Tuesday, March 25, 2014

VenuG Presents Bollywood teaches us, that, Women, are the best Venture Capitalists, Investors and Enterprenuers in the World

Haal kya hai, Dilon ka na pucho sanam, 
aapka muskurana
Gazab Dha Gaya
Anokhi Ada
Jeetendra, Rekha, Vinod Khanna.
Music: Lakshmikant Pyarelal.
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri.
Singer: Kishore Kumar.

Please read & opine
 your point of view.
Interesting discussion.
This morning saw on #mastiiii
A song from Anokhi Ada
Haal kya Hai dilon ka na poocho sanam
Jeetendra(The Hero) looking Mawaali
Rekha's(The Heroine) hair looked like a Weaver Birds dress.
Vinod Khanna(The Villain) dapper,
 dressed in a grey three piece suit,
smoking a king size cigarette,
pointed, laced & polished shoes,
sitting cross legged,
Looking Dashing, Debonair & Handsome
Shree suddenly commented,
"Villain is looking better than Hero!"
I replied "In life always, villains look,
much better than the heroes!!
It is always the case, that the best dressed
people are always villains! They are rich,
they wear the best brands, are sophisticated, drive better two/four wheelers, wear better watches/shades,
are up to date, with the latest trends.
The smell with the best fragrance,
when they enter the room,
it seems that a rose garden arrived.
If they smoked, it was always the best brand & the costliest.
Their poison is wine, champagne or scotch!
They eat caviar, Bagels or Petit fours,
fondeu or cheese.
And the heroes are always,
uncouth, unkempt, unwashed,
wearing kitschy, trampsy,
wear cheap fake imitations,
they are poorer, have a stubble,
their shoes are dirtier,
they stink!!!
They smoke bidis, or charminar,
drink desi or rum,
eat Samosa or muri.
But as it happens,
The heroines always fall for the cheesy hero,
rather than the Debonair Villain.
Shree : Why?
Me : Because, The villain, followed the societal rules, was a regimented & Convented Mamas Pet Poodle Boy,
Whereas, The Hero,
was a rebel, original thinker, revolutionary,
used his own brain, and always questioned the norms, and brought the change.
The villain always had a bad ending,
whereas the hero had a difficult journey, but reached the right destination.
He is pluralistic,
he achieved goals,
but The Villain is singular,
so his end is
at the Goal.
But there's another aspect here.
The Heroine,
is like a venture capitalist,
an angel investor,
an investor,
a jeweller,
an entrepreneur,
she sees opportunity,
where others see Dirt.
The song is in link below.
Discuss, Debate, Deduce.
Good Morning...
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