Monday, September 5, 2016

VenuG Presents: Procedure to withdraw money from a hospitalised persons Bank Account

Today I received a tweet from Anaggh Desai @anaggh of Mumbai, asking me to help Grace Jacob AKA @iGrace , who had sought the help of @PMO India on the issue explained below

I constantly receive such requests for assistance on financial products on Twitter.
Please go through screenshots & my explanation A through G.

Dear #Bankers on the timeline
#LegalPosition #Help
A) Bank customer has an FD
B) He is in Hospital after tracheotomy(tracheostomy is incision in windpipe to remove obstruction in breathing) procedure since August 12, 2016.
C) He can neither speak nor sign.
D) To pay his Hospital bill, he has to withdraw the fixed deposit prematurely.
E) Chief Manager, SBI , Kutchery Branch , Raipur 0771-4040706/4040717 refuses to send personnel to Hospital.
F) The Deposit receipt has LTI of patient, attested by his Doctor.
G) As per my knowledge of Banking law
*A request containing an impression of ANY DISTINCTIVE PART OF HUMAN BODY
Left hand Thumb Impression , Toe or stump, affixed on a request to Banker attested by 2 persons (ONE BEING A BANKER) is a legally valid instruction to a Banker, which cannot be contested by a legal heir of such an account holder. *

(I was recently told by a colleague that a Bank Officer was asked to refund from his personal money, such a payment made to a person in Coma) WHICH IS WRONG IF THE PROCEDURE

If you have a clue or some other opinion, please comment below.
Opine this is in public interest

In case you have a problem with any Bank in India
A) Write to Regional Manager of the Bank, Cc to General Manager Planning & Development at its head office address available on Bank's website.
B) After A) fails write to Banking Ombudsman of the state , that the branch of that particular Bank is available at the LINK
Thank You
Jai Hind

After meeting Regional Manager SBI Raipur
The Branch has been directed to issue a cheque to the hospital after getting a request from account holder, attested by the Doctor & a Banker

Finally I have found the link of master Circulars issued by the RBI LINK
Read point 9 onwards
Screenshot below

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