Thursday, April 19, 2012

Agni V Launched by DRDO PM Congratulates Scientists.

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dibang in a country where women who give birth to girls are burnt, the project director Agni-V is Tessy Thomas also called Agni Purti. SALUTATIONS!

dibang Agni-V facts: weighs 5000 kgs. 17.5m long. can carry 1000 kg nuclear warhead. travels 24 times faster than sound. cost Rs 2500 cr.

dibang Agni-V has MIRV. multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles. after reaching space 5-7 missiles on target re-enter the earth orbit.

dibang despite missile development control regime, Indian Scientists designed-developed Agni-V in three years. its 80% indigenous! SALUTATIONS!

dibang Despite technology control regime, we have designed, developed successfully fired Agni-V. No one can blackmail us now: VK SARASWAT, DG DRDO

dibang DRDO scientists will have 2-3 tests this year before Agni-V is handed over to the army.
dibang Success of Agni-V now opens the way for longer 7000 to 16,000km range missiles, anti-satellite systems and micro-mini satellites.

dibang -V rose up to height of 600 km and then it moved to the target at the speed up to 7000 m per second. ICBM DRDO SALUTATIONS!

dibang :) thanks!  Dibang,  is now trending in 

dibang  agree with you.. among the top scientists at DRDO, there are about 20 women :)

dibang 'Missile Man' APJ Abdul Kalam assigned Agni-V Project Director, 'AGNI PUTRI', Tessy Thomas to Agni programme.


htTweets  congratulates scientists on Agni-V launch   

  I am appending some tweets including mine on the subject.

                 This is like a time machine capsule recording history , thata I was there when this happenned . I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

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WordOfTheFree Those who gripe about defence spending must live in homes without doors. That's the logical conclusion of their tripe.

Reply by me 

VenuSpeak  Agni V helps us in Regional Power Balance especially against Ambitions of China. It has Strategic Importance.

dhruvhere RT : The amazing woman behind Agni IV & Agni V, Dr Tessy Thomas, Project Director AGNI. Salute, Ma'am! |

ShivaKap Agni V is alright. Media portraying its specific targets is a childish reporting. It can only ruffle the troubled waters.

: Agni V is launched on The 37th Anniversary of launch of Aryabhatta , India's 1st geo-stationery vehicle Salutes DRDO & ISRO 

 : What Good do you do if you can't trend  worldwide please RT In National Pride

RjKshitij Agni-V launches today.. co-incidentally on this day in 1975, it was Aryabhata that was launched 

smitaprakash Ayyo Pallam Raju sir, we just launched an ICBM(kind of) and you talk of economic toll of Siachen deployment? Pathetic.

 pragmatic_d How I wish some of India's star news TV reporters would have been on the missile test site in Orissa to report on the Agni-V success story?

 bijugovind RT : RT : Poverty reduction vs national security is a false dichotomy.We need both.Just ... 

 VenuSpeak  To Those who are Confusing I REPEAT IT IS AGNI V (for 5) not Vo stop spreading DISINFORMATION

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p1j Kaash har hindustani ke dil me jalti huee lau ko par lag jaaye.n aur us lau ki parwaaz se saara aasman roshan ho jaye -   

mahima_sud Me, the kid: Do we make these so we can attack other countries? Dad, the  scientist: No. Its so that no other country attacks us.

joy_sparkZ  India's first ICBM, Agni-V successfully launched. Congratz! 

deepakeshali With  V we are now among countries like , and  who possess . Congrats  ... Jai Hind ... :)

mallik1979 RT : Never gonna actually use these babies, are we? 

manupubby RT : There's that Maoist thing in the area from where we launched an ICBM. 

kaustubhgupta3 china : india wont benefit from this test   ... Ladd gayi mirche chiniyon ko

uble_ande Strength respects strength.  

AashishDongre Oho... US lauds India for  .. didn't expect that

hindinewsindia nbtonline: अग्नि 5 के टेस्ट से चिढ़ गया चीन  : nbtonline: अग्नि 5 के टेस्ट से च... 

