Friday, June 6, 2014

VenuG Presents: A case for a Strong Rupee and where India should focus for Exports

See what I say?
Europe is facing a bad NEGATIVE INFLATION(Stagflation)
Interest rate is below ZERO.-1%
GDP -2%
Unemployment among Ages 18-25
UK 16%
Spain 56%
Italy 34%
Germany 10%
US 18%
Know why?Their wage rates hit the roof.
Prices went unaffordable.Reasons?
India is next.
Achchey Din Aaney Waley hain!!
Research ADR, Sub-Prime lending.
Fannie & Freddie Mac.
Lehman Brothers.
Libor/Eurobor rigging.
1.Look by defrauding you can't sustain for long term.
2. US & Europe are useless for us as an export destination.
3 Our focus must be Japan, South Korea, Africa (South Africa & Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt) Gulf. Oman, Libya, Saudi Arabia) Israel YES ISRAEL!!!
4 Having a strong Rupee may hurt our exports to Europe or US, but hey, check our export destinations country wise, we export most to gulf!!
5 Strong Rupee helps us to reduce our import bill of Oil.
6 MOST IMPORTANT & Hey, we import more than we import, + FII inflow at this rate would soon touch $1billion. So , having a stronger Rupee helps us more.
7 Must we increase inflation, Current Account Deficit & Balance of Payment deficit, just to help TCS, Wipro & Infosys? They're just 0.03% of Indians OK!!8 Why must 99.97% Indians suffer for 0.03% ??
Here's for a Stronger Rupee. We pay 6% interest & 15% returns on stock markets, must we also not give a Capex growth on currency arbitrage.
When you bring, $1=Ra60
When you take out $1=Rs40
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Data links.
Unemployment in India was at 3.8% in 2011 and averaged at 7.6% in 2001-2011 with peak at 9.83%
Unemployment among Age category list 18-24
All countries in the world.
Spain, Italy, Bosnia Top.
India with 11% 10.8% to be exact at the bottom of the pile.

Indian Economic Data.
See imports and exports.
 Source Wikipedia

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