Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to beat the Australian's, in Quarter Finals, of The ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011, at Motera Stadium , Ahmedabad, on Thursday, 24th March 2011

Rule 1 Forget Cricket
Rule 2 Use Psychological Warfare
Rule 3 Play the Mindgame
Rule 4 Offence is the best form of defense
Rule 5 Play Players who throw attitude
Those who ooze with confidence & are masters in Drama , Emotions , sledging , cheating, cheap gimmicks, Shout, Loudly appeal, do the post goal football type drama at every appeal or wicket.
Rule 6 Bowling is the key not batting
Rule 7 play 6 bowlers dropping one complete batsman (don't drop Pathan he bowls)
Rule 8 batsman to be ideally dropped if I were the coach is Sachin Tendulkar , as Gauti , Kohli, Raina , Pathan Yuvi & Veeru all are attackin
Rule 9 don't pounce on me,explain to Sachin, boss we are winning the #cwc2011 for you , & you are back in the semi's ! If you play & we lose here, this is your last world cup, and we won't be able to gift you the cup anyways . .. Your dropping & picking Sreesanth in your place will shock the Ozzies to death , & half the match is won !
Rule 10 If Australian's win the toss they'd elect to bat First, so should you elect to bowl 1st & get them out. As against West Indies Ask Aswin to bowl the First over with Sreesanth . The Ozzies will have the second Heart Attack
Rule 11 Try to get Ponting out by placing a forward short leg, asking Bhajji to bowl to him, he'd be either stumped, or caught at the Mid on or Square leg
Rule 13 The team
From the team which played against West Indies
If Sehwag is fit Drop Sachin & Munaf
And take Sehwag & Sreesanth
If Sehwag is unfit drop Munaf
And take Sreesanth
Gauti, Sehwag / Sachin, Yuvi , Kohli , Raina , Dhoni, Sreesanth , Zak , Bhajji , Aswin Nehra (yes Nehra)
12th man Sachin Tendulkar
My notes & reason
Strategy is to win seriously !

Indian players need more Goggles , Suntan Cream & Chewing Gum than cricketing skills . Ozzies can be defeated psychologically easily

Best Players to throw attitude at Ozzies are Bhajji language, Yuvi Look, Raina Goggles, Gauti Bandana , Sreesanth Suntan, Sehwag & Kohli

Those extolling about #SachinIsGod my statement.. A quick breezy Srikanth style Cheeka Cheeky 70 would do India good than 100th 100
It could be possible if Sachin is dropped & Sehwag is taken (if he is 100% MaTch fit) in the interest of Team India

We do not want Players like Sunny Gavasker, Bedi, Vengsarkar, Dravid , VVS or Dilip Doshi

On Bowling front, I would take out Munaf from team that faced WI and add Sreesanth to put a psychological pressure on Ozzie batting

If he keeps his bowling line & length in control & bounces the ball @sreesanth36 is the only Lillee, Thompson, Imran like aggro #cwc2011

More than performance on cricketing skills, it is the Chappel-Sourav like situation in Team India that worries me, hardly *TEAM* #cwc2011

#MSD post match body language & utterances hardly indicate any team cohesion & leadership quality but Haughty & Bossy attitude #cwc2011


This is a 50 over 1 day match
That too Cricket World Cup
Not a test match
And that too against Australia
Ozzies are master's of mindgame
They win a match or the series
Before even 1 ball is bowled
They then sledge
Finally cheat
Bowl underarm
Use laws to get batsmen out by handling the ball
Running out in bowling run up
Then they pick up a fight
All this is to break the focus of opposition players
And make them afraid enough to piss in their pants
Only 7 players have been able to make the SHIT scared yet inn the history of cricket
Larwood , Clive Lloyd , Imran Khan , Sourav Ganguly , Harbhajan Singh Mutthaiah Muralitharan & Vivian Richards
Offence & Gaali Galoch
Showing them middle finger is only answer to Australian Mind Games
Ponting just answered
I go by Umpires decision
Tendulkar walked
This is not a test
If Tendulkar scores a century
Yuvi & Kohl & Pathan fail
That means India is out of the world cup
World cup is a world cup
Country is more important than your image / records
20000 runs or 100th 100
#cwc2011 #WC11
ICC Cricket World cup 2011

I love my country
I love cricke
I love Team India
These are my views
I'm not the selector
So no cries fighting abusing or insulting me
SachinIsGod to me too God of Gentleman's Cricket
This is ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
And the opponent is Owstraaylya Mayte
Jai Hind
Ja Hey
Jai Ho

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