Sourav_RB It's not a day to engage in mindless chest-thumping. Jingoism. No. But a small word of praise for them? Asking for much? 

sivajiar RT , India's first ICBM, and the first payload? Mamata Banerjee. More destructive than anything the Chinese can throw at us. 

curlyreggie But, a valour effort, India. Cheers to the successful launch!

singhpreeti08 Pallam Raju: it's a proud moment for india. It is not aimed at anyone. I congratulate the DRDO team 

 How will this affect the power politics in  test launches  long-range missile   

calamur Food or Missiles ? Day or Night ? Here or There ? Read or Sleep ? and other choices :D « POV  via


LoksattaLive भारताच्या पहिल्या आंतरखंडीय बॅलेस्टीक क्षेपणास्त्र  ची आज घेण्यात आलेली चाचणी यशस्वी. फोटो- पीटीआय  

upasanabsingh RT : Video: Watch Agni V being launched from the Wheeler Island off Odisha coast    

 "Bhay bina preet na hoye......" Congratulations to all of our scientists who worked very hard on the project. 

 10 facts about Agni V . Amazing stuff but maybe we could push boundaries and go even further?

blogadda RT  test launch video  via CRI :)

MansingBhor A proud moment for all Indians. Let me congratulates scientists of  for the successful launch of .

ShivAroor Here's what Dr Tessy Thomas, Project Director AGNI, looks like during a missile test. The *real* Rocket-Rani. | 

missanabeem RT  On the woman head of the Agni missile project 

madversity Point to ponder RT:  US applauds IND,15 yrs bk it would hv...talked abt sanctions,a billion+ ppl & 9% GDP does have its appeal 

madversity Indians are furiously debating the pros and cons of Agni today on Twitter. Twitter is banned in China. So are debates 

Apt to end wit humour :-))) 


VenuSpeak I hope Agni V will carry with it Multiple Warheads like Pitta , Kapha & Vata 

 brainsick_dude Agar aap AgniV missile k bare me tweet karke dikhana chahte hai ki aapko bohot knowledge hai to ISRO wale bhi kahenge SIR,

 madmanweb Now to develop an ICBM that can deliver MTR packets to USA for our software engineers.

atulkasbekar lol! “: Agni V would also be an awesome rapper name for Swami Agnivesh.”

VenuSpeak Its  not Agnivo :D don't get confused Its  not Agnivo :D don't get confused Its  not Agnivo :D don't get confused

 rameshsrivats Three great achievements of India - Sush: Miss Universe. Ash: Miss World. Agni: Miss ile. 

sidin External enemies sorted. Now the rest.

sidin Does a project like Agni-V involve non-public institutions or colleges and universities? Or purely govt. labs and factories?

p1j  The GPS Driving Direction Component of Agni V missile was codenamed Agnipath but KJo objected on d title & took d case to IMPAA

madversity Don't worry about Agni, dear Europe. We will just send some call centre jobs to Greece on a 5,000 km rocket.

 mishrashiv Successful launching of Agni-V is a great news! BTW, will govt show us the Agnipath?

NotThatMP  No, Agni V , is not yet accepting Surds, who want to emigrate to Europe, as payload.

Roflindian Good koschen RT  So now that Agni V is launched, does that mean Agni I to Agni IV will be available at cheaper rates?

Roflindian Just saw the Agni V video. Heroic stuff. But they should have outsourced the camerawork to Yashraj studios.

diogeneb Agni-V capable of reaching China. Surely. This only means that The Made In China version of Agni-V will hit the market soon.

I swear not inspired by the above tweet but this blog prevented me from tweeting long back when concieved :-) 

VenuSpeak  is one thing which India can export to Shnezhen market, China , But neither India , nor China can afford it. 

ON A DAY AGNI V is launched Life in a Metro called Mumbai :) 

GabbbarSingh How to reach Chembur from Powai? HALP!! :( " 

GabbbarSingh Thanks guys, Chucking chembur. Sales ka kutta naa ghar ka naa Ghatkopar. 

Jai Hind , Jai Bharat , Jai DRDO