Tuesday, February 4, 2014

VenuG Presents: SoniaNDTV on Left, Right and Center.

VenuG Presents: SoniaNDTV on Left Right & Center.

Sonia So Far;
The other Dame;
Has raised the bar;
Hard ones;
Soft ones Singh;
Left, Rihgt & Center;
Jaya, Jaya, Jaya Jaya 4CPM.

PERT away from Maya;
Ya Doves;
Don't Love Ya;
She turned Gold from dud;
Using Critical Path Method.

She's gonna be;
The Queen Bee;
Gujs & Rats;
Gonna Fall;
Into the Sea;
Dei! are'nt you;
Gonna Tweet Da?
Arnabs already made;
Rahul CuteYa.

MoDi & Momota Di;
are hung;
LaLoos lost in;
Azam Khan's;
Buffalo dung;
Vadya Vrinda;
24 Karat sung;
Jaya, Jaya, Jaya, Jaya 4CPM.
CONfusion India Limited.
Dekhte Rahiye Khaaj Tak;
Khujli kijiye Baad Tak.

by @Venuspeak
Tuesday , 4th February, 2014.
CPM & AIADMK make a federal alliance.

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