Tuesday, December 3, 2013

VenuG Presents : Sonia Gandhi richer than Queen Elizabeth II This Huffington Post Editor not only needs to be sacked, but sent to Mental Asylum

1 If you compare Queens Anniversary & Olympics,
or Queens dresses with Sonia Gandhi's Cotton Sarees, bought in 1990's with Pupul Jayakar,
Huffington Post goose is cooked!!!
2 Robert Mugabe, the most corrupt man on Planet
Earth ever to be born is not on the list.
5. UPA has shown thumb to
Warren Buffet(Berkshire HathawayInsurance)
Bank of Americ(Banking)
Boeing Dream liner.
Nuclear Energy firms.
KPMG, Nielsen, TAM,
S&P &Fitch.
US Badly wants to enter India & only way
they can do is via Narendra Modi.
6 If you calculate all contracts, ever since
independence, 10% of that is not $2.19 billion.
These guys are crazy.
Just compare the lifestyle & decide whos rich.
There are people like Silvio Berlusconi,
not on thelist.
Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif.
Just compare their lifestyle.
This is malicious pr lobby rumour
mongering, to prevent Mulayam Singh Yadav from
Becoming PM.
He is certain to be.
NaMo can't win190 that leaves 82 short.
Only Fresh thing here
If you see transparency international list, dictatorial
states & kingdoms, countries with bad hr standards
like Bangladesh & Cambodia rank above India.
Let's get real. We just send a mission to Mars.
Yanks have a qe taper & fiscal cliff hanging up their
Your PR guys are doing awesome work for NaMo,
via Mint, ET, even aajtak saying effing investors, those PR agency & fund manager driven surveys,
Investor surveys, market maker surveys, fund managers surveys.
WTF!!! People run democracies, not PE investors or cross border fund managers. If they were that smart, Greece wouldn't have happened.
effing corporates want Modi! Yes scoundrels want
scoundrels. Its back to crony capitalism. Now Even
Narayana Murthy behaves like Laloo Prasad, & Behan
Mayawati. The neo rich Dalits.
You know what I'm hinting
What I'm hinting at is,
Opinion polls all of them, hint at a hung Lok Sabha.
If Mulayam or Mamata become PM, the Yanks go
from frying pan to fire. No BJP is risky to US!
So tarnish SoniaG , get the "can't say 27%" swing
NaMo way, then, he's the next Saddam, Osama or
Shah of Iran.
Don't mistake, Anna Movement was totally funded
by Yankee Doodles. Check there accounts. 95%
funds came from US. even the missed call got BC
funding of a million $'s Why? Data mining.
Its all about markets & the money
honey. #kvgm # venuspeak

Kaushik Chakraborty posts this.
I react in seconds.

Mahesh Murthy Posts it.
I copy paste what I wrote on Kaushiks status.

Sampath Iyengar posts.
Click link.
Voila Sonia Gandhi's name removed from rich list, by Huffungton Post!!!

The numbers are debatable.
Sonia Gandhi has assets worth $2 billion? Yo Momma So rich?
How desperate are the republicans, for Indian Markets??
Very I'm sure, these are the signs of desperate attempts to foist a
Pro Uncle Sam regime in Delhi.
I prove here.
I mean:
The bloody list should be named
"Enemies America Hates, but can't do a thing!!!"
Putin, Kim, Assad, Sonia Gandhi YES!!!
But Zardari, Mugabe, Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf, Nigerian president Silvio Berlusconi? no!!!
What does Huffington Post treat its readers as? Dimwitted?
My take, only Queen Elizabeth's Tiaras & Crowns alone, would be more than All the rest put together. Am I clear?
Idiots, just follow the lifestyle, cars, jets, cruise ships, QEII has all. You MORONS!!!

Here is my reaction.


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