogical adulation & bias for no logical reason,
By the Times of India Group, The Times of India, Economic Times,
Times Now , Arnab Goswami & The Newshour.
I'm extremely surprised & glad to know,
That such tweet themes,
They begin from 10AM & Continue till noon,
Draw a lot of RTs, engagements & reactions,
Both positive or negative.
I have come to the conclusion,
That inspire of my having 2600+ followers only,
That too, 70% who have never engaged with me,
I must continue with this.
So should you,
Even if you have just 200-500 followers.
If your tweet,
Generates a debate or discussion,
Such debate or discussion,
Will also bring,
A solution,
Sooner or Later.
From here to eternity.
Let us bring a change.
Twitter is far far better,
Than Facebook,
To bring change.
Facebook generates viral going posts,
But the same,
 Do not generate a debate,
 On The Mainstream Media. MSM.
Let's get it straight.
Today, Twitter drives the MSM,
To do stories,
Jai Hind.

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