Wednesday, April 2, 2014

VenuG Presents Why we MUST elect SOME AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Lok Sabha Candidates in Elections2014?

With Modi you get baba ji ka thullu from a despot, with Congress baba ji ka thullu from a democrat. With AAP you get nijaat from crony capitalism!!!
With Modi 20% Indians are happy, with Congress 20% Indians unhappy, with 3rd front 100% Indian unhappy, with AAP in opposition 100% Indians will realise, how democracy can be cleaned up.
Whatsapp promoter, was rejected by Facebook, it turned out to be a $19billion mistake. Microsoft rejected Sabeer Bhatia, it proved to be a $400 million mistake. Dear Indian voter, don't be a pappu by rejecting AAP outrightly & totally, give them one chance. They're newbies. They're like a startup, some will succeed while some will fail. Be a smart Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor. If one egg is hatched successfully, it may recouo your full investment. Be a Mentor, they're kids, let them fall & fail, be like that dad, who teaches his kids , how to learn bicycle riding. Every scar on the kids body, will be an experience, which will make the kid efficient biker.
Be sure to elect at least 20 AAP MPs! When you do, you help the cleansing of dirt in politics.
      FYI I was a strong opponent of IAC & Janlokpal Movement because Anna ji & his motley crowd, like Supreme Court of India had no stakes in the failure.
 AAP is different. They will come back after 5 years to seek your confirmation, if they screw up, punish them. If they succeed, reward them.
   With 1 party, when Loksatta Party with one MP can, 20 can surely do better!! #kvgm

